International Investments in Yourself are Smart Ways to Gain Freedom

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International investments in your own small global business other international share markets can create profit and freedom to be truly international. Multi currency investments and business add investment protection and increase opportunity in your investments and make your life style fun, free and international. International investments make sense because global investing and business are part of a natural economic evolution. International investments have outperformed US investments for years.

See how to gain the international freedom to earn anywhere in the world from an experience this reader shared.

Merri, I gathered up the things I had left from my Spring trip to Ecuador and the stuff I packed from the November trip and did my show in Cambridge, MA the first weekend of December. It was much more successful than I ever dreamed and if I had my new stuff I probably would have doubled my sales. I sold $3,500, but 40% of that went to Cultural Survival Org., their commission.

I'll get a website up and put some things on Ebay.

I learned to trust my judgment on choosing items. People liked my items and the information I could share with them. It confirmed my belief that it's the personal selection and effort I put forth that makes a difference.

I can help the local crafters in Ecuador through your Micro Coaching project I'd love to participate. I've done sewing, weaving, knitting and all kinds of crafts. I have materials here I can donate and now I have a little experience with selling their things. So, please let me know if I can help.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and healthy New Year,

This is how our micro coaching program works. Merri and I have started a Grameen, poor people’s bank, to help individuals in Ecuador start their own small crafts businesses. However having a business does not help them reach markets aboard. To help them we match delegates who wish to become micro coaches from our Import Export course with individual these producers.

The reader above who has attended our course knows one small market well. She sells at the Cultural Survival Bazaars.

The Cultural Survival Bazaars are meeting places where shoppers can experience indigenous cultures from around the globe under one roof. Cultural Survival hosts more than 40 vendors of indigenous food, music, art, and crafts.

A percentage of the proceeds supports Cultural Survival’s work with indigenous peoples worldwide.

Highlights of this year included Zapotec pottery, African batik, Apache silver, Thai silk, reed baskets from Ghana and Uganda, Nipmuc flutes, Maasai sandals, silk weavings from Madagascar, Brazilian lace, Afghan hand-knotted rugs and much more!. While you’re there, be sure not to miss the live musical performances and cultural demonstrations.

Cultural Survival is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 1972 to promote the rights, voices, and visions of indigenous peoples. The Bazaars enable the organization to educate the public about indigenous cultures, while supporting indigenous artisans, vendors, and organizations from around the world.

The micro coaching plan allows small producers to reach a unique niche market. This gives the micro coach an exclusive manufacturer that can make products designed especially for the specific market the coach knows.

For those who want to earn globally, have fun and help the worthy poor (who are willing to work) see more about our upcoming import-export course at

Until next message may all your coaches be good!