How to Gain International Investing Value – Avoid Lines

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International investments in good value equity markets, currencies and other international markets can create profits when you avoid lines.


Lines of Florida Traffic.

Multi currency investments add investment protection and increase opportunity in your investments. International investments make sense because global investing and business are part of a natural economic evolution. International investments have outperformed US investments for years.

Getting Ma’s papers unveils two words that can make your international investments better.


Our hound Ma.

Dogs. Can’t live without them. But sometimes there is a fuss. We are in Florida, getting papers so Ma can travel with us to Ecuador. Here’s how it works. You have ten days to take the animal to a vet who then sends a certificate of good health and vaccinations etc. to the US Department of Agriculture. The Ag Dept. stamps the papers (for a fee of course). They then return this to the vet who sends it onto the Ecuadorian consul who also stamps it (for another fee). You may wonder what dogs have to do with international investments. See the idea about investments below.

Finally having spent vet and stamp fees far beyond the cost of our truly international dog (but hey who can put on a value) the deed is done. Except for two things. One, the people at the airline and or customs (in the US or Ecuador) may not understand the papers. Two, unless you live in New York or Miami, without some form of expedition this process is impossible to achieve in ten days. Perhaps these rules were written when a letter first class letter actually reached a destination in a day?

Our answer to overcoming these minor obstacles this year was driving to Naples , Florida where Ma’s vet (who is certified to deal with such issues) knows the ropes and can help speed the process along. We zipped down naïve and confident arriving fresh early Monday morning. The vet was, as always, great. Then we called the Ag Dept. in Miami (five minutes away from the Ecuadorian Consul) to make an appointment to get the document stamped. You cannot just walk in and pay the cash. They’ll only do this minor job by appointment…except.

You cannot bring them the papers. They must be mailed from the vet even though he called and said he signed and was sending them. Sigh….plus.

Miami’s Ag dept. is pretty busy. No appointments until next week! The option is that the Gainesville Ag office would deign us fit to give them money if we mailed the docs overnight and then drove the 312 miles to get the stamp.

We love our dog so what can we do?

We called a very nice lady at the Ag Dept. in Gainesville, mailed the papers overnight and drove on up.

We arrived the next day and Merri popped in ready with her check. Easy. Right? Hah. I can see you have never dealt with a government agency before. The lady Merri made the appointment with was out for the day, sick. The other lady has no appointment time until tomorrow. Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

Finally after an hour’s hassling Merri got help in the form of another woman who came in asking to take a puppy to Amsterdam, and swearing she really did not shoot her boyfriend’s foot off with a shotgun. We think the confusion helped.

Finally, documents in hand, we head for Miami and that final stamp. Unlike the US government offices, the Ecuadorian consulate was clean, the people polite and efficient.

There you have it, only five days of driving 1,400 miles, gas, three nights motel and $265 in fees and stamps so Ma can fly with us to Ecuador.


Miami traffic.

Yet every cloud has a silver lining. In this case it came in the form of a simple thought that bubbled up while sitting in a many mile long Miami traffic jam on LeJeune Road near Red Road and the Dixie Highway.

This thought can enhance your life greatly because two words encapsulate a most important and easy way to spot value. Here are the two words that made the last week’s hassle worth while.


The thought began forming as we drove south through Orlando and past Disney World, the world’s greatest manipulator of lines. This idea progressed in Naples as we lined up in crazy traffic to visit Starbucks where we awaited another line just to spend $10 bucks for a coffee, milk and two cookies. I could have saved a ten spot and my adrenals on that one!

Line avoidance thinking was hardening as we stood in line to deal with the government officials. Finally it crystalized in a line of Miami Traffic.

Think about this. There are not many things worth standing in a line!

In this day and age if lots of people are doing it, it’s probably not good to do. A line means there is too much demand, an automatic bad value sign.

Finally throw in your time. Most of us have our idle set on high. Standing in line creates stress and wastes valuable time.

We cannot always avoid lines. I cringe at the thought of Miami Airport where we’ll be next week. Too many lines and not one of them will be good.

However now that we are aware of this simple but powerful thought there is a lot we can do. First there will be times when we can make value decisions and avoid situations where there will be lines. Drive when there is less traffic, shop when others do not and such. Next avoid getting in any line you can avoid if it ends with a meeting with any type of official.

Finally be aware. If you are standing in a line you are probably being looked at as a chump. You will be getting bad value. Just knowing this is the first part of understanding. This new enlightenment will set your intellect and intuition spinning with new ways to be more efficient finding better deals. So your food for thought this weekend can make your life better. Avoid lines!

Until next message, may all your lines be short!


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