Natural Awakenings to Ways We Process Information for Survival and Profit

by | Jan 31, 2007 | Archives

Natural Awakenings to better natural health should including awakenings to our deepest thoughts.

Natural Awakenings to Luck

An interesting article at the BBC website recently asked an important question.

“Why do some people get all the luck while others never get the breaks they deserve?”

A Study for Natural Awakenings

“The article told of a British psychologist, Professor Wiseman, who set out to examine luck. He placed advertisements and signed up hundreds of volunteers whom he tested over many years. His conclusion is that though most people do not know what causes their luck, thoughts and actions are responsible for good and bad fortune.

“For example he conducted a simple experiment to test the ability to spot opportunity by giving lucky and unlucky people a newspaper. He asked them to see how many photographs were inside.

“He had secretly placed a large message halfway through the newspaper saying: ‘Tell the experimenter you have seen this and win £250.’ The unlucky people tended to miss it and the lucky people tended to spot it.

“The conclusion is that unlucky people are so focused on what they want to see that they miss opportunity.

“The examples in the article were: “They (the unlucky) go to parties intent on finding their perfect partner and so miss opportunities to make good friends. They look through newspapers determined to find certain types of job advertisements and miss other types of jobs. Lucky people are more relaxed and open, and therefore see what is there rather than just what they are looking for.”

The Professor was able to create some suggestions about how people can make themselves lucky. The article said:

“They (the lucky) are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good. Here are Professor Wiseman’s four top tips for becoming lucky:

Natural Awakenings Tips to Luck

Here are the professors tips for luck from the article:

“Listen to your gut instincts – they are normally right

“Be open to new experiences and breaking your normal routine

“Spend a few moments each day remembering things that went well

“Visualize yourself being lucky before an important meeting or telephone call. Luck is very often a self-fulfilling prophecy”.

Natural Awakenings Guide to Information Processing Secrets

This article reminded me of the importance of the way we process information. Few things have a greater impact on our survival happiness and success and we will look at an ancient secret on processing luck in tomorrow’s message.

Until then may your luck be Natural Awakening and always be good.


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