International Investments Gain through Innocence

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International investments can creates profit from the collapse of any single currency. Multi currency investments add investment protection and increase opportunity in your investments. International investments make sense because global investing and business are part of a natural economic evolution. International investments have outperformed US investments for years.

Accepting the Power of Innocence can make your international investments better.

Saturday’s message about psychometry and investing though intuition generated a lot of response. If you missed this message see

There were many types of replies beginning with the ones I always like to read such as this:

What a GREAT email. Your personal story is inspiring and motivational. You make things so REAL.
Thanks, Denny

Other responses were very thoughtful such as:

Dear Gary, You are right. But that is usual for you. Hunches or feelings and impressions are available to all who will listen and not instantly reject what comes because it is not instantly understood consciously. I have done this often and it has saved my life repeatedly. I was one of the test subjects for many government projects which thought they were going to absolutely control all esp and unusual abilities for strictly government use. Often others are frightened because they do not understand intuition or hunches. You will have some readers who refuse to accept even the possibility that a hunch or impression could bring you detailed useful information. Just remember that this works in your own life. You and Merri can produce much more useful information than you have mentioned by only small modifications technique. You have done this before. It was an intuitive impression that your materials were worth reading which caused me to buy the first publication from an ad more than 30 years ago. The impression (or hunch if you like) was correct. Merry Christmas and Best wishes to you both always, George

Plus there was this good question which allows me to touch on a very important point about investing….the power of innocence and belief. This reader wrote:

Hi Gary …..just a quick question. Obviously most of us who had the experience you had with your story of Psychometry would jump all over it. So my question is why did you choose never to use it again and as you said “have no intention of ever doing so again”. I’m REALLY curious as I think tapping into these sorts of things is fascinating beyond belief and can’t imagine not taking that as far as possible. Regards, Dave

This is a really good question I have often asked myself. To this day I am not sure I have the right answer but let me give it a try.

This thinking might help you invest better. The answer seems to be multi-faceted and begins with the fact that there has been no desire or “feeling” to try again. I believe that “feeling” comes when the intellect and intuition are working together. Quantum science teaches us that the experience we call reality manifests from our consciousness. Yet just thinking is not enough to make a universe unfold. Perhaps we need more thought and feelings or belief or faith or all.

Perhaps this lack of interest in using psychometry is because there was no practical material value in what I saw in the future.

Hey we were in Las Vegas . If the number 15 flashed before my eyes in a way that I could have run to the roulette table and won a big bet, the feelings would be different. (I do not gamble in casinos so I probably would have missed the clue anyway). What was gained was much more.

The value in the seeing was the alteration in my template of understanding. Knowing beyond a doubt that I had and hence it is possible to see the future, altered my beliefs in a flash…forever! The thought (not the seeing) opened up an enormous potential.

Somehow this one time seemed special because it was approached in total innocence, without expectation. Once Pandora was out of the box, the special moment could never be repeated again. Sticking to the one shot has maintained a clarity of that moment and provides me great faith in intuition as a tool to reinforce logic.

It seems to me that most religions teach a lesson somewhere about not testing faith. Often faith is far more powerful than what one has faith in. Seeing the future gave me great faith. I know what I saw and have never felt any need to see more nor dilute the wonder of this incredible gift that was given in that moment to me.

Plus this ability (that we all have) is a form of power that can be abused. We always have to be careful of abusing energy. I had a different event when in high school that clarifies this thinking.

I am not a big guy, 5 foot 8 on my tip toes and should weigh in at about 145 pounds. I was no tough guy for sure (I thought) until one day I discovered otherwise. Our class had a bully named Eddy. He was over six foot and beefy, probably 240 or more. He had huge hands! All his genes favored his muscles rather than intellect and he loved nothing more than pushing people around. He was always poking, shoving, hitting. The guy was really hated.

One day I was standing in the school hall doing nothing but standing outside a class in session. Eddy took the trouble of crossing the hall, banging on the door and shoving me into it. Not only did I bonk my head, but was caught by the teacher of that class and chewed out for making a fuss.

I saw red, caught up with Eddy and before I had time to realize the consequences, punched Eddy in the jaw. This started the fight of my life time, heavy versus welter weight. I would be lying to say that I beat the stuffing out of Eddy. However I was able to give what I got. I was faster despite his longer reach. When I was saved from any lucky bone crusher Eddy might have delivered by numerous teachers who hauled us off to the Dean of Boys, Eddy’s nose was bleeding worse than mine and I was still standing.

That was enough. Eddy never pushed, shoved or hassled me again and I think he laid off some others as well…at least a bit. Wow what confidence that gave me…an inner respect and some food for reflection on the use of force, when to and when not.

This does not mean I then went around hitting people. As high as I felt that moment, I never had another fist fight in my life.

Nor did I need to because that fight as did that moment when I saw the future altered the way I felt. Feeling differently meant that people left me alone thereafter. I no longer threw off a victim vibration.

The visionary event of seeing a juggling act before it began started an evolutionary business cycle that goes to this day. We have a thought that leads to enthusiasm, that leads to education that leads to action that leads to experience that leads to a new thought and the process starts all over again.

Seeing the future with aids such as psychometry can also limit our potential. Crutches never work as well as the real thing. Your intuition is available to you without any aids. Like training wheels, intuitive devices can be good to get started, but once you have the feel…you can abandon them!

It’s the feeling that works!

Finally who wants to see the future and really know anyway? This takes away the fun! The very thing most of us think we want would be a burden if really gained. The joy is in the doing not in the having. Incorporate it into your thought process and you become more whole and more capable of doing well.

How does this affect investing? The key to finding good international investments is spotting trends and having faith in the idea. Every investment we make requires a degree of innocence because there are always things that our logic can never see. No matter how many time we make the same investment there will be risk.

If we come to rely on aids or to think that we really know what is going on, then we increase our risk.

Good investing requires confidence, faith, logic and intuition plus an ever watchful eye and feel for change. Plus we need to expect to gain. MY guess is that most of my investments turn out well because I “feel” that they will. Life is as simple as that according to quantum science but the feeling has to be imbedded in real experience, confidence and faith.

Until next message, may your intellect and intuition bring you all the richness you deserve.


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