International Investments Gain through Three Resolutions

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International investments are one way to protect your wealth and investments against the loss of purchasing power created by a falling US dollar. Investments in multi currencies provides investment protection and opportunity for increased profit in your investments. International investments make sense because global investing and business are part of a natural economic evolution. International investments have outperformed US investments for years. International investments are best when backed by strong ideas and resolutions.

Here are three New Year resolutions that can enhance international investments, wealth and make your life better. See how below.

Happy New Year.

This message reviews an Ecuadorian New Year’s Pie Resolution, A Health Tip for 2007 and begins with a look at how resolutions can help international investments grow in value.

January 1st is a time for making resolutions. Merri and I just learned three great resolutions from a reader that we want to share here with you!

One of Merri’s and my greatest joys is learning how sharing ideas makes your life better. This is why we were tickled pink when a reader told us one of our newsletters had helped him make a fortune. He invited us to visit. We learned a story that can help us all gain a better life.

The reader had read one of my letters several years ago that suggested land around Lake Placid and in Hardee County, Florida was good value. He investigated, agreed and began buying citrus groves. It seems there had been a bad spell in this industry and all the locals had become discouraged and were convinced that you could no longer make a profit with such groves. Our reader, who had farming experience but was not from this area had a higher horizon. He disagreed with the local view and began buying when citrus sold for 55 cents a pound solid. Today he is getting over $2.50 a pound solid and the fruit sales are paying for his land and improvements (which is increasing dramatically in value) in just three years!

This made Merri and me feel very fulfilled. We flew with him on a helicopter over his vast groves admiring the greenness of his trees. Compared to the other groves his looked rich, deep green and healthy plus we saw many huge trailers loaded with fruit and heading for market.

The lesson this reader shared is one we all know, but it still makes a great resolution always avoid fashion, local gossip. Instead always look for true value! The value was there (and still is) in Hardee County because all the locals were just discouraged by a sustained bad market. This made it a good time for our reader to buy.

The helicopter trip brought us our second resolution. This was offered courtesy of a local bank president who is probably one of the wealthiest men in the county, the head of a billion dollar corporation. Our readers have a huge diversity in wealth. I know some that are billionaires. Others are retired people with $1,000 a month or less income. To us their wealth makes no difference.

As we flew (the banker was his own pilot) we were told the story of how this bank and Central Florida came to be by starting small and believing in an idea. The banker’s father saw an opportunity he believed in and beginning with just $500, borrowed enough to buy this small bank in the 30s when it had $100,000 in assets. The fortune has grown from this small beginning into a billion dollar operation, one step at a time.

This reminded me of resolution #2: Start small and grow in balance with your money, wealth and experience one step at a time. It is the journey not the final destination that counts so enjoy this process and don’t worry too much about how big it becomes.

Another introduction from our reader gave us the final resolution worth sharing here. We met a local farmer there, a really nice guy…a hard working high school graduate who had started small and built a small fortune growing Peace Lillies. This is an area where everything is cattle and citrus but this reader had a passion and ignored what everyone else did. Peace Lillies was his thing and he did extremely well until hurricane Charlie wiped him out lock, stock and barrel. Well maybe he was left with a barrel…but no business.

Yet when we visited him last week, just two years after that storm, he had acres and acres of covered land filled with beautiful Peace Lillies. As we rode round his nursery he shared his formula for success which I am making resolution number three. “ Gary ” he said, “I only do one thing but I do it well”.

There you have it, three good resolutions that can enhance wealth as they make life better.

#1: Always Look for True Value
#2: Start Small and Grow
#3: Do One Thing Well

During the visit I spent a lengthy time outlining the economics for the US dollar in 2007 and believe that these wise investors will be investing more outside the greenback..not a bad resolution either.

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Better Health Resolution

Here is a resolution that can help improve your health. Focus on changing inner values.

Vaidya RK Mishra’s assistant Melina Takvorian (PhD) recently sent an article entitled “This winter, keep warm inside-out” that begins:

Cycles of change. In time, all aspects of life experience change. Some patterns of cyclical change recur, so we have learnt to recognize and name them, such as the seasons. Revisiting us every year, the seasons bring along different climactic qualities that affect the environment, and, in turn, our physiologies. Our moods may even be affected, our attitude towards our everyday chores and responsibilities may alter; we might feel more ready to take on challenges, enlarge our horizons, or grow deeper into our hearts.

Melina’s article then goes on to show that the seasons mean variation of sunlight, the universal source of biological fire. She shows that seasonal change is nature’s way of allowing us to step back, come out of hardened routines, and start afresh, celebrating the bounty of life in new ways.

Winter is a vital time because the cooling helps us slow down and take inward steps. This is the season of nurturing the heart, of growing inward, into our own silence. This is a time for inner growth.

Yet the outer body cannot be ignored. Melina explains: However, transcendent growth needs the support of the physiology, for without the proper care of the body – the seat of the soul – no inner growth can be achieved. There are some very specific physical conditions that arise from cooler temperatures. These are key factors that can either enhance or hinder our overall well-being.

She outlines how the most important physiological aspect to address during the cold is circulation, physical as well as vibrational.

In the winter there is an excess of air and space that dries out the circulatory channels so materials the body needs do not get distributed properly. For example, the distribution and circulation of heat in the body becomes uneven. This is mostly experienced in cold hands and feet during the winter time. Increased air and space plus colder temperatures cause circulation channels to shrink and obstruct distribution of nutrients and disposal of toxic build-up.

To counter balance this effect eat warm, unctuous, freshly prepared meals. Get to bed early and stick to a steady routine. Spice things up as well! Adding more spice to your dishes helps support your metabolism so it can burn toxins faster.

Do this in the New Year and you’ll have a good start to improving your health. These are such simple resolutions but ones that are easy to forget in our head long paced world.

There are many more health tips on how to gain beauty, weight loss and abundant energy from within. We will be sharing them in 2007.

Ecuador Resolution

Ecuador is a healthy place but believe it or not is also dangerous if you like chocolate and pie.

Ecuador is known for having some of the longest living people in the world. Life is easier and so much less expensive as well. In fact a piece of really great pie costs just one dollar.

The day before the New Year we took our guests who had flown in from around the world to Otavalo Market. This is the largest native market in South America but also the home of the Shenandoah Pie Shop. We have read about their special pie before. See

Somehow we all ended up at Shenandoah looking at the wonderful choices….lemon meringue, Naranjilla Meringue, Chocolate Meringue, Apple, Strawberry, Blackberry or Pineapple…with and without ice cream!

Here I am with our man in Ecuador, Steve, checking out the pie.

My Ecuadorian resolution came from a letter a read just sent and my reply.

The reader said:

Hello Gary, I love receiving your post. Your articles have participated in and wetted my appetite for using my mind and gaining insight. Back to chocolate, I love chocolate, fortunately I have come to understand that urge and now love to purge myself of that and other tasty delicacies for years at a time. However I had a small taste at the family Christmas feast and thought about chocolate for a few days with a renewed intensity, vigor and passion that used to live with me daily in my younger years. Imagining a chocolate taste is greater than the actual event. Definitely, must go to South America and roll around in chocolate, there are some things that I have to do and rolling around in huge baths of chocolate is one of them. Not joking, Chocolate is just part of my nature.

My resolution was wrapped in my reply:

A wise shamanic healer once shared with me this powerful thought. “All medicine is dose”. For years I stayed off chocolate and coffee, both delights to me. Yet each has some great healing qualities (as does tobacco and alcohol-though I use these only in ceremonies) when used in the correct dose. Enjoy them but remember another wise Chinese saying. “First the man drinks the wine. Then the wine drinks the wine and then the wine drinks the man”.

I once had a teacher who loved chocolate and she kept a bag of chocolate chips in her freezer. When the cravings came she had just one chip. My resolution is to enjoy 2007 and chocolate in moderation!

Until next message, Merri and I hope that every resolution you make comes true this year!


How the Hogberry Helps With COVID-19

Gain Amazing Health Benefits with the Hogberry

Research is showing that excess body fat can complicate the risks of COVID-19.

A recent article in USA Today, “As obesity’s link to COVID-19 grows, one family that lost 24-year-old daughter diets together” (1) tells the tale.

The article says:  The parents and two brothers of Silvia Deyanira Melendez, 24, are all in therapy after losing their daughter and sister to COVID-19 on March 28.  She weighed more than 300 pounds with a body mass index of 60, double the BMI considered obese. This most likely contributed heavily to her Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and a heart condition that required open-heart surgery two years ago.

The chronic conditions that increase the risk of serious illness and death of COVID-19 are now well known: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and being older than 65. Obesity is less well known or understood. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention groups “severe obesity,” defined as having a BMI of 40 or higher, with the other known “risk factors for serious illness” for COVID-19.

A growing number of studies and data on COVID-19 deaths confirm the link. The extra weight on people in the 40-plus BMI range who contract COVID-19 increases the chance they will require hospitalization, most likely in the intensive care unit. It also hampers the ability of physicians to treat them, especially with ventilators, doctors say.

Body fat complicates many health problems.   For example more than 100 studies have found that physical activity can lower cancer risk and even help cure cancer.  Fortunately researchers asked why and one answer became clear. Body fat.

Studies showed that reduced body fat creates  a 25% lower chance of developing cancer.


Fortunately there is a little known way to reduce body fat that does not even require exercise.? I’ll share more on this secret in a moment.

First, body fat, COVID-19 and cancer? Let’s ask why?

Part of the answer is toxicity.

Healthy bodies naturally and regularly remove water-soluble toxins from the body. Our blood and kidneys flush them away.

Fat-soluble toxins such as metals, pesticides, preservatives, other pollutants are harder to flush out of the system. Fat-soluble toxins must become water-soluble before the body can get rid of them. The liver can do this conversion (bile emulsifies fat-souble toxins into water-soluble). This process requires healthy digestive and detox pathways. When they become imbalanced, fat-soluble toxins are stored in fat cells and brain cells instead. These toxins can remain for decades and create health problems.

The fat stored toxins cause oxidation (free radical damage) and degeneration as well as mutation. Toxins in the fatty tissue of the brain become neurotoxins that can cause cognitive problems and a host of mental and brain imbalances.

Burn Fat to Burn Toxins

When you burn fat you turn on the body’s detox fuel.  Fat metabolism is the body’s natural form of energy. Fat metabolism provides a more steady energy than glucose metabolism and flushes fat cells free of toxins. As the toxicity drops, the nervous system has reduced stress and will naturally burn fat instead of sugar.

This is why I have written a short report entitled “The FAST Way to Better Health” that features a special tea that can help reduce body fat.

The Key is in the Hogberry

I would like to send you a report “The FAST Way to Better Health” that reveals the secret of the Hogberry, FREE when you order my three Natural Health reports described below.

This reoort is only available with my three Natural Health Reports.

These three reports are about:

#1: Nutrition

#2: Purification

#3: Exercise

In this special offer I want to send you a special report on how you can gain better natural health with the hogberry along with three other reports that reveal secrets of health and longevity.

The Commonwealth Fund in its latest survey on overall health care ranked US healthcare dead last compared to 10 major countries.  Despite being worst, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times have all warned about huge, increasingly costly, health care changes.  There are enormous problems in hospitals and chances are they are going to get worse, with the added complication of COVID-19.

When it comes to health care, we may well be on our own. The very people, institutions and establishments that we should rely on may actually hurt rather than help our health.

Ancient health wisdom accumulated around the world, over the millennia, can fill the gap.

The way to escape the dangers of high cost, deteriorating health care, is to not need it.  Declare health independence… and create natural good health. There are dozens of simple, really low costs steps that can improve health… eating, purification, exercise, even the way we think and don’t think when we sleep.

Ancient health wisdom from around the world can help us reduce our risks of poor health care and help us fight the ever rising costs.

For nearly 50 years my wife Merri and I have lived and worked around the world. During this time, we checked out just about every source on natural health care. We even  spent years living with natural health care insiders, and trying the lessons they offered.

We took thousands of readers to Ecuador, met with shamans in the Andes and Amazon. We helped other readers visit India and also learn great health care ideas from China and beyond.

Since not everyone can go to Ecuador or travel the world, we have created three Natural Health Reports that can help improve the power that your body has.  These reports are concise and to the point. In 15 minutes the first report shows exactly how to start preparing for better health and more energy.

We do not have to depend on the health care and health insurance monopolies for better natural health… or cave into a healthcare system that can put us at risk and charge outrageous prices at the same time.

Our health reports provide information on how to use ancient health care systems to become more healthy, self sufficient – providing our own good health.

The first report is “Sunski?”, the Andean word for good eating, for maximum nutrition and purification.

We started the series with eating because so many of our readers have found that a blend of Indian and Andean shamanic nutrition helped them kick start their health with weight trimming.

Good eating is the first step towards natural health. The first rule of good health is getting the correct nutrition.  The second step is purification of toxins and eating to avoid getting impurities in our body in the first place!

Sunski is a way to eat that strengthens and purifies as it stops adding toxicity from eating.  Yet Sunski is a delicious, healthy “self defined” cleansing process.  One chapter in Sunski shows how to correct a simple mistake that most of the Western population makes which increases the chances of adding and retaining weight by 84%.

Sunski combines lessons about healthy eating that we learned from years of working with all types of Western healers, ayurvedic health masters and then living with an Ecuador Taita Yatchak and his apprentices.

We lived, worked, farmed, cooked and ate with this Taita Yatchak for years while learning “Sunski”.


The “Sunski” report was 50 years and millions of miles of travel in the making.

We’ve invested thousands of hours into learning the skills of health self-reliance and resilience, identifying the best foods and combinations and sifted through loads of seeming contradictions to get to the facts about “do it yourself” longevity and natural health.

But that wasn’t enough – not when our good health was on the line. So we consulted dozens of top professions who know a lot about natural health. We spoke with holistic MDs, osteopaths, chiropractors, Indian vidyas, Andean yatchaks, and other self-reliant natural health experts who live a naturally healthy path every day.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you… years of research went into these reports.

And we only kept the best of the best: this system is complete – and FAST to learn – so you can get started immediately.

We all need to stay out of hospitals and reduce our exposure to modern medical risks and costs.

Why re-invent the wheel? Especially when time is NOT on our side.? We’ve already done the hard work for you pulling together the information so you can create better natural, good health.

Imagine… never worrying about what you eat and reducing the risks of hospitalization and health care’s outrageous costs.

A few of the life balancing nutritional tips include how to:

#1: Eat a balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

#2: Eat combinations of food for ideal digestion.

#3: Eat in good spirits at the right times of day while chewing in a special way.

This report includes a complete list of EZ to use recipes that will immediately improve your short term energy… and your long term natural health – so that you never have to guess what foods you need (or rely on the health care establishment).

quinoa pancakes

One of the recipes is for high protein Chocolate Quinoa Pancakes.

Recipes include:

  • Carrot Cake Quinoa Brownie with Stevia
  • Thermos Quinoa Kichiri
  • High Protein Veggie Almond Savory Cottage Pie
  • Mild Turmeric Curry
  • Low Carb Quinoa Tapioca Crumble
  • Merri’s Blackberry Crumble with Quinoa and Stevia
  • Merri’s Quinoa Strawberry Shortcake
  • Merri’s Quinoa Corn Bread
  • Merri’s Quinoa Corn Bread Dressing
  • Quinoa Risotto With Arugula and Parmesan
  • Timbal of Quinoa topped with Ginger or Parmesan Cheese
  • Quinoa Gazpacho With a Sherbert of Coriander
  • Quinoa Taboleh
  • Mango Quinoa Salad
  • Quinoa Avocado Curry

All of these recipes are in “Sunski” just one of the three natural health reports.

These recipes are easy to make, delicious to eat, inexpensive but balanced and healthy foods prepared in ways that provide nutrition and purification.

Learn how nutritional secrets can help keep you out of the hospital.

Here are a few facts and health tools you gain:

  • The single biggest constraint you’ll face in your eating habits? – and how you can eliminate it by adding two simple recipes to your Sunski system.
  • How to calculate exactly how much food you need so you don’t over or under build your nutritional plan.
  • A simple solution for making sure that your food delivers what your body needs when you need it.
  • What components you can choose for yourself and how to avoid mass diets that seem to work for every one except you.
  • The best long term solution for avoiding sugar.
  • Use sweet spices to compensate for stress.
  • Specific types of unique spices that give you the biggest energy bang for your buck.
  • Spices that cleanse and purify.
  • Three changes in your fruit consumption that is a critical component for long term purification.
  • The best times to eat specific foods.
  • How to direct different foods to different parts of the body.
  • Three teas that add a resilience to your natural health system that are easy to make and enjoy at home at a low cost.
  • Why it is good (in fact almost a requirement) to sometimes eat junk food.

All of this information is in “Sunski” the first of the three natural health reports.

These reports focus on how to have good natural health so you can remain independent and avoid costly medical care.

The second report shows you how to purify and detoxify existing poisons that have accumulated in your system.

The third report is about exercise… but not the type you would think.

Unlock the Mystery of Key Muscles

This third report unveils one exercise that energizes and coordinates the digestive system by exercising a set of key muscles, not while you are in a gym, but when you eat!  The body has a number of key muscles that regulate breathing, digestion, circulation, elimination and muscular motion.

The third report reveals an exercise you can do at the dinner table to energize these muscles which in turn coordinate every other muscle and organ in the body. Eating in this way for example (most of the modern world does not) energizes just one key muscle that regulates part of our ability to burn sugars and fat.

The report looks at oxygenation, coordination, purification, energy boosting, education, occupation and relaxation.

Healthy Eating Made EZ: Gain delicious, power packed weight reducing recipes from easy to obtain products from super market foods. Coddle Yourself Egg-High Protein Country Cottage Pie-Low Carb-Veggie Chile & Spaghetti- Weightless Bread-High Mountain Pure Protein Quinoa-Better Oatmeal of Steel- Several Soups for Super Strength-Berry Good Crunch Treat and Waist Less Apple Crumble are just a few.

Exercise for Strength and Better Health.  Medicine is dose. Too much exercise is as bad or worse as not enough. Learn how to let comfort be your exercise guide. Move with momentum-some exercises activate all muscles and provide the benefit of leverage, momentum and convenience so 12 minutes of exercise a day is enough. Blend body and mind-Alpha exercises take you into the zone so you win from the inside out.  Spin and bend-blend exercise secrets from India, the Andes and the East for easy and better health.? The Gentle Touch-if you have to breathe through the mouth you have done too much.

Here is what others have said about this information:

Though I ate more than ever, my weight dropped and I lost two inches off my waist.” – S.H. Oregon

The life path altering effects from the weekend with you and Merri continue. Thank you again. I have begun to change my diet. Bless you!” – D.B. Connecticut

You are indeed a spiritual pioneer, blending disciplines to create tools and resources for success in this new land of opportunity.  Anyone who thinks this is just all about money is missing the real message: This is about life in its most profound implications.” – W.P. Australia

I want to thank you for the wonderful time. I travailed from California to hear you convey your knowledge in the way you do so well, and I wasn’t disappointed.  The amount of information in the sessions was almost overwhelming, but it’s exactly what I went to hear.” – B.R. California

The technical information I gathered was most not new to me, but I like to compliment you for putting it all in the right perspective and to make it very understandable to all.  What was at our opinion one of the most important gaining of these 3 days is the opening of the new world, this new circle of what you call ‘normal’ people! (I call us ‘not normal’ as a matter of respect to the majority.)  But as we know, all is relative and depends at the point of view of each, His spiritual mind and his opinion about the senses of our being.” – E.V. Florida

People who, among other things, are active and productive and creative and resourceful, whose word can be counted upon; People who realize that spirituality DOES NOT mean sitting in a cave contemplating your navel and weaving baskets, nor does it equate in the Western culture with living in abject poverty.  People who realize that abundance is not a dirty word. People who understand that we are here to ENGAGE life, not to submit to circumstances out of fear and ignorance and apathy; People who don’t just use the most current ‘buzz words’ so they can feel like they are part of the group, but who actually DO something… Builders. Thank you for showing up in my life.” – E.W. Nevada

Good health is the most important asset in stressful times. Beyond the fact that modern health intervention (ie. hospital) can destroy one’s finances, being in good health brings the energy and balance required to make sound investing and business decisions.

When you order the three shamanic health reports that normally sell for $19.95 each, you save $19.95 plus get the report on the Hogberry free.

More important you learn how to feel better almost from the very first day.? Reduce stress, gain smooth steady energy without 10:30 am and 3:00 pm droops. Find out how to avoid being hungry right after you eat and how to make the cravings for sweets and junk food all but disappear.

I will send you this report “The FAST Way to Better Health” that reveals the secret of the Hogberry, FREE when you order my three Natural Health reports.

This is the only way to attain this report as it is not for sale or available to the general public.

As with all my reports and courses, satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  I want to be sure that the information in “The FAST Way to Better Health” works for you. The valuable knowledge you’ll gain in these reports works better when the nutrition, purification and exercise reports are combined so I have made this special offer.

Order all three Natural Health Reports worth $59.85 for $39.90 and save $19.95.

Order all three Natural Health Reports worth $59.85 for $39.90 and save $19.95.   Plus get the report “The Fast Way to Better Health” and our 60 day, full satisfaction or full, no questions asked, refund.