Ecuador Spanish Lessons can be Good Because Evolution is Here – Accept it and Prosper

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Ecuador Spanish lessons make sense to me and yesterday’s message pointed this out.

One reader disagreed and wrote me this note in response to yesterday’s message Ecuador Spanish lessons about the importance of speaking Spanish.

“Please, remove me from your e-mail list. I like reading your letters, but frankly I think you have been away from the USA to long. Yes, if we live in another country, the first thing we should do is learn the native language, but you consider it a problem for English speaking population not to learn English. Take a few minutes and find out about the great problem of the illegals who come to the USA and do not give us the same respect that you activate we give to the people you live with.”

I regretfully removed this reader from our list. This was regretful, because I live six months of the year in NC and enjoy life there much more because I speak Spanish. I take Ecuador Spanish lessons because I know that this reader’s attitude will not help him get ahead in the world that is evolving even if he never leaves the US.

Spanish is Here to Stay. Ecuador Spanish Lessons Can Help This Fact

The only way to help Spanish speaking immigrants learn how to live the American way is to be able to communicate with them in Spanish. Yes, Ecuador Spanish lessons or any Spanish lessons requires work and yes the immigrants should learn to speak English. However my Irish Grandma McGee never lost her Irish brogue nor was it ever easy to understand what my Scots grandfather was saying. (“Ach Laddie” did not mean much to me).

Perhaps that reader has been in the US too much and is out of step with the growth of the global economic community. Forces abroad are beyond our control and are affecting our lives. As much as we may not like it, change is here. More is on the way. Count on it. Ecuador Spanish lessons can help one evolve and adjust.

A lot of the change that comes will be good. The Spanish speaking immigrants bring enormous energy and vitality to the US . Those who accept the evolution and prepare are those who will prosper. Those who close their minds and blame the symptoms of the change are more likely to lose out. Even worse those who, like this reader, shoot the messengers that try to help see what’s coming, are even more likely to suffer.

Do not blame the Spanish speaking immigrants. We need them! This reader’s name by the way was pure Irish. Where would America be today had America not had its wave of Irish immigrants? Yet they were hated when they came (as were the Chinese, the Japanese, the Italians, the Scots, the Germans and the Mexicans, etc.).

Blame the system that lets immigrants or anyone take advantage of the system, yes. Do not try to stop the Spanish speaking immigrants though. We cannot and should not. The US is a nation built on immigrants. The philosophy of multi-ethnicity has proven itself to be correct. Even Ashe County, which is seemingly far from being international and West Jefferson, North Carolina, our nearest US shopping town have embraced the importance of our Spansih Speaking Latin friends and neighbors. The mural sign in the town’s entrance (in Spanish and English) shows this. “Unidad and Diversidad”.

Unity through Diversity

Regretfully the system is here. I doubt that any of us can do much about the aspects of it that are wrong. So we cannot and probably should not stop a wave of Spanish speaking immigrants from coming into the US . Nor will we stop the flood of English speaking immigrants who leave the US and move to Latin America.

I agree with the reader that those who come to America should learn English. If they do not this is their loss. However the global community has come to the US. If Americans do not learn Spanish, this is our loss.

Some comings to America and goings by others are due in part to a system that has broken. Change it overnight, we cannot. Take advantage of the change, we can. One way to take advantage is to be one of the few who speak Spanish and profit from all the others who stick their heads in the sand and complain about the new comers lack of lingual skills why they too remain stuck in one language. Thus Ecuador Spanish lessons can help.

I am so often surprised. The very same people who tell me they are fed up with the US and what is happening plan to leave and move to a more conservative country like Switzerland. I do not even bother to remind them that almost everyone there speaks at least three languages and that even a cup of coffee is so expensive it would make their heads spin.

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Until next message, may your horizons be broad and your languages many.


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