Natural Awakenings to Natural Health & Wealth Through Color

by | Feb 8, 2007 | Archives

Natural Awakenings to good health is whole and sees that every aspect of health and wealth is connected. Color is one connection that has a huge impact on our, moods, minds, hearts, bodies and health. Natural awakenings in the morning are created by the colors of dawn. Full spectrum light (a combination of all colors) helps plants grow and is also a natural way to reduce illness in humans . Natural Awakenings to different aspects of our being are in every color.

Natural Awakenings Rainbow of Good Health

Specific colors in the rainbow of light can be used to provide balance in health imbalances. Colors can also enhance balance in the body and or enhance specific aspects of the body. The color yellow for example stimulates the stomach and liver and helps balance the intellect. Red balances bodily matters that deal with blood and enhances vitality and creativity. Orange has an impact on lung and kidney balance and enhances the body’s ability to assimilate. Green balances the heart and promotes care. Blue affects the thyroid and larynx and helps open self-expression. Indigo helps the eyes, vision and psychic abilities. Violet helps balance the mind – body – soul connection and promotes spirituality.

Natural Awakenings Here in Ecuador

So we have been investing in color. Part of our renovation program at the hotel includes consultations with the shamans who use all types of holistic natural awakenings to stay healthy including color.

Here for example are some of our renovated bathrooms.

Shamanic theory has a color for everything and these rooms are colored for the best results in cleansing.

Until next message, may all your natural awakenings be colored with good health!


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