International Investments are Insurance Against Insurance

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International investments and global diversification of assets protect your wealth from any currency’s fall. The first part of this message look ed at how global earnings power protects. Intertantional investments and international earnings are the two most powerful ways top have financial success.

The importance of insuring yourself through international investments can be seen in a recent USA TODAY article by Bob Riha Jr. entitled “People left holding bag when policies revoked”.

Messages at this site have pointed out on numerous occasions that it is unlikely any specific group has a century’s long plan to dominate every aspect of our health, wealth, culture and thoughts. Yet the nature of mankind and commerce does create controllers in every generation and one of the great controllers of this era is the insurance industry, especially health insurance. The insurance industry ties the population in fear and is reason enough to have international investments for self assurance.

International Investments Bring Safety That Insurance Policies Do Not

The USA Today article exposes how this problem grows because now the government is getting further into the act. The article says:

“A plan unveiled this month by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger aimed at providing coverage to all Californians may hold another possible solution. He would require insurers to offer policies to everyone, regardless of health status, but also would require all individuals to buy it. Such a law was passed by Massachusetts last year and goes into effect July 1. Economists say that would improve the individual market, because insurers would not have to worry about people waiting until they actually need medical care to apply for coverage.”

International Investments Protect From Government’s Ineptitude

Yeah. Right. This economist does not say that government involvement in insurance would improve anything. Government involvement never improves anything. This is why I love international investments. They tend to be beyond governments.

What these supposed economists do not say is that this law eliminates the consumer’s ultimate control, the decision to buy or not and from whom. Once a law is passed that consumers must insure, the next step will be government regulations allowing only authorized insurance.

International investments still give us this freedom to invest where we choose not where the government tells us.

Personally I do not want health insurance. I have never had health insurance for more than 30 years. With five kids imagine the savings. Most health insurance does not provide for the type of medical care I desire. I am half Scotch. If I pay for health insurance I might have to get sick to get my money back! I prefer to spend my money on illness prevention and well being. This is my desire and to date I have been able to live this way as I choose.

Whenever governments get involved quality goes down. Prices rise.

A sister article By Julie Appleby in the same USA TODAY says: “The Seals family bought coverage on the individual market after Tony Seals became self-employed. They applied online for an individual policy with Health Net on March 15, 2003. At the time, they had four children.

“Seals answered all the questions, including one asking when his wife, Susan, had her last menstrual period. Insurers ask that question because most will not grant a policy to someone who is pregnant. The policy was approved and became effective April 1, 2003, according to court documents.

“About mid-April, Seals says, they found out his wife was pregnant. The insurer approved all the prenatal visits and tests, he says. On Oct. 3, 2003, Susan Seals gave birth to their fifth child, Madeline, who has severe brain damage.

“They had quite a bit of distress in delivery,’ Seals says. Their full-term baby had to be revived after birth. His wife spent almost three weeks in the hospital; his daughter, eight.

“In April 2004, when Madeline was 6 months old, the insurer told them it had reviewed their application and “felt like we had not given them a correct date for my wife’s last menstrual period, so would rescind the coverage,” Seals says.

“The insurer had looked at Seals’ wife’s OB/GYN records and found that she had told the doctor a date for her last period about two weeks’ different than the one Seals had included on the application, Seals says.

“Health Net spokesman Brad Kieffer said the insurer is “sorry to hear of the unfortunate situation the family is going through,” but said it must rely on the information given in the insurance application.

“If we suspect misrepresentations have been made … state laws and regulations permit us to investigate to get the facts,” Kieffer said. “If we determine that misrepresentation has occurred, the policy is rescinded. It is the responsibility of the applicant to be sure all information on an application is correct and complete.”

The article explained that the child has severe cerebral palsy, is blind, can’t roll over and will need care for the rest of her life and the mother has gone back to work, and her job provides the family with health insurance.

The point is clear. We need to take care of ourselves. Private industry does not care and getting the government involved will not make the problem better. We need to rely on the people we know who care, ourselves and family. This leads us to processing information. Having international investments gives us the broadest possible field of information in which to invest.

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Until next message may all things in your life be self assured and self insured.


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