Ecuador Import Export Potential – A Trend in Ecuador for Import Export Values and Information

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Ecuador Import Export businesses offer good value. Merri and I just completed our Ecuador Self-Fulfilled Publishing Camp in which we shared ideas on the value in the market place of transparency, honesty and care. As we prepare for the upcoming February Ecuador Import Export Expedition I realized that one important session will be sharing ideas on the value in the market place of transparency, honesty and care.

The point? They key to success in all business whether Ecuador Import Export or Publishing or whatever is marketing. Knowing how to market unlocks the world and creates freedom to live and work wherever you choose. Ecuador import export offers excellent potential but only if you can market the good value you find here in Ecuador.

Ecuador Import Export tip – Marketing is Not Hard Selling.

When you are in the import export business anywhere, not just Ecuador if market perfectly you do not have to sell at all. Ecuador import export marketing is first of all Understanding. What does the customer want and need? Ecuador import export marketing then is Value. How can the buyer afford its desires. Ecuador import export marketing next is Timing. When does he or she want it? Then Ecuador import export marketing is Communication, which is reminding the customer of the need and the solution you can provide. Timing again comes in so you can communicate when the consumer is receptive. Finally, Ecuador import export marketing is delivering the goods so you can serve the customer again and again.

We are always looking for ways to import and export in Ecuador and to market better se we continue to add an array of new tools to help our delegates succeed. I am particularly pleased that many of these new areas of assistance are delegates from previous Ecuador import export courses.

We have added a variety of new Ecuador import export internet marketing contacts, mainly and happily as mentioned from previous delegates who have learned how to use the internet in their marketing. Take Michelle Toole as an example. She wrote

“Gary & Merri, Below you will find my statistics for my website.

“These statistics are for my site

“The trend for numbers of visitors to my site fluctuates as with all sites on the internet but the good news is that it is steadily going up. The theory is that it will be very gradual and then start to snowball. The trend, for people that stick to the guidelines tends to be a slow and steady rise to about 200+ average visitors per day then a big jump to around 500. Here is what has happened to date.

Month 2006
Average Visitors per day
Maximum Visitors
*during site construction
*during site construction

Michelle is available to help sell import-export products (as she is doing) via the internet.

Now we are adding a photography service to Ecuador Import Export Expedition so delegates can use photos to market as well.

Professional photographer and previous course delegate, Todd Smith, is incorporating the Ecuador import/export photo service onto his website. Todd offers three different services:

Custom photography work for any Ecuador import export company. This includes product photos and photos of the specific artisans at work making the products (and even photos of the import/export company owners buying the goods in Ecuador). Some shots are done in Ecuador . Product shots can be done anywhere (people could ship their products to Todd and he can send photos for websites.

Take, for example, the village of San Antonio de Ibarra. This village is famous for wood carvers and offers great Ecuador import export opportunity. A large proportion of the world’s religious statues are carved here just as they have been for hundreds of years. Just about anything in wood can be made to export, trunks, furniture, chess sets, statues, lamps, Christmas decorations. Here is one of one of the many statues that are created in San Antonio de Ibarra. San Antonio is famous worldwide for its carvers and its Ecuador exports. You can meet people there buying from Paris, Madrid during our Ecuador Import Export Expedition.

We’ll spend time roaming the carvers’ workshops and stores in San Antonio de Ibarra. We’ll spend even more time sharing ideas on how to sell existing items, modify them for new Ecuador import export markets and even create new products using their skills. Todd will work with you to develop photos if you wish. Take for example these wooden bowls he photographed for another seller of wood.

Todd’s photos add value to any web marketing.

You can learn more about our Ecuador import-export expedition at

We are starting a new Ecuador internet service. This service will reveal many new Ecuador import export contacts and tips. The annual fee will be somewhere between $99 and $149 a year but before we start up are making a really special offer. Order our Ecuador Report now and I’ll sign you up for a free year’s subscription to the internet service. You’ll save somewhere between $49 and $100! You can order the report at

You can continue this message to see equity market value warnings and gain tips on how to have good luck at

Or until next message may your Ecuador import export value always be good.


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