Natural Awakenings for Processing Information at Dawn

by | Feb 7, 2007 | Archives

Natural Awakenings at dawn are good for health. Walk at Dawn. This is the time to be naturally awake. The pineal gland is sensitive to the red end of the light spectrum which is the colors we see at dawn. Millions of years of evolution have prepared us for these natural awakenings at dawn. Dawn walks are good for be up and out at this time and the colors say “WAKE UP”. Natural awakenings like this balances the entire body and starts our entire mind, body, soul system on the right path.

This is a simple way to maintain good health, just walk at dawn. At least this is true here in Cotacachi. At Merrily Farms right now it could be 20 below zero so a walk there entails a few risks.

Yesterday morning after completing my meditation and answering last night’s email, I took this shot from our balcony.

Natural Awakenings at Dawn

We like to reach the streets while all the lamp lights are still on. It’s very romantic and warm.

Natural Awakenings in a Dawn Walk

We walk a couple of miles. The mountains loom razor crisp in the cool, but sweater comfortable dawn.

Natural Awakenings Over Mt. Imbabura

Until next message, may every day bring a glorious natural awakenings dawn for you.


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