International Investments Have Value in the Stars

by | Feb 8, 2007 | Archives

International Investments rise and fall in value. How can one stay on top. You can see some of the logic in most recent international investments sfits oin the first part of this message at

International Investments Work Well for Me

There is one more reason why I like international investments in Scandinavian countries. Merri’s and my astrology charts suggest that we are very compatible with these countries. Our experience with all our international investments up north have proven this to be true.

We use our astrological charts in much the same ways as currency traders use frequency of motion to choose their international investments. Currency traders use technical analysis to understand currency (and all commodities) movements as international investments rise and fall. They do so because they have learned that all international investment markets react in tune with nature. Certain predictable patterns emerge form currency charts and affect international investments. Frequency and motion help currency traders understand what the motion of an international; investments market may be. Stochastic Oscillators are valuable guides when trading any currency, commodity or other international investments.

However the word stochastic, is related to the word random. Stochastic behavior is non-linear and non-determinable. Yet financial markets use stochastic oscillator as momentum indicators. Nature tells us that price levels that are consistently near the top of the range indicate accumulation (buying pressure) and those near the bottom of the range indicate distribution (selling pressure). These are indicators of the smallest nature.

In the same way astrological indicators are indicators of a larger nature. Being here in Ecuador the language is more of a reminder how our forefathers recognized the influence of the heavenly bodies. In English we retain the sun and moon in our daily routine with Sunday and Monday. In Spanish we are reminded further with Tuesday being Martes (Mars day), Wednesday Miercoles (Mercury day), Thursday Jueves (Jupiter day), and Friday Vienes (Venus day).

So the stars may affect our moods, the way we think the way we act. So too may color. See why in the last section of this message at

Until next message, may good international investment be in the starts for you.


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