Ecuador Real Estate Goes Varoom with Formula 3

by | Jan 18, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate investments and Ecuador life styles can be exciting. This message looks at how Ecuador real estate and living has it all.

Ecuador real estate and North Carolina property must have some hidden link. They both sure captured our attention. Sometimes it seems like everything that we do in Ecuador “catches up” with us at our home in North Carolina and vice versa.

For example the village here in Ecuador has proclaimed for years to be a “ Multi-Ethnic Village .” In fact Cotacachi has received international awards for its efforts in this field and for its progressive transparent government. So imagine how Merri and I felt a few months ago. We were driving out from our shopping town, West Jefferson, North Carolina, population about 3,000 and a huge new mural is up, in English and Spanish, declaring that West Jefferson is a Multi-Ethnic town. This was none of our doing, so we were surprised.

Now one of North Carolina ’s great obsessions has followed us here…car racing. I’m sure it all started up in our mountains when the “Moonshiners” hepped up their Fords to outrun those danged “Revenuers.” Whatever, Merri and I are always sure to check where races are when we travel around our area lest we get caught in miles of stopped traffic waiting to get into a race track.

Here is how the car racing has followed us here.

Yesterday’s message showed some wonderful Ecuador real estate, a really nice house overlooking Yaguarcocha Lake for $200 a month. There was some confusion at how to see this house so take a look again at

There is a race track that wraps around Yaguarcocha Lake.

One wonderful thing about owning Ecuador real estate is that there is just about everything in this area from hot springs, to glorious mountains to great fishing to wild cloud forest preserves to golf to Formula 3 car racing.

Several delegates recently went to the races at lake Yaguarcocha. You can see some shots of the race below.

Start of the Ecuador real estate races at Yaguarcoacha

French participate in Ecuador real estate races at Yaguarcoacha

Winner at Ecuador real estate races at Yaguarcoacha

Last April, 2006 it was announced that Latin America motor sport took a big step forward by introducing the PanAm GP Series races. This is a brand new racing series that makes a significant impact on racing in Central and South America.

This series includes races in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama and the United States at Homestead in Miami. There is extensive TV coverage on the Fox network.

Although Merri and I are not fans, for those that like this type of sport there are many kinds of races from Formula 3 to motor bikes to souped up go carts here.

Until next message, may you catch all the success in the world.


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