Ecuador Real Estate Flies High

by | Jan 19, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate is low cost and low labor costs allow you to do so many wonderful things here. This was seen again yesterday when Merri, Steve, our man in Ecuador, and I visited the Parque Condor, a wonderful raptor center not far from us here in Cotacachi. The center has been developed and is run by Joep Hendriks of the Netherlands. He is an obvious bird lover and set up this center to take in injured and imprinted (those born in captivity) birds.

They have a wonderful variety of birds including the Ecuadorian condor. You can see pictures from the center and how they let the birds fly free below.

The center believes that conservation of our environment is not possible without environmental education. Society must understand the importance of nature. To encourage this education the center involves those who visit in the conservation effort. They offer many different activities: free-flying demonstrations of raptors, talks, conferences, contests and stimulating scientific research. They are intent on creating a center that explains the connection between Andean ecosystems, environmental problems and society.

Parque Cóndor preserves the typical Andean landscape and uses traditional materials in the construction of the bird habitats.

No bird in the parque has been taken directly out of its natural habitat!

Many of the species were rescued from illegal captivity or inadequate housing. Sometimes they arrive in very bad shape, but at the center they find shelter, rest and proper treatment. When possible, birds that have recovered are released back to their natural habitat.

There are a wide variety of birds at the center and you can see photos of our visit including a shot of the Andean Vulture. Estimations are that there as little as 60 of these condors left in the wild and the need to improve the fate of this mighty bird urgently requires environmental education.

From the center you can see Lake San Pablo.

Here also from another view point is Otavalo.

The rare Andean Condor:

Here Joep in a free flying demonstration. The village in the far background is our Cotacachi.

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Until next message, may all your passions fly high.


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