Ecuador Import-Export Potential Avoids the Greatest Economic Risk

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Ecuador Import Export opportunities protects against the greatest economic risk of all, being locked into the past. Ecuador import export opportunity comes from the market place that is here and now. The great American and western ideal is dead…and if you have not noticed has been for quite awhile. Emerging markets have dramatically outperformed major markets for six years in a row.

Ecuador import export opportunity takes advantage of the fact that during those six years ending in December 2006, the Emerging Markets index delivered a total return of 217% in US dollars while the Major Markets Index gained just 33.8% in US dollars. In other words if you are thinking in terms of greenbacks, emerging markets out performed the majors by 6.5 times!

Let’s look at this in another way. Ecuador import export opportunity makes sense because the US dollar has lost so much value in the last six years if the US index is included in the major markets index it has lost 4.8% in euros over six years! The emerging markets index is up 125% in euros.

Imports and exports in Ecuador or anywhere make sense because this is as it should be. Why should an America or Englishman or Spaniard be paid more to do the same job equally well than someone in China, Ecuador or Zimbabwe? The real truth is they should not and the global economy is the great equalizer. Simply put, we should be free to buy whatever we want at the best price wherever it’s made in the world. This reality creates Ecuador import export opportunity.

This tells us two things. First, do not let all your investments be caught in any one currency…especially if it’s the US dollar! Second, do not let all your income get caught in any one currency either. Ecuador import export opportunity offers the ability to earn in more than one currency.

This is why our Ecuador Import Export Expeditions have grown so well. They are filled with people who have only US, Canadian and other major incomes and want to learn how to gain the ability to earn anywhere in the world.

During our upcoming February 20-25, 2007 Ecuador Import Export Expedition we’ll learn how to earn anywhere as we visit numerous markets. The course is conducted in Cotacachi, Ecuador, just minutes from one of the brightest examples of traders anywhere, the Otavalans.

Yesterday’s message looked at how we’ll see wood products in San Antonio de Ibarra and the Ecuador import export opportunity in wood. However we’ll have at least two visits to Otavalo, the textile experts. They offer enormous import export opportunity in textiles. Go to just about any major city in the world and somewhere near the center you’ll find traders from Otavalo selling their woven goods. This is one reason we love this area so much. The indigenous here are among the most successful financially in the world through trade (rather than soul destroying government give away casinos and tax free booze and tobacco sales).

Import Export opportunity in Otavalo

You will meet hundreds of traders like this, plus visit all the key wholesalers and shippers in Otavalo.

Professional Todd Smith will be on hand to teach you how to get the best shots and to offer photography services.

Todd offers personal product shoots or stock photography for the general needs of any Ecuador import export business. While he is in Ecuador, he will be taking lots of photographs of anything delegates think will be valuable to their Ecuador import export business. These photos will be available on Todd’s website as rights-managed, stock photography. This means that import export businesses can use the images for particular ads, brochures or websites. This is generally cheaper for importers and exporters than custom photography, and can fill photo needs that are not specific enough to require custom work. Here are some of Todd’s existing textile shots.

You can learn more about our import-export expedition at

We are starting a new Ecuador internet service that can help you find Ecuador import export opportunity. The annual fee will be somewhere between $99 and $149 a year but before we start up are making a really special offer. Order our Ecuador Report now and I’ll sign you up for a free year’s subscription to the internet service. You’ll save somewhere between $49 and $100! You can order the report at

The ability to earn anywhere in the world brings freedom and expanded horizons not to mention fun, challenge, excitement, fulfillment and financial security. This is the trend due to globalization. Global earnings are the ultimate insurance. This type of insurance is more important than any other as well because it does not depend others. You are insuring yourself!

You can continue this message and learn how to insure and against insurance and learn ancient secrets of processing information at

Until next message may all your Ecuador import export opportunities be good!

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