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Ecuador Import Export potential is growing increasingly important.

A kind reader sent this note in reply to the recent message about the benefits of learning to speak Spanish.

“Gary, I am sure millions of Americans agree with me that diversity is good and we do need immigrants in the US but we cannot reward law breakers when we allow (or encourage) illegal immigration. There is a huge difference! I think you should clarify in your future letters.”

I could not agree more that we should encourage legal immigration and discourage illegal immigration. Regretfully the systems are so distorted it is possible they encourage exactly the wrong things. President Bush’s recent budget highlights this fact.

After spending nearly 400 billion dollars on the war against terrorism in Iraq President Bush, recently warned Congress that unless Medicare and Social Security are changed, future generations will face tax hikes, government red ink or huge cuts in benefits. The real terrorism America faces is economic and the real damage is self inflicted.

Bush said that controlling spending requires the government to address the unsustainable growth of entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

He is correct of course, but the picture is far worse than he paints as his message totally ignores the huge federal debt and the growing costs of the war.

His accurate comment was “Unless we act, we will saddle our children and grandchildren with tens of trillions of dollars of unfunded obligations.” “They will face three bad options: huge tax increases, huge budget deficits or huge and immediate cuts in benefits.”

Then he went on to ask for $100 billion more for military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007 and $145 billion for 2008.

To address the growth of entitlement programs, Bush’s budget cuts nearly $70 billion in federal health care for the elderly and suggests that this plan will result in a budget surplus in 2012 if there is strong growth in tax revenues, continued cuts on domestic agency spending, other cuts to farm programs, Medicare and Medicaid health care program for the poor and disabled.

Great plan. Spend more on war and gut national programs and health care. I hope you see the sarcasm once again dripping from my pen.

The sad fact is that federal entitlements are in trouble. The mish mash of government spending woven over a century or so is so riddled with corruption and special interests it seems impossible to unravel and fix.

The bottom line is do not count on the government to take care of your financial or physical well being. Inflation will soar and the US dollar’s purchasing power will fall. The greenback’s parity will fall against currencies of countries that have more sane fiscal approaches.

This does not have to be bad news for those who accept and prepare for these facts. Those who invest out of the dollar and who learn how to earn abroad can profit. International investors can be the “haves”, in a world of “have nots”.

This is why we have been expanding our courses that focus on how to invest and earn overseas.

Though the courses have different themes; currency investing, import export, self publishing, real estate and seven other categories of business, all of them have two key ingredients, how to spot trends and how to market through these trends.

We have especially focused on internet marketing and how to use search engines to market.

One delegate who has attended both our Ecuador Import Export and Self Publishing course just wrote:

Hi Gary, What a fabulous idea to bring all the marketing tools together! Wow! As I stated previously you are welcome to share with your delegates any information about my site and myself as well as my grand aspirations! A quick update on my site statistics; early in January my traffic dropped, but over the last week and half I am averaging 185 visitors per day! And finally indexed 66 of my pages! Although it is too early too draw any statistics on what keywords are ranking, a quick check shows me at #8 for definition of holistic health! I should see an increase in traffic over the next couple of weeks. All I can say is things are all moving in the right direction. A little happy dance for me… my product will be launched March 15th! A green building supply store is opening in Sarasota , Florida and is tickled to have my product to sell! The owner has already started talking to builders and designers! When the first check comes in you will be the first ones know!! Your readers can learn more about how I developed my Holistic Wealth page. At that link they can watch an introductory video by Site Build It who I have used to build my site. Feel free to offer your delegates my on going support with SBI. They can reach me at And I can tell you from personal experience if you are marketing a product a photographer is an absolute must!”

This is why we have added professional photographer Todd Smith as a resource to help our delegates at our Ecuador import export course to enhance their marketing with photography. Todd just wrote:

“Hi Gary, I am working out the details of my website now, so Ecuador Import Export delegates will be able to enter keywords into every photo to easily find the photos they are looking for. Each photo will have detailed information about the wholesaler, his contact info (if provided to me) and even pricing. I can enter any info that is relevant into the photograph. I can keep notes while I’m shooting, and the more information that is provided to me by everyone about what is needed, the more info I can enter into the photo right away the day I take it. I’m excited that there has been such a positive response to the idea.”

Here is an example of a feature of our Ecuador Import Export Expedition and how a person can tie trends, marketing, the internet and photography together.

We’ll see many types of pottery on the Ecuador Import Export Expedition. Ecuador has an ancient history in pottery and is famous as the site of the oldest known remains of ceramics and pottery in the Americas . Valdivia was an ancient culture of Ecuador coast and their pottery dates back to 3500 B.C.

So we will begin the expedition at the Olga Fisch Gallary where different interpretations of Ecuadorian ethnic tribes, mostly from the Andean region, are represented in clay by well known Ecuadorian artisans. Delegates will see many types of pottery, all hand made, one of a kind hand painted pieces.

Potters are also part of the Olga Fisch team; they work the clay to make utilitarian pieces that can be used both as dinnerware and as decoration. Often they use volcanic ash which they mix with clay to enhance the beauty of their work as they look for trends in reproductions of old things.

Our goal is to put the potters and delegates in touch. Then help them figure out trends that are easy to market now.

We then apply our experience in ranking well at the search engines to reach targeted markets.

For example at Google right now, to expose targeted markets for our Ecuador Import Export Expeditions, our sites rank for the following search phrases:

Ecuador Import Export. If you type in that phrase, you’ll see the number seven ranking that highlights: “Ecuador Import Export Expedition. Join Merri and me for our Import Export Expedition in Ecuador …to the Crafts Trails. We’ll go to the markets, famous and obscure; visit the known and

Our site ranks #12 at Google for the phrase Ecuador Investments and #2 #3 #5 #7 #8 for the phrase Ecuador International Investments

We use ranked phrases to market our Super Thinking plus Spanish courses also. Over the weekend our sites ranked at Google as below:

Super Spanish Course #2

Super Spanish Lessons #7

Super Learning Spanish courses #4

These rankings can be powerful marketing tools and we help our readers learn how to do this.

Then the pages these rankings lead to are improved with photography using photos such as this pottery photo by Todd Smith.

Learning how to market Ecuador Imports and Exports may be a way to help you with your financial health when the government cannot.

You can learn more about our Ecuador Import Export Expedition Feb. 20 – 25, 2007 at

Tomorrow’s message looks at an important way to process information for greater health and wealth. Until then may all the information you process be good!


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