International Investments in Diversity Flow with Nature and Profit

by | Feb 10, 2007 | Archives

International investments in diversity are in tune with reality. Life in this modern world is darned complex. Often its is difficult to know what to do. When in doubt, look at nature!

International investments can profit a lot from the reality that nature abhors two things most of all, vacuums and incest. The universe is a continual never ending process of mixing. Back in the 60s there was a wonderful little song, the name and singer escape me and I cannot find it on the internet but it was about coffee colored people. This idea that the world is evolving towards this mixture has a nice sentiment for some, but it is also a scientific and economic fact. International investments that follow this concept are in tune with that tune!

Man made barriers are artificial and bad for international investments and business. Any time you see a monopoly or a man made restriction, expect some economic flaw. If man creates a system, some people will learn how to take advantage of it and aim your international investments there.

My opinion is take down every border, every fence, every wall, every duty and let nature flow. International investments would flow not to mention that savings to mankind!

Obviously not many people agree! The larger the population, the harder this becomes. However nature has a way of dealing with over expanding populations or over expanding anything as well. We call it a bell curve. Look at one some time before you make your international investments.

It’s also my opinion that the “no nation world” won’t happen in our life times so instead let’s try to understand what will take place. This understanding can help our international investments profit.

I believe there will be more mixtures in industrialized nations. The US and Canada will get more and more Latins. The Europeans will gain from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asian sub continent and North Africa. Everyone gains from China!

International investments in low cost Chinese labor will do well for some time. There are a billion or so to absorb into the global economy. Even the Canadian-run cement factory here in our tiny Ecuadorian valley, for example, is importing 200 Chinese workers!

There will be growing multi ethnicity and diversity. You may or may not like this but count on it and direct your international investments in the fact. This is natural and we cannot halt nature’s flow. Wherever you see barriers coming down, look for value to invest in. When you see fences, boxes borders and tariffs created expect value to fall.

On this subject, I would like to thank readers for the many excellent comments about the importance of speaking two languages. Here are a few of the comments readers have shared:

“Hi Gary, Loved reading today’s message about diversity. We live in a small 10,000 population community nestled in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. For 40 years the sole driver of our economy was forestry but when the reality hit that we could be in serious economic trouble with only one industry, the town fathers and the population in general realized the need to diversify. Today we have a thriving economy that is spread between forestry, the Canadian Pacific Railway which operates a coal car repair depot in Golden and we are a summer and winter tourism mecca attracting global clients However, I recently attended a Global Warming Seminar with some excellent knowledgeable speakers that warned that we must continually be on the alert for further diversification especially in tourism if we have a poor snowfall one season. Of course this not only affects the ski conditions but has a long term impact of our water sources. This has already happened (not this year!!) to some degree and as you say, we must constantly be on the alert for both short and long term changes and prepare. P.S. Next visit, I will be taking the Spanish Course!! Much Love to you both and see you next month. Julia”

This reader has the right idea. This is the point I was trying to get across in the message on the benefits of being multi lingual. Change is here, always has been and more of it is coming faster. In North America, many Spanish speakers (legal or illegal) are here, more will come and they will have an impact on our nations. We can either work with them and enjoy their energy and vitality or resist them. Another reader wrote:

“I couldn’t agree more, Gary. The arch conservatives got a chance to dig their heels in and stop the forward motion during the Bush administration. But the pendulum is swinging the other way again, and the world will continue to go global. The condor and the eagle will fly together. I have no doubt. If these people cared less about making the world the way they want it to be, and cared more about seeing the world the way it is, they would thank your for the heads up. Deb”

Another said:

“Hola Gary, I hope all is well with you and Merri. This comment on the reader who left in a huff because of languages reminds me of how uncritical we tend to be with ourselves. For, what was the predominant language in the now US when the ‘foreigners’ started to arrive? The fact is that English became the language as a result of force and demographics. Demographics will change the world as we are used to it, including the predominant language!

Abrazos, have a good one, Steve”

Steve has the right idea. The faster growing Catholic Latin families are one of the most expansionary demographic forces in the US. These demographics may save Social Security and other government entitlements by the way.

Here is another thought from a reader.

“Gary, Thank you for keeping on! I recently had the honor of listening to the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, speak in Los Angeles. I was prepared to hear him speak in Spanish. To my delight, he so eloquently delivered his speech in English after being introduced by the Mayor Villaraigosa, who did use some phrases in Spanish, then repeated in English. Some rude person shouted out, speak English!

“And the Mayor answered, I did. I am bilingual, my friend. Isn’t that beautiful? He asked as the crowd applauded. I was embarrassed that someone so ignorant wouldn’t respect the ethnicity and honor of who was being introduced. Very well handled, I thought. Later, the former president, with respect and permission, addressed his fellow countrymen residing in LA in Spanish. To my surprise, former president Fox came from an immigrant family from Ohio who went to Mexico! Good story. I am only happy to say that when I moved to LA from Hawaii many years ago…I used to be offended when someone mistook me for being Mexican. Today, after having visited puerto Vallarta, loreto, Mexico city, guadalajara, Monterey, Los cabos several times, I am proud to be called Mexicana as I represent as luxury resort scheduled to be open this summer! I would live in a Latin country as Ecuador to fully immerse myself and learn the language proficiently so I can conduct business in Latin America as well as the states. Please keep me on your list!”

There is a great book, by now surely out of print written by J. Paul Getty entitled, “As I See It”. Getty tells in one chapter how he was able to successfully land valuable oil rights in the Middle East. Before he went to negotiate he took a crash course in Arabic. The negotiators spoke English you can be sure but this put Getty on an equal footing with them. Guess who they awarded the rights to after all the other competitors spoke only English. May I repeat. The change has come. The Spanish speaking people are in North American and North and South American connections will explode in the next twenty years. Count on this. Every person has a choice. We can sit back and moan about the change or embrace and profit from it. To do so speaking Spanish helps!

This reader also had a valuable thought.

“Gary, Your newsletters are always interesting. As a committed hispanophile, I am distressed by the controversy over illegal immigration. You are so right about the importance of Spanish in the world and the need for us North Americans to open our minds and loosen up our tongues to know the cultures and the languages of the world, especially Spanish. I welcome the hispanic immigrants who come here and I marvel at how hard they work.

But If we are not a nation of laws then we are nothing. For the reliability of law and of contract in this country is our strength. Therefore we must demand respect for the laws, beginning with the immigration laws. I have seen the poverty that many Mexicans live in. If I were one of them I would try as hard as they do to get into this country. That is their perspective. But I am an American with my own country to uphold. Therefore I want them to enter legally, and if they have not, to go back and come in through the door and not under the fence. I want them to do that so I will be free to welcome them without reservation. Some of my friendships and acquaintences have suffered because they can’t get beyond thinking that we are anti-immigrant rather than pro-legal. My greater ire is for the businesses who hire illegals, because they know very well that they are flouting the laws of their own country.

“If you haven’t run out of patience yet, I would like to go a little further with the subject. Some of our earlier waves of immigration were indeed very messy, and we as a nation might have avoided some very unpleasant things if the immigration process had been a little more under control. La Cosa Nostra for example. Or the scenes depicted in the movie “The Gangs of New York” of open warfare on the streets between Irish gangs and nativists – and the whole sorry history of Tammany Hall corruption (I know that movies are unreliable, but I believe the book it was based on was well researched.) Or the inhumane exploitation of Chinese workers on the railroads. So yes, we have formed ourselves of, and benefited greatly from, immigrant waves. We also suffered unpleasant consequences when “free-for-all” was the order of the day Keep up the good writing and please say hey to Merri and to the staff at El Meson for Allie and me. Best, Louis.”

Here are two thoughts on this. I agree that we want a lawful society. However if laws are bad ones we need to remember Abe Lincoln’s quote. “The best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it strictly.” This is a complex problem and we need laws that are fair and work. My guess is that the solution is to make it easier for people to move from country to country (both ways) not harder.

Second, the issue of businesses hiring illegal immigrants is even more complex. Where does police action stop? Should banks make sure that anyone opening an account is legally in the country. Should drivers’ license authorities check this as well? Perhaps grocery stores should also require a passport before selling food. Maybe landlords should have to check out their renters. There are several problems with this.

If a law is bad enough to require industry to enforce it, it should probably be revamped. Business hires illegals because they cannot find other employees. In Ashe county agriculture workers are Mexican because there are no others available. If laws place too much burden on farmers nothing is accomplished except farmers are put out of business. As mentioned this is a complex issue but again I suspect freeing trade will work better than restricting.

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Until next message may all your international investments do well!


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