International Investments in Dollars with Ecuador Travel is Fun

by | Jan 12, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador travel is fun and people enjoy their time with us is that there is always something exciting happening in Ecuador. In Ecuador we are always taking groups out one type of adventure or another. Recently a group who join us to travel in Ecuador enjoyed Ecuador’s version of the New Year’s celebration beginning with an Ecuador – ian parade and ending with a huge Ecuador – ian fireworks display in the Cotacachi village square.

Here is the group that joined us to learn and travel in Ecuador at the New Year’s parade.

Here is the parade’s effigy (the defeated presidential candidate) which the Ecuador parade burned at mid night.

Here are three faces of Ecuador.

You can see how Ecuador’s children enjoy the wonder from this face!

Finally at midnight the group gathered in Cotacachi Ecuador for these fireworks.

Until next message, we send hopes of travel and fun in Ecuador!


P.S. Join us in the Ecuador sun this winter. Here is a schedule of the courses Merri and I will sponsor and or conduct.

Jan. 22 – 26, Mon.- Fri. Self-Fulfilled: How to Be a Writer & Publisher.

Feb. 20 – 25, Tues.-Sun. Import-Export Course.

Mar. 9 – 15, Fri.-Thurs. Expanded Super Thinking + Spanish.

Mar. 16 -18, Fri.-Sun. International Business and Investing Made EZ.

Mar. 19 – 21, Mon.-Wed. Andes Extension & Real Estate Tour.