Natural Awakenings to Living Longer Through Sleep

by | Feb 9, 2007 | Archives

Natural awakenings to good sleep can increase your longevity. One of the most wonderful benefits Merri and I enjoy here in Cotacachi is that sleep seems to be much deeper. This is a most unusual phenomenon. The nights seem somehow longer and the sleep deeper.

Good sleep is one of the greatest aids to longevity and health.

Natural Awakenings Information

An article from William Dement MD says: “From the perspective of longevity, sleep may turn out to be more important than most people think. There is plenty of compelling evidence supporting the argument that sleep is the most important predictor of how long you live, perhaps more important than whether you smoke, exercise or have high blood pressure or cholesterol levels. In the 1950s the American Cancer Society did a massive study of such factors. Volunteers surveyed over 1 million Americans representing every county and parish in the United States about their exercise, nutrition, smoking, sleep and other health related habits. Six years later, the volunteers repeated the survey clearly identifying all of the respondents who had died since the original survey. Out of all the factors in this study, stated habitual sleep time had the best correlation with mortality. However, the correlation was not linear. The highest mortality rates at all age levels occurred for those who said they slept four hours or less and for those who said they slept nine to ten hours or more. The lowest mortality rates were seen for those who said their habitual nightly sleep time was around eight hours. Other investigators carried out a very similar study with a smaller sample and a nine-year follow-up and the results were essentially the same.”

Natural Awakenings Stretching Comfort

This is why we have been investing in good beds here at El Meson.

When we took over management last March we implemented a program of renovating the rooms. We have upgraded the beds to mostly king and queen size extremely excellent quality to enhance this wonderful experience of rest that guests enjoy when staying with us. Here is one of our upgraded king size rooms.

These renovated rooms are an enormous value at $49 a night (including a full served breakfast!) So whether you are sleeping or going to bed, look for good value and until next message, we hope all your values are good.

Until next message I hope your sleep is good as are your natural awakenings.


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