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by | Jan 11, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate brings friends of like-minded thoughts and vibrations. We are here to enjoy life and learn. The low cost Ecuador real estate is an added (though necessary) benefit for some.

Ecuador has become a great meeting place for like minded souls. A typical morning begins at breakfast when all pull their tables together, talk and laughter having a great time as really valuable information is shared.

This last week during Blaine Watson's Investing Beyond Logic Course we had a typical but amazing group. There was an attorney, a real estate broker and ex submariner, a former director of the Blue Angels, a diving engineer, a space scientist who specializes in quantum medicine, two meditation teachers, an investor, an architect and a real estate syndicator and a successful businesswoman.

The conversations vary from investing to business, to health and to how astrology and quantum science seem to turn into one. Having a quantum scientist (nuclear physicist) and Vedic astrologer here at the same time led a special focus on the deeper quantum realities of life. You can learn about the quantum links between the mystics, scientists and investors we discussed at

Here we are jabbering away round the table in a bright morning sun with Steve and some of our guests.

Here is Blaine Watson with part of the group having lunch at La Mirage Spa

I often say that delegates learn more in these jam sessions then they do from the courses. One of the major messages I think we all got and shared at this course is accepting how much we do not control, how much we cannot see and how to get in the here and now to benefit from this reality.

We learned how all the ancient wisdoms recognized the finer quantum realities of life and incorporated this into every aspect of their lives.

Guests started departing today and this is always tinged with sadness. They arrived as course delegates and depart as friends. The global friendships we all make a share are a valuable part of the course.

During the course everyone got out and looked at some of the great properties being built in the area. Here are a few.

Finished and Lush

Nice Design

Another Barro Viejo Home

Until next message, good global investing business and friendships to you!


P.S. Join us in the Ecuador sun this winter. Here is a schedule of the courses Merri and I will sponsor and or conduct.

Jan. 22 – 26, Mon.- Fri. Self-Fulfilled: How to Be a Writer & Publisher.

Feb. 20 – 25, Tues.-Sun. Import-Export Course.

Mar. 9 – 15, Fri.-Thurs. Expanded Super Thinking + Spanish.

Mar. 16 -18, Fri.-Sun. International Business and Investing Made EZ.

Mar. 19 – 21, Mon.-Wed. Andes Extension & Real Estate Tour.