Ecuador Real Estate’s Three Cs in Value. Investment Rules Not to Forget

by | Jan 30, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate investing requires the rules of three Cs. Finding value includes Caution, Clarity and Comprehensive view.

Take for example this Ecuador real estate, a house being built just outside Cotacachi Ecuador.

The Ecuador house is 1,500 square feet on a quarter acre lot and includes a master bedroom, 2 guest rooms, kitchen, 2.5 bathrooms, dinning room, family room, 2 fireplaces, open porch and laundry room.

This good looking piece of Ecuador real estate upstairs has a very private master bedroom that features wood floors, fireplace, master bathroom, balcony and access to a huge terrace.

Downstairs is covered with wall to wall rustic ceramic flooring, two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, open kitchen, dining room, family room with fireplace and Spanish doors accessing the open porch.

All utilities are underground and include public water, electricity, individual septic tank, phone lines, cable and satellite TV.

The cost for this Ecuador real estate is about $59,000 or $40 per square foot including the land!

The Ecuador property has absolutely killer views of Mount Imbabura and a valley below.

Can’t go wrong. Right? I reviewed this real estate on Sunday and had to write the builder who lives in the US.

“I believe that the power lines right behind the house and passing through El Batan will create some difficulties in the sale to the readers we bring. In addition you are probably aware that there is great sensitivity in this area about which land belongs to the indigenous and not. Plus the small 10 X 10 bedrooms will be an objection for most US and Canadian buyers. Other competitors have equal properties without these setbacks but their prices are higher so the lower price may compensate for these difficulties. I can see where a $59,000 total price will get many people to look and may well offer a unique niche that can sell 16 houses. The style and the view have great appeal so this may work for you.”

We’ll certainly look at this development in our upcoming courses. The price is right and for those who desire a wonderful view, a bit of space between their home and the village and have a limited budget, these homes have a lot to offer. Yet caution and the need for a comprehensive view means you should not buy these (or any) homes sight unseen.

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