Natural Awakenings to Inner Formation

by | Feb 1, 2007 | Archives

Natural Awakenings to better health includes knowing ancient secrets on how to process information for survival and profit.

Natural Awakenings mean being aware of all that forms our outer and inner being. This is why we call this IN-formation.

Yesterday’s natural awakenings message showed how correctly processed information improves luck. Seeing our realities correctly goes way beyond luck and is the beginning of natural awakenings. Our seeing not only makes luck it create our health our wealth and even our world. Realizations of this is a natural awakening to the quantum mechanical realities of life.

Seeing the article on luck reminded me of the importance of the way we process information. Few things have a greater impact on our survival happiness and success. If you missed the natural awakenings message and tips on luck go to

Natural Awakenings Story

This article also coincided with a chance meeting in a market for which I had been waiting and watching for years where we had numerous natural awakenings to health, happiness and success. When Merri and I lived in the mountains with a shaman we often visited markets and one day he bought me a wooden carving of an indigenous ancient in a position of what could be considered exercise and or prayer. (Later we’ll see how it is both.) I cherished this gift as it had great historical meaning but somehow in the move to our farm in North Carolina it spirited itself away.

Natural Awakenings Gift

This figurine was special to me because the shaman had shared how this and a number of other figurines were enshrined in Spanish museums and how ironic this was. The Spanish he said had worked hard to eradicate all signs of the indigenous past. The Inca medicine and wisdom had very ancient origins. Much of the knowledge had been passed on orally, but much was passed on via coded painted wood and also preserved in Khipus (strings that passed through a knotty alphanumeric system).

During the Spanish invasion in 1533, priests destroyed as much of this information as they could but in a huge irony preserved in their museums a great deal of the local art which they believed to be decorative.

The shaman explained how the Spanish destroyed a great culture and a great medicine, but unknowingly left behind clues….these figurines. The one he gave me showed a position of prayer and an exercise. Then he explained that one did not go without the other…if our bodies were to correctly process information.

After hearing this I began seeing how ancients all over the world realized these facts. This knowledge was shared in many connections between the mystic wisdom of Europe and the East and the Incas. The connections were strong. Even ancient languages share a common root. The root of Quichua, the language of the Andes, is Sanskrit. Yet there is more.

Natural Awakenings Convergence

After receiving the figurine, sometime later I was inducted into an ancient order, the Knights Hospitaler, which has roots dating back a thousand years. Early on as knowledge of symbols was shared with me by the Grand Prior, I spotted something that even he did not know.

He introduced me to one of the grand symbols of the Order and I did not say a word waiting for the figurine to return again. Last week as I strolled with a group of delegates at the Otavalo market, the answer was found…a clue that it is now time for me to share what I have seen and dwell more on how we process information. Here is the thousand year old symbol of the Knights Hospitaler and my found again Inca figurine.

Natural Awakenings Figures From Continents Apart

Tomorrow’s message looks again at how Professor Wiseman’s tips on luck and these symbols collide and how all three bring natural awakenings and power from processing information.

Until then, may all your natural awakenings and information be processed well!


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