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Quito Ecuador buzzes with wealth. Ecuador real estate offers extra value now because there have been concerns about Ecuador's new president and how he might affect real estate markets. It's too early to really tell, but Quito Ecuador seems to be on a roll as Steve, our man in Ecuador points out. Steve writes:

“Gary, you have to be away from someone to notice the little changes and so it is with places too. Living up in Cotacachi Ecuador now I get to see Quito Ecuador a lot less than when I was living there.

Ecuador Peps Up

“Ecuador is not such a lively place during the week so I was amazed to see what a buzz there was in the streets of the downtown La Mariscal area on a Wednesday night. There is a whole new block developed around a new part-pedestrianised square.

Ecuador Coffee Bars

“This whole square is now lined with trendy coffee bars, lounge-bars and new restaurants offering international cuisine. Hundreds if not thousands were out in a 2-3 block area and in many cases it was standing room only but that's not a problem as there's nothing more pleasant than milling around outside on a warm starry night with good friends for company and a glass of wine in hand.

Ecuador Restaurants

“I walked a block away from the square on Reina Victoria and arrived at Juan Leon Mera, and another very happening street with young backpackers mixing with Ecuadorians and Argentinians letting off steam. Just on a corner I noticed a new restaurant and closer inspection revealed a small cozy restaurant with a bistro style ambience. There were only two tables available so I sat myself down and ordered and while waiting a busking musician arrived and pulled out a small harp and started strumming Latin favorites much to everyone's appreciation. I ate an individual sized house-pizza, not at all bad, quaffed a very passable glass of Chilian Cabernet Sauvignon and for dessert ate lemon pie and settled it all down with an expresso. THE TOTAL BILL WAS $5.65, I KID YOU NOT.

Ecuador Night Life

“What surprised me was that this was a Wednesday night. A year ago you'd only have seen this many people out for the night on a Friday and Saturday. In my opinion this is evidence that in Quito at least, the economy is expanding and more young people have more disposable income.

Ecuador Hotels

“I enjoyed the Hotel Quito as much as always and swimming in the heated cliff side pool the next morning with Luke (my 4 year old son) under an azure sky was a delight”.

Here are pictures from Hotel Quito

Roses in Lobby


Gary & Merri meeting in the top floor restaurant

Hotel Quito Ecuador offers some of the most incredible views in the world. Nowhere else can you find gardens that are lush twelve months a year, filled with tropical flowers and fruits, coconuts, hibiscus, lemons and orange, yet having flowers from the north (fuchsias, roses and such) as at Hotel Quito Ecuador.

Hotel Quito Ecuador is our home away from home, in part because of these gardens which are quite typical of the lush flora throughout this mountain nation, but are rare at any hotel in Quito or Ecuador.

We have a lovely routine of a long swim in the Hotel Quito Ecuador Olympic sized heated pool which overlooks the entire city, then a nice long steam in their while tiled Turkish steam bath (filled with fresh eucalyptus leaves).

Hotel Quito Ecuador serves a great breakfast buffet of tropical fruits and fresh juices (a delicious blackberry or tropical exotic fruits), homemade Swiss muesli (loaded with currants and mango), fresh French bread, free range eggs, corn tamales stuffed in banana leaves and of course cafe con leche.

Hotel Quito Ecuador also provides a view of the entire city from the top floor of the hotel, Techo del Mundo (the roof of the world) a restaurant with the distinction of the 2nd highest restaurant in the world with panoramic views.

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Until next message, we hope to see you in Ecuador!


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