Multi Currency Portfolios up 100%

by | Feb 9, 2007 | Multi Currency Investing

Multi Currency Portfolios up 100%? Sounds crazy.

Attached are the five updated 2007 multi currency portfolios and their performance since November 1, 2006.

PortfolioDecember 29, 2007January 30, 2007February 6, 2007
Swiss Samba8.10%10.18%13.83%
Dollar Neutral7.94%12.63%13.62%
Emerging Market15.11%14.83%17.46%
Dollar Short12.91%9.71%12.50%

This is impressive performance in every direction with every portfolio running in the 100% per annum range and the green portfolio running at a clip of nearly 250% per annum growth!

The rising strength of the Japanese yen is worth watching. To date this has not hurt the Green portfolio which is 100% borrowed in yen. 6% of the portfolio’s profit is in the fall of the yen since last November. The $200,000 borrowed would cost $194,000 to pay off now. We should keep an eye on this in the month ahead.

The green portfolio has been supported by a weak yen but mainly this portfolio benefits from the fact that environmental problems are huge.

Two of the six shares in this portfolio are involved with water purification and China . This protects against a yen strengthening. If the yen rises so too may the Chinese yuan. In addition this portfolio is invested in one of the world’s greatest economic concerns.

A recent Bloomberg article quotes Jimmy Rogers as saying “The only thing that worries me about the China story is the water problem.’

The Bloomberg article says that 400 Chinese cities are facing water shortages; farmers in the most-populous nation are forgoing millions of tons of grain production every year. Per-capita availability of water is expected to shrink to alarming levels by 2030.

India has a similar concern. According to the World Bank by 2050 demand for water in India will exceed all available supplies.

Therefore the green portfolio may have risen exceedingly well to date, but with two of the world’s fastest growing economies facing serious water concerns, there is plenty of fundamental room for growth.

Until next update good investing to you!


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