International Investments Change Values in the Portfolio

by | Feb 8, 2007 | Archives

International Investments change in value as prices rise and fall. Yesterday’s message showed that there is value and substantial profit potential with international investments in the emerging markets of Brazil, Egypt and Iceland ….all in bonds.

However there is some good international investment potential in some major bond markets as well.

On January 23, 2007, I wrote that I have liquidated all my equity mutual fund international investments and shifted into Swedish and Danish bond international investments instead. I explained the reason why I moved out of the equity international investments but did not share why the move to Swedish and Danish bond international investments.

Here was my thinking on international investments now. I am concerned that many equity markets are overvalued at this time. I am concerned that the US dollar has enormous potential to fall. I do not especially trust the euro either. There have been too many government deficits in Germany and France for my liking to make international investments there.

Plus I making some substantial international investment commitments in the emerging market of Ecuador. So I want part of my international investments portfolio in major markets to balance this added commitment.

I like the fringe European currencies, British pound, and Swedish, Norwegian and Danish kroner. Since most of my equity international investments were held in Jyske Invest funds, I could switch to the Jyske Invest Swedish & Danish bond funds without charge.

In short the Jyske Invest Swedish and Danish bond funds offered me good international investments value, both in eliminating transaction costs and diversification into good value currencies.

This may have been a good move as Jyske Bank just wrote in a recent analysis:

International Investments Quote

“Full speed ahead for Scandinavia. The Swedish krona looks set to remain strong. The Swedish economy and thus also the Swedish krona showed impressive strength in 2006, and indications are that this will continue. There is plenty of scope for even further interest-rate hikes from the Riksbanken, and we also expect this to happen for the first time at the meeting in less than two weeks.

“EUR/SEK is still ’heavy’, and the road is paved for a strong performance of the Swedish economy and thus also the krona. EUR/SEK is currently trading around 905, but if 900 is breached, the road is paved for a renewed appreciation of SEK and thus also a test of the old bottom at 885. Only time will tell whether our Scandinavian friends will keep up steam, but it is certain that Scandinavia will not be a dull place to be in 2007.”

International Investments Maxim

The maxim as above, so below applies in almost every aspect of health wealth and life.

Emerging international investment markets (we saw yesterday) have fast growing economies fueled by strong exports, low cost labor and rapidly expanding domestic consumption. This creates one type of international investments value.

The Scandinavian countries have sensible, hard working, prudent people and their currency strength is a reflection of this fact. This creates another type of international investments value.

When I am in doubt about international investment currency positions or when markets have strongly conflicting fundamentals, I look at these currencies for protection as I once used to look to the Swiss franc as reserve currency of last resort.

You can learn another reason I have invested in Scandinavian bonds by continuing this message at

Until next message, may all your international investments be good!


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