International Investments in Chocolate & International Investments in Neverending Spring

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International investments are a great way to protect purchasing power because they are in close touch with reality. Investors everywhere determine what is best and react accordingly. When you make international investments, you can go with the global economic flow. Technology supports a global economic community. It is part of human nature to buy things where they are made best for the least. Technology allows us to do this. When we follow natural, universal trends we gain most because we are investing in reality.

Yesterday’s message looked at how Cotacachi Ecuador is catching on. We have more and more business. More families are moving here. Last week saw US Senators and even actor Kevin Bacon visiting. You can see this message at You can read this message with pictures at


Plus of course Cotacahci has another attraction…the Chocolate massage….in my opinion this is much better than actors and politicians. I tried this massage at La Mirage yesterday and was so relaxed last night I could not finish writing about it. Now I am prepared. Let’s begin with La Mirage and their spa. Merri and I ate lunch at La Mirage the first time we visited Cotacachi well over a decade ago and met the owners Michel Durer and Jorge Espinoza. Since that time we have sent hundreds of people to stay. All of them have raved at their delight.

The spa is unparalleled. They have 17 incredible treatments. Each special treatment has its own room specially designed so the Cleopatra’s bath (soak in herbalized milk and a massage) room has an Egyptian motif for example.

Each room has a fireplace and soft music so I was not surprised to see the fire when I entered the new Chocolate Room. The treatment lasts 100 minutes and begins with several face and skin scrubs. The skin is our largest eliminative and most absorbing organ so this beginning clears away the old and prepares the skin to absorb the nutrients and anti oxidants in the chocolate.

Then the face is coated in a chocolate soufflé foam. Chocoholics beware! The smell drove me to consume my Christmas given bag of chocolate when I got back to the hotel. As the foam sits, the body is then painted in chocolate and put in a hot body wrap. As you soak in the warm chocolate the masseuse massages the head scalp and face. Finally all this is removed and ends with a full body massage. I came out glowing…though as mentioned craving chocolate!

You can learn more about La Mirage treatments at

Here is a business idea. Export Ecuadorian luxury. Organize spa tours to La Mirage. Learn how at our next International Business and Investing Made EZ course this March 16 -18. See details at

SLAP and Value Primavera is Spring

Our success in Cotacachi came because we spotted growth potential in a sleepy little village where there we no lines! A recent message looked at avoiding lines as an easy way to find value. You can read this message at

Here is a response one reader sent to this message.

Hi Gary:I have been particularly enjoying your messages of late. Thank you. I've decided to start a chapter of SLAP – The Society of Line Avoidance People. We're excited about Primavera. All the best to you in '07.

I love it and will join SLAP any day! Glenn mentioned Primavera (which in Spanish means spring) and I take this as a signal to spring Primavera on you.

Merri and I write a lot about real estate here in Ecuador as well as Smalltown USA. We are publishers, not real estate agents or developers, so we are never get financially involved in the sale of such properties in any way…except now with Primavera.

We spotted a segment in the market that suits us and some of our readers but has never been and is not likely to be developed in Cotacachi or anywhere near unless we do it ourselves. Primavera is a small condo (eight units) in a quiet part of the village.

You can see pictures of the condos at

No one is offering this type of package so we are buying them all and expect to close this week. Then we are modifying them slightly by adding deed restrictions….concerning children and pets as permanent residents. Then we will set up a wireless broadband system and VOIP (free calls to Europe, Canada and the US) for the residents to share.

We are moving in ourselves and offering the rest of the units to readers. They are three bedroom, two and a half bath units, about 1,200 square feet. Each unit has a wonderful view of Mount Imbabura from the living room that you can see at


The price for each unit is $49,000. One unit is totally complete (and sold). The others require putting in the tile, kitchen cabinets, bathtubs and such. We expect this to be done by the end of February.

I have not marketed these condos yet but five units have already sold just in people passing by. Anyone interested in buying one the three remaining units can ask questions at

Change is reality and the best places to have lived, worked and invested in the past may not be the best in the future. However the sun always shines somewhere which is what our business is all about…looking for the next sunrise.

We look forward to seeing you in Cotacachi Ecuador!


P.S. Join us in Cotacachi this winter.

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Feb. 20 – 25, Tues.-Sun. Import-Export Course.

Mar. 9 – 15, Fri.-Thurs. Expanded Super Thinking + Spanish.

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