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International investments in water make so much sense. The more I look the more I see opportunity. Even the energy crisis creates more demand for water. A reader sent me this note that explains a dilemma and opportunity.

“Greetings Gary and Merri, Upon reading some of the letters you received about how water is the key, I am reminded that growing corn to produce ethanol uses lots of water and amounts to burning our water, much of it from underground aquifers. Water is also a scarce resource, potentially more valuable than the oil the ethanol is intended to replace. Thanks for providing this forum for timely and intriguing ideas. Regards, Don”

Don is so correct. Water is becoming such a scarce commodity that even this holiday season reminds us of its value. If the data in a recent San Francico Chronicle article is correct soon Santa won’t need a sleigh…because the ice and snow in Santa Land will be gone. The articles says:

“Sea ice that for centuries has covered much of the High Arctic has been shrinking at a record pace due to global warming, and as winter began last month in the oceans surrounding the North Pole, larger stretches of open water remained free of ice than ever before, climate scientists reported Monday. Where only a few months ago experts were predicting that if the present rate of warming continues unchecked there could be no sea ice left in the Arctic by the end of this century, the latest climate calculations indicate the seas there could well be totally ice-free by 2040, the specialists warned.”

The article outlines how one problem of this melting will be too much fresh water in the wrong places, as torrents of fresh water from melting ice alter the salinity of seas far to the south.

This review explained how the polar ice cover in the Arctic sea was smaller than average last year and was followed by a faster rate of melting during the summer. It says that this winter the returning ice is smaller than ever before, according to a team of scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado and the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and added:

Although the extent of sea ice was not as limited as it was in 2005, he said, by the end of last November, satellite measurements showed that the ice had failed to extend as widely as the previous year and was more than 772 square miles shy of its average extent, he said. In 20 years, Serreze said, the extent of Arctic sea ice will be reduced by 80 percent. “And that could be another tipping point. It is no longer recovering as it should, and if it reaches a critical level, it may never recover at all. As the ice continues to retreat in response to increasing temperatures caused by increases in greenhouse gases, more open ocean is exposed, and the sun warms that open water more rapidly,” said Marika Holland, an oceanographer at National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. “Our calculations show that by 2040 the Arctic will be nearly ice-free,” she said.

The implications of this change on the global economy are almost beyond comprehension but one thing is clear. The supply of pure fresh water is shrinking as the demand grows in leaps and bounds.

This is why we continue to look at shares of water purification companies based in Singapore. Two decades ago Singapore imported water purifying techniques to enhance its own water system. This created an industry so now Singapore exports these skills.

One such company listed on the Singapore stock exchange is Darco Water Technologies Limited.

Darco’s main activities are carried out through three segments:

#1: Engineered Water (EW) Systems designs, fabricates, assembles, installs and commission engineered water systems for industrial applications.

#2: Water Management (WM) Services provides services and maintenance of product water and wastewater systems.

#3: Trading includes trade and supplies chemicals, electrical controls and related instruments used in water treatment systems.

The Group is domiciled in Singapore and operates in Malaysia, Taiwan, the People's Republic of China, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The stock ticker on the Singapore Exchange is 5CB. The company had sales of $55 million last year and employs 346 people.

Darco has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since July 2002 and in the last three years has formulated over 100 engineered water system solutions.

In the past year, the Darco share price has fluctuated from 25 cents a share to 35 cents and is currently in the mid range at 30 cents a share.

Having adequate supplies of fresh water is a huge growing problem for more than Santa. Those who supply the solution may help save the fabric of mankind and create fortunes in the process as well. Investments in Singapore water companies may be one way to support this vital need and earn excellent profits as well.

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Natural Health

On the subject of Santa, here is a tip that can make your Christmas shopping easy as it increases the comfort, health and happiness to those who receive. You can relax because I am not selling this gift! This knowledge can relieve much of the stress of the holidays and ease the burden on your tired feet.

Yesterday’s message looked at the power in the truth, “As above – so below.” This truth especially applies to having good health. It shows us that everything is connected and good outer health begins within and below…at our feet.

Christmas is a really good time to be thinking about our feet and their connection to good health. First of all, Christmas shopping can be such a crowded congested rush that we wear ourselves out from being too much on our feet. There is a lesson here because numerous stories of Christ relate to his washing of the feet.

There is a passage in the Bible in Corinthians suggesting that early Christians knew about reflexology. Apparently the tradition of washing the feet and anointing them with oil carried medicinal significance, in addition to the traditional teachings associated with humility and being of service.

Congestion or tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body. Healing modalities that used the feet as pathways to other parts of the body date back thousands of years. Almost every culture has some sort of healing through the feet science.

Modern reflexology gained momentum in the West in the 1910s when it was shown that the application of pressure on zones in the feet not relieved pain in other parts of the body and the also relieved the underlying cause of pain as well.

Eunice D. Ingham, a Physiotherapist, was fascinated by the concept of Zone Therapy and started developing her foot reflex theory in the early 1930's. She had the opportunity to treat hundreds and hundreds and with all confidence she was able to determine that the reflexes on the feet were an exact mirror image of the organs of the body. Her book “Stories the Feet Can Tell” documented her cases and carefully mapped out the reflexes on the feet as they are known today.

The book shows that:

#1: Reflexes on the feet are a mirror image of all the organs, glands and parts of the body.

#2: Pressure in the correct areas of the feet can have a stimulating, healing effect on the body.

This is why Merri and I wear “Walk the Walk” clogs, shoes and boots. They make perfect Christmas gifts!

These are handmade shoes …one of the few shoes left that are made in the US (hand made by Armenians in California) and they are specially designed to mold to your feet. I did not think much about how important shoes are to health until I started wearing “Walk the Walks”.

These shoes are the lightest, most comfortable and usable I have ever worn. We always have dust or mud at the farm so wear one pair of shoes inside and another outside. This is always a hassle taking shoes off and putting them back on but Walk the Walks slide on and off easily. Yet they mold to your feet, fit perfectly and are so comfortable that you can hardly tell you have them on.

They were originally made for professionals…surgeons, etc., anyone who has to be on their feet all day long. The shoes have round shock absorbers on the bottom which soften the harshness out of walking. Our friend, Laurie, explained that the heel strike shock created by most shoes actually causes many health problems…lower back aches, problems with hips, knees, ankles and feet. This shoe was designed to neutralize this heel strike shock and acts as a natural alternative healing from your feet up!

Laurie says that those wearing the Walk the Walk shoes report a host of structural problems relieved…little by little. Suddenly many find that pain disappearing and they forget they were ever suffering! The Walk the Walks support the spine and mold themselves to your feet in about a week! Merri and I loved it when Laurie explained her blessing “May you forget why you came to these shoes!”

Because these shoes are light weight high density polyurethane, they are also a whiz to clean. Just use soap and water and a paper towel. One other thing I like is that there are no decorations, symbols or logos on the shoe….just good ol' plain shoes.

You can see full details here and I highly recommend them. Really addictive!

By the way I am not selling these shoes nor do I have any financial or other interest in them. I have only two interests here. First, we love sharing knowledge we find that makes our lives better with you. Second, I know what a hassle Christmas shopping can be!

Bob & Laurie Barker. or call 800-747-0306.

Here is one more natural health tip. Most nights Merri and I take a break and massage each others feet. We use sesame or coconut oil or organic lotion. This has been tradition in the household and the children used to love it. To this day when they kids visit and we ask what they would like to do, a “foot massage” and chat is their first choice. This leads to wonderful relaxed conversation, so much better than cocktails or TV!

Ecuador Real Estate

Ecuador is filled with surprises charm and beauty!

Here is what another reader just shared about Ecuador.

We find ourselves thinking this year about “retirement” and exactly what that means to us. We have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t mean we will stop working, but rather neither of us will be tied to a job that we have to go to every day with only a couple of weeks vacation per year, nor will we be tied down to being in one place.

Besides visiting our families, no doubt one of the highlights of our year has been our recent trip to Ecuador (our second this year), where we have purchased a small home on ½ acre of land in the village of Cotacachi, located in the mountains at about 8,000 feet high. Cotacachi is approximately 2 hours north of Quito and about 40 miles north of the Equator. It is the leather capital of Ecuador and has about 8,000 inhabitants. Here we enjoy warm, sunny days with cool nights, and fresh fruits and vegetables (even in our own yard) and beautiful flowers and greenery all year round—and all on just about a fourth of what we would need in the U.S. So we have deemed it the perfect winter (or maybe longer) retirement location!

We were there for 9 days in July studying Spanish and had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and fall in love with the area. Ecuador is a beautiful, diverse country with very sweet people who still maintain an openness and genuine caring about others and about their environment. We have made many friends there, including Americans and Europeans who are considering, or who have already, made their homes there.

We also look forward to continuing our “work” there once we fully “retire.” Some of this includes being part of a project of establishing schools and providing teacher training using some of the more advanced educational techniques. We also want to do some writing and of course, once there, we very much want to host guests in our home who want to come and visit.

We would love to give you an experience of a lifetime, enjoying everything from the mountains, the beaches, and the jungle to the famous Galapagos Islands. The Indian markets are something to behold and the food–healthy and tasty for little of nothing. So we look forward to the time when we will be able to spend several months there a year and hope others can come and enjoy it also.

Until next message, may we walk the talk and walk in our “walk the walks” in everything we do!


P.S. Get out of the cold, ice and snow. Join us this winter in Ecuador. We are headed south next week! Here is a schedule of the courses Merri and I will sponsor and/or conduct.

Jan. 5 – 7, Fri.-Sun. Investing Beyond Logic, Vedic Astrology.

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