International Investments in Ecuador and Yourself – Get Paid to Shop

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International investments in Ecuador can pay you to shop. If the cold weather bothers you Ecuador may be a good place to be during the holidays because the weather is always like spring.

The message shares how and why international investments can brings you greater profit when you have new thoughts.

International investments in Ecuador and Ecuador real estate also make sense because of their excellent value. This is the bar-b-que room of one of the Barro Viejo homes near our Ecuador hotel El Meson de las Flores. We’ll see more shots of this house in a moment.

With eternal spring in Cotacachi Ecuador these rooms are used a lot. It’s almost hard to think of cold Christmas up north.

One way we know Christmas is just around the corner in Ecuador is that El Meson gets extra busy. Many people living in Cotacachi make top-quality leather goods. Just as other regions specialize in trades such as weaving, Cotacachi is THE leather village. The traditional methods of tanning leather, stretching and molding skins, shaping, sewing and painting have been passed from generation to generation so the people have perfected the art of leather working. Shopping in Cotacachi provides beautifully made goods at bargain prices. Many of the crafters sell directly to the public and will bargain.

So we get Christmas shoppers visiting and staying at this time of year. And then we get people starting after the first of the year buying goods for export.

Plus our December 2006, Super Thinking + Spanish course just began. The next course is scheduled for March 9-15, 2007. See

However some visitors to Ecuador have changed their thoughts about shopping. They have the new thought that instead of spending, they expect to get (and are) paid to shop! This is why we conduct import export courses in Ecuador.

One recent delegate of our Ecuador Import-Export course just sent this note:

Gary & Merri, Our sales of the things from Ecuador have been real GOOD. This last trip we brought back about $1,300 in Shawls, symbols and other things. These we paid for from what we sold from our first trip.

Last weekend we had a workshop and sold $2,500. So far we have sold over $4,500 and we still have inventory left. We have sold two of the One tribe symbols.

We would like to come to Ecuador in February. Have a GREAT day, David.

The reason many shoppers make money in this way is because they come here and find products that touch their hearts. The key is to then follow one’s own desires back into the market. In other words, find what you like. Know that others are just like you and figure out how to reach them.

Part of our Import-Export course trains how to sharpen intuition so this process works better.

We’ll have our next Import-Export Course Feb. 20 – 25, 2007. Tues.-Sun.

The incredible thing about intuition is that it’s the great leveler in life because it gets better as we grow older!

Chalk it up to experience or the way the brain working mechanisms change as we mature…but intuition in age gives us, the youth challenged, a decided advantage.

This may also have to do with the way we process information differently every seven years. See Thoughts on Thought at

Dr. Joe Culbertson sent me this note about this information processing idea.

Dear Gary,

Re your article on thought and theory that energy centers of the body are connected with predetermined time frames that change our perspective naturally many times. There is an entire educational process established on a similar theorem. Rudolf Steiner established both the theory and the school in the early 1900's. This is alive and well today in the Waldorf schools in the US.

Your article was fascinating because it created an association between thought, energy, perspective, and change.

Change is common. Change should be desired. Yet many resist change and spend enormous amounts of effort to prevent). Maintaining the status quo is much more difficult than creating the changes we desire.

Change can be simple, exciting, and something to look forward to; it doesn’t have to be associated with something bad. We all possess the ability to change so our lives become our desires.

Change begins with thoughts. The more we develop our natural ability to choose how we think and feel, the more we become the conductor of any orchestrated change we choose to create. Thank you Gary, health, happiness, and the creation of our desires though changing our thoughts definitely belong together.

Changing thought means a lot when it comes to international investing and business. In fact the best way to make money is to have a new thought before everyone else.

A changed thought can create fortunes. Changed thought, for example, from being a shopper to being a shopping agent turns costs into profit.

Short the Greenback

Change how you think about the US dollar can create profits as well. Our broadly diversified dollar short Multi-Currency portfolio proves this. Here is what our latest Borrow Low-Deposit High Update shared:

This portfolio has jumped up + 9.09% since November 1, 2006. That’s an annual rate of increase at 109.08%! This is incredible for such a broadly based, safety oriented portfolio.

All but one (again Mexican peso) of the 17 investments (with accrued interest) are in profit. Almost all of that profit comes from the drop of the US dollar.

This portfolio also has some extra inherent strength. Both the Turkish lira and Icelandic kroner have devalued versus the dollar in this last month, but their high interest rates have kept them in the black. These currencies have devalued horribly over the past year so their drop is likely to stop or slow. If there is no more drop in the parity of these two currencies, their high earnings will enhance this portfolio’s return in months to come.

This is what the traditional Multi-Currency Sandwich is about…getting a higher return for taking a currency risk. If you spot the correct currency trend, you win and depending on the leverage you use your winnings can be huge.

Follow our Multi-Currency updates and learn more about global investing. I have written a sixteen page email report about how 13 economic forces now clash to shape investments markets ahead that shows the rewards and the risks. The report also outlines the five new Multi-Currency Portfolios we are tracking in our Borrow Low- Deposit High Multi-Currency Sandwich Educational Service. You get this report FREE when you enroll in our Borrow Low-Deposit High Multi-Currency Sandwich Educational Service. Details are at

Health Tip

Since this message began with a thought about the Christmas season, let’s look one more, a bane in my existence…egg nog. I love it or rather would if I could. The darn stuff tastes really delicious to me but is almost addictive and makes me nauseous, plus throws my entire system out of balance. Generally the holidays are not a time when I put on weight. Yet I will if I start drinking egg nog and I can put it in and on everything! Egg nog in my coffee. Egg nog on my pie and in my cereal. You name it and I’m the egg nog man. So we do not have it in the house nor do I go down that aisle when I shop.

Then came a great thing. Soy egg nog. The taste was close and it did not seem to have the same addictive effect. I thought this was great! No more!

For some time Vedic physicians have been pointing out that soy is not good. They say it clogs the shroties (energy channels from the chakras).

There is growing evidence that there are plenty of other problems with soy.

A July 2006 article by Felicity Lawrence at the Guardian newspapers website. ( says:

Should we worry about soya in our food? Whether you know it or not, you'll probably be eating soya today. It's in 60% of all processed food, from cheese to ice cream, baby formula to biscuits. But should it carry a health warning? For Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick, the saga of soya began in Monty Python-style with a dead parrot. His investigations into the ubiquitous bean started in 1991 when Richard James, a multimillionaire American lawyer, turned up at the laboratory in New Zealand where Fitzpatrick was working as a consultant toxicologist. James was sure that soya beans were killing his rare birds.

“We thought he was mad, but he had a lot of money and wanted us to find out what was going on,” Fitzpatrick recalls. Over the next months, Fitzpatrick carried out an exhaustive study of soya and its effects. “We discovered quite quickly,” he recalls, “that soya contains toxins and plant oestrogens powerful enough to disrupt women's menstrual cycles in experiments. It also appeared damaging to the thyroid.” James's lobbying eventually forced governments to investigate. In 2002, the British government's expert committee on the toxicity of food (CoT) published the results of its inquiry into the safety of plant oestrogens, mainly from soya proteins, in modern food. It concluded that in general the health benefits claimed for soya were not supported by clear evidence and judged that there could be risks from high levels of consumption for certain age groups. Yet little has happened to curb soya's growth since.”

We’ll look at other ways soy creates damage in our society in upcoming reports. This knowledge put a huge dent in my egg nog drinking (good in the long run) and it our quest to keep a correct carbohydrate, protein fat balance in our low meat diet. Quinoa has helped in this a lot. We grind quinoa in the blender and use it for flower thickeners and such. I am about to try thicken berry pie with quinoa and will let you know the results.

One more reason to visit us in Ecuador is savings on health. Here is what one reader shared.

Just wanted to drop you a note and say “Thanks” for the dentist referral. My friend had all of her mercury filling replaced for $556.00-her dentist in Atlanta had quoted her $5,800.00! She was very impressed with the technology of the office and of Dr. Jimenez Perez himself as well.

We were disappointed when our friends told us that our favorite restaurant in Cotacachi was a private place now and we couldn't go for lunch anymore. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it is yours- El Meson de las Flores!

This Barro Viejo renovation looks like another outdoor room but is actually sky lighted and in the center of the house.

Until next message, I hope all your changed thoughts bring you profit!


P.S. Get out of the cold, ice and snow. Join us this winter in Ecuador. Look at real estate including Barro Viejo homes. Here is a schedule of the courses Merri and I will sponsor and/or conduct along with the Super Thinking and Import-Export courses shown above.

Jan. 5 – 7, Fri.-Sun. Investing Beyond Logic, Vedic Astrology.

Jan. 22 – 26, Mon.- Fri. Self-Fulfilled: How to Be a Writer & Publisher.

Mar. 16 -18, Fri.-Sun. International Business and Investing Made EZ.