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Ecuador Spanish lessons, Ecuador English lessons and Quicua are spoken here at El Meson.

“Nuka Munany Quichua” means “I have Quichua.”

I have not learned the verb “to speak” in Quichua yet, but the locals understand me when I use “Munany”. I am learning the indigenous language as a sign of respect for this great culture here.

Ecuador Spanish lesson are taught her several times a year. Here are our staff Spanish speakers getting English lessons from Steve, our man in Ecuador. Steve leads our Ecuador Spanish lessons as well along with native Spanish speaking teachers.

Each morning Merri (Nuka Warmi) and our hound dog Ma (Nuka Alku) hit the village square at sunrise, around 6 am just as the Cathedral bells ring first call to Mass. We walk (Nuka Rihuni Purinkapa). It’s glorious, the crisp fresh air promises of bright sunshine. And we make friends due to our Spanish lessons. “Buenas Dias” we say to many passers by and “Alli Punlla”(Good Morning) to the indigenous.

My Spanish is getting better every day. I can make myself understood when talking in Spanish to the dentist ($15 to clean teeth – $30 for a filling) or at the clinic where they are giving me three forms of therapy each day for my broken back ($2 a day for all three therapies). I can surely let the taxi driver know where I am going ($1 to go anywhere in the village).

Plus we often hit the bakery to try out our Spanish lessons on our way back to El Meson just as the croissants come out of the oven steaming hot! (a half dozen bag for 72 cents, 12 cents each) “Pan Caliente por favor” or I can ask in Quichua, “Tandada Cunu.” Here is where the Ecuador Spanish lessons really pay off!

How can I learn two languages at a time, taking Ecuador Spanish lessons and Quichua? This is what “Super Thinking” is all about and why so many delegates rave about our Super Thinking plus Spanish course.

Merri and I created this course because Merri is a trained Dr. Georgi Lozanov teacher. Our Ecuador Spansish lessons use his techniques. Creativity, humanitarianism and prosperity come in many forms, but all of them require three things: understanding, communication and inspiration.

Spanish is the second most important language in the world. Yet our educational system did not teach us how to communicate with or understand this culture. Learning Spanish is valuable, important and can be fun!

To learn in the sun is fun and it occurred to me that some of you may be fed up with the grey and cold up north! Therefore we have created a special deal so you can enjoy nearly a month of direct equatorial sunlight and solve one of the biggest communications problems that face a great deal of the English speaking civilization, plus attend three other valuable courses one after another.

There is way to enjoy the cool mountains, bask in the warm Andean sun and learn Spanish, international investing and business, see Ecuador real estate and join us for a Shamanic Mingo. You can have all this at a price so incredibly low it is hard to believe.

We are conducting four courses, one after another, this winter at our home in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

Super Thinking Plus SpanishMarch 9-14, 2007
International Business Made EZMarch 16-18, 2007
Andean Real Estate TourMarch 19-21, 2007
Andean Shamanic MingoMarch 23-25, 2007

The courses were arranged this way so that those who want to really zero in and refine their Spanish can have the Spanish course first. Then they can put what they have learned into practice the remaining days they are here. To attend all four courses would normally cost $1,896 or $2,596 for a couple. This price compared to many seminars is already ridiculously low. However you now have a chance to save nearly $300 more.

Those who wish to attend all four courses can join us at the discounted rate of $1,599. For couples, our $1,999 International Club fee allows two to come to Couples save $597 and maybe much moreall four courses and any other of our courses throughout 2007. !

This makes it entirely possible to spend nearly a month in Ecuador, gain valuable knowledge about health and wealth, plus perfect your Spanish.

You can enroll for our Andean 4 Course Adventure and save $297 at

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You can read about each individual course at the links below:

Super thinking Plus Spanish

International Business and Investing Made EZ

Andean Real Estate Extension

Andean Shamanic Mingo

Please join us for nearly a month in the warm Andean sun, learn Spanish and how to profit from huge shift in global economics.

You can enroll for our in our Andean 4 course adventure at

Or if two will attend join the International Club at