Ecuador Export Value in the Market

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Ecuador exports are rich in the native smells of foods and spice ride a chilling dusk air.

Ecuador exports are fun.

Bold colors and warm sounds accent ripe enticements from a Ecuador bustling crowd. “Join us in the flurry of enterprise and excitement,” they cry. “There is something here waiting to export from Ecuador. Mingle with the action, because it’s waiting for you!”

Latacunga, Ecuador, New Year’s Eve. We are at the native market looking for products to export. Merri and I flew with two of our children to welcome an Ecuador New Year from the center of the world. The year’s last evening began at a local market as we walked and talked and looked for exports, enjoying the vitality of this ancient concentration of commerce.

Native Ecuador markets are ancient rites of human endeavor. Meetings like this one high in the Ecuador Andes have taken place almost since civilization began as have imports and exports. I closed my eyes and felt the energy, the deep, inner excitement that marketplaces bring and how they thrill. Such wonderful agitation! Ecuadorian men and women, different religions, cultures and ages. People from near and far. Explosions of color. Mutterings and hawking in Quichua, Spanish, and occasional English working their babble of exchange. Ecuadorian babies bobbing on mother’s backs, children working, playing and racing among the stalls. Adults serious in their cares. Explosions of sights, smells and sounds create this purposeful cacophony true to only one mission, to trade and sell, import, export!

So for years now we have been helping readers learn how to export from Ecuador.

Now we have added another excellent benefit to our Import-Export Expedition. We are packaging products for our readers and helping readers become micro coaches with those who hand make the goods.

Take for example this export opportunity with Albert Vallejo.

Alberto has developed a line of organic Amazon health products to export from Ecuador under the “Flora Sana” (Flower Healing) brand. You can see a few of his products that he can export from Ecuador.

Ecuador Export Products

Stimusan Herb Pack
Dulcamara Cream
Dulcamara Liquid
Dulcamara Shampoo
Dulcamara Soap
Sweet Sleep
Sangria Drago
Organic Chocolate

There are many more Ecuador export products in the Flora Sana line.

We are working with Alberto to obtain a dealer or dealers to export and develop on-line marketing programs that can sell these products.

This line has special export interest in the health food supplement field. Take the Dulcamaras range for example.

Merri and I have enormous energy vitality and enthusiasm, running the farm and our publishing business. Many are amazed at what we get done. At a time when many are thinking retirement, we feel we are just getting started. Plus despite our heavy work load and travel schedule we seem to be getting younger…yet this is a time when many of our friends are rapidly deteriorating both in energy and appearance.

We feel that one reason is that we regularly take the Dulcamaras food supplement which is a pure Amazonian plant extract. When we began using this product years ago, one MD told us that he used this plant extract to help his cancer patients. The doctor explained that Dulcamaras is not a cancer cure but so enhances the immune system that many patients cure themselves. He explained that many of his patients also used Dulcamaras to enhance their vitality and that it has anti-aging qualities that could be enjoyed.

We decided to try it ourselves. After a couple of days we felt tiredness but then found ourselves feeling more energy. My weight started dropping. Muscle mass and skin tone built though we did not add any new exercises.

We began sharing Dulcamaras extract years ago with a few of our friends and heard back similar stories from those who were well. From others we heard incredible stories.


The study was done by Deven S. Dandekar1*, Vinata B. Lokeshwar1, Edwin Cevallos. 2, and Bal L. Lokeshwar1. 1Dept. of Urology and Sylvester Cancer Center, Univ. of Miami, Miami, Fl. 2Tumor Institute, Quito, Ecuador. *

The study began “INTRODUCTION: Most cancer drugs are derived from plants and many more are yet to be discovered (1). An orally active, aqueous plant extract (Dulcamara sp) was tested for its anti-tumor properties on prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.”

The conclusion of that study was that the Dulcamaras extract tested was a potent orally active anti-neoplastic agent, which primarily affects caspase-mediated apoptosis and inhibits metastasis by inhibition of hyaluronidase, an ECM-degrading enzyme implicated in tumor angiogenesis and metastasis.

We saw one friend with Lymphoma have a miraculous cure in 18 days. Another who was quadriplegic with MS had such a recovery that she can now stand alone. But mostly the stories were about feeling better, having more energy, sex drive, clearer mind, strength, endurance and feeling and looking younger.

Dulcamaras has great export potential to be of assistance in diseases in which the immune system is implicated as a contributing factor. The medical doctor in Ecuador has gathered data which indicates possible value in conditions of over active and under active immune system such as AIDS, Allergic States, Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Hepatitis, and Lupus like diseases.

We do not believe that Dulcamaras is a panacea and it is not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure any condition nor should it be viewed as a substitute for orthodox medical treatments. But it is a powerful plant-derived nutritional supplement which may safely be used for longevity, more energy and better health plus as a complementary treatment to assist the body's natural healing processes.

This particular idea offers special Ecuador export opportunity for two reasons.

First Alberto works with CORPEI, the Ecuadorian government organization dedicated to developing export opportunities for handicrafters up to big organizations. They approached Alberto to see if he wanted to be involved in an international project to promote the development of businesses and organizations involved with producing and marketing natural products from the Andes and Amazon.

Alberto will present this project at our upcoming Import-Export course. Steve, our man in Ecuador , has been to the Corpei offices. He reports they are professional and speak English.

Second, we have been developing a new internet marketing system that allows export businesses to set up and sell products faster over the internet. We put our first program into action last week so will have an excellent amount of experience by the time the export expedition unfolds. Our plan is to triangulate for success, the producers expertise here, our internet sales experience combined with the knowledge of markets that delegates who attend the expedition have to add.

This is just one of the benefits delegates receive at our import-export expedition. We hope to see you here!


Feb. 20 – 25, Tues.-Sun. Import-Export Course.