Ecuador Real Estate and Investments in Business Avoid Imbalanced Tax Savings

by | Jan 10, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate and investments combat inflation, protect purchasing power and can create tax savings if kept in balance. I have for years warned readers not to reduce their taxes so much that they attain the most potent tax shelter of all…the one where the government provides them with food clothing, shelter and medical expenses for a guaranteed number of years. It's called the federal prison plan. This is definitely not good.

You can learn more about the correct way to use overseas structures with Ecuador real estate or business for tax efficiency at

However here is one very imbalanced way not to go! A reader just shared this new angle to show how imbalanced a person who does not live in tune with his income can become.

Gary, Our local paper reported about a man in his sixties who lost his job. He apparently tried for a couple of months, without success, to find other employment. He also needed medical care, was not yet old enough for Medicare, and could not afford private insurance. I don't agree with his solution, but it certainly involved thinking “outside the box”.

He went to his bank and passed a holdup note to a teller, asking for $80 in twenties, which she gave him. He then took the note and the $80 and turned himself into the bank's security guard. At the trial, he was sentenced to three years in a low security prison. The prison apparently has exercise rooms, TVs, and courses in various subjects
including languages and basket weaving, and of course medical care is included. He will be out about the time his social security and Medicare should kick in. Let's hope this is not a “tipping point” idea, and that we are not besieged by elderly robbers at our banks.

This shows how imbalanced societies and individuals can be. If we are normal in a sick society this means we are sick. The global economy today has plenty of sickness and imbalance. Just look for the balance and your investing can be good.

I feel that the reputation of Ecuador real estate and Ecuador business opportunity is imbalanced. This country has much more to offer than people know. The pictures below show one reason why.

Ecuador is famous for wood carvings. Just minutes from our hotel is one of the most famous villages, San Antonio de Ibarra, for wood art in the world.

More wood carvings.

At our Import Export course you not only see products to export from Ecuador, but meet the artisans as well.

Until next message, may all your life, health and wealth be in balance.


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