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International business success can come from good internet rankings. This message looks at how a recent courses delegate is ranking well in her international business. Recent messages have looked at how our international business works at ranking well with search engines. Part of our publishing, import/export and international business course shares our thinking and experience so delegates can rank well also.

This note from a delegate at our last publishing course shows how this education pays off when applied.

“Gary & Merri, Below you will find my statistics for my website.

“These are thy statistics for my site

“The trend for number of visitors to my site fluctuates as with all sites on the internet but the good news is that it is steadily going up. The theory is that it will be very gradual and then start to snowball. The trend, for people that stick to the guidelines tends to be a slow and steady rise to about 200+ average visitors per day then a big jump to around 500. Here is what has happened to date.

Month 2006Average Visitors per dayMaximum Visitors 
July233*during site construction
August3693*during site construction

“My current Alexa score is around 598,304, (12/20/06) which is fantastic for a brand new site but is not that great overall. Considering I started at 4 million plus I think I am moving in the right direction! I built my first page July 2, 2006. The assumption being that it should take a good 6 months from when you have a 30 + page site up and running to get established keywords for all your pages and rank well with all 3 of the top search engines.

“My goal although it will take a bit of time is to rank high for both keywords “Healthy Living” and “Holistic Health” Everyday I see that the search engines are giving me higher and higher rankings and shortening my keyword phrase. Right now it is a rather scattered approach but the engines will pull it all together in time. If I had a more defined niche it would probably go faster but since I am trying for broad highly competitive terms it will take me a bit longer. Here is how I am ranking.

Google 12/26/06
definition healthy spirit#1 and #2
how to keep a healthy spirit#1
gaining a healthy mind#1
benefits to living a holistic life#2
healthy holistic tools#2
holistic lifestyle tips#2
living a holistic lifestyle#3
define holistic lifestyle#3
holistic alternative stories#4
benefits of holistic living#4
living the holistic life#4
future benefits to living healthy#5
holistic health living#5
definition of spiritual healthy#5
wikipedia definition of holistic care#6
healthy holistic#7
having a healthy mind#7
aspects of a healthy mind#7
define healthy#8
define unhealthy lifestyle#8
holistic defined#9
health tips for living a healthy life#10
emotional healthy#11
spiritual health tips#11
definition of holistic wellness#12
healthy living resorts#12
MSN 12/26/06
definition spiritual health#3
Holistic Living tips#3
healthy living resorts#3
definition of healthy living#8
definition of holistic health#23
Yahoo 12/26/06
healthy living resorts#1
nutrition promotes healthy living#2
definition of healthy living#2 and #3
definition of healthy lifestyle#6
healthy food list#6
holistic living benefits#9
emotional healthy living#13
definition of holistic health#26
definition of spiritual health#21
benefits of living healthy#35

“Yahoo has taken the longest to rank my pages in the top #40. This week I have noticed that more and more pages are starting to get better rankings.” 12/26/06

“ is still spidering my site at least 2 times per week. From what I understand, they are odd and difficult to figure out from the discussions in the forums if they visit you regularly they will eventually post your site.”

This is what we love to see! Success catching on with our delegates. We are inviting Michelle to come along to future courses and share how she has done this. We hope to see you there.

You can continue this message and see Ecuador real estate and how our North Carolina town and Ecuadorian village are catching one another. Go to

Or until next message, may your international business catch all the success in the world.


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