Natural Awakenings to Processing Information for Good Health

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A recent message about natural awakenings to health showed two ancient symbols that seemingly came from continents apart. Each was trying to convey information about how to be healthier.

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Merri and I had many natural awakenings when we lived off and on with a shaman and his apprentices for some years and one of the things we learned is that they practiced a form of combining consciousness and exercise in a type of yoga. In short they combined exercise and prayer. Every day they have different prayers, a different sound and a different position they maintain while conducting their prayer. All of this is connected to the moon, sun and planets. Saturday for Saturn, Sunday, the Sun. Monday, the Moon, Tuesday (Mars day is Martes in Spanish), Wednesday is Mercury Day (Miercoles), Thursday (Thors day or Jueves) Jupiter Day and Friday (Viernes Venus Day).

The particular exercise helps activate a number of muscle groups, but especially the abs and psoas muscles.

These positions recognize the importance of our chakras and how they process energy that gets sent through the spine to specific organs. Each exercise is aimed at exercising the chakra, portion of the spine, organ and related muscle groups that are activated by the predominate planet of the day.

So let’s look at some of these muscle groups, the importance they play in health and how to improve them.

Dr. Joe Culbertson, DC, a friend of natural awakenings and a graduate of our Self Publishing Course and student of holistic health has been helping us explore these ideas. Here is an excerpt from his book “Secrets of the Spine.”

Natural Awakenings Quote

“Why abdominal muscles are so important and frequently so weak.

“Strong abdominal muscles can keep us from becoming susceptible to an amazing array of health conditions. This may be one of the most important muscular systems of the body, yet they do not functioning normally in 95% of the population. There are a number of causes. Overeating and insufficient exercise are not the leading variables.

“Indications that these muscles aren’t performing include weight gain, water retention, bloating in the tummy region,; problems with digestion, absorption, elimination, low back pain (acute and chronic), neck problems, headaches (especially of the sinus variety), and leg pain. Abdominal muscle problems are more than just the front-end protrusion. Even when in fantastic shape, it is not uncommon for them to perform improperly. This is because the abdominal muscles are a functioning group. If one part is out of sync, the other parts are out as well.

“These muscles work as a team allowing the lower back and every organ, nerve, muscle, and bone that they influence (which is everything else within the body) to remain healthy. Each member of this team has a relationship to a particular organ.

“For example anyone who has improperly functioning abdominals, also has psoas muscles that are excessively tight.

“This also works in reverse. The psoas muscles and the abdominal muscles are connected in this antagonistic way. This means that if the psoas tightens, the abdominal muscles must relax and vise versa. Thus if the psoas muscles are too tight, the abdominals must function in a weakened way regardless of their size or shape.

“There are many reasons for the psoas to be overly tight. A top reason is improper functioning of the kidneys. Knowing this can help us profoundly improve the performance of our abdominal muscles. If we help the kidneys, we help the psoas muscles and this improves the abdominals.

“One way to help the kidneys is to restrict the types of fluid we are putting into our bodies.

“Substances like soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol stress the kidneys. Chlorinated water stresses them most of all. Chlorinated water wears the kidneys down, and tightens the psoas.

“Just by changing to non-chlorinated water we help the psoas muscles which allows the abdominals the opportunity to resume a normal functioning pattern. Our abdominal muscles, like all the other muscles of the body, when they are balanced and functioning properly, strengthen and get in shape just with normal activity. The need for special exercise is eliminated if a true balance exists.

“You can go one step further. Add a small amount of cranberry or lemon juice, or tea (any variety) to non-chlorinated water. This addition helps the kidneys process water more efficiently. This is one small variable we can alter that helps our tummy muscles work as intended. Of course there is also how we think, the posture we have adopted, our life style, and the amount of exercise we actually get. I cover all this in my book that will be available soon. Secrets of the Spine, the True Mind/Body Connection.”

For information on Dr. Joe and the Spine Tuner (an effective way to help create a healthier body and happier life) go to

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Until then may all your natural awakenings to health be good.


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