Natural Awakenings to Health and Wealth through Authenticity

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Natural Awakenings is vital because change and natural awakenings in health and wealth do not just happen. Better situations gradually unfold. Natural awakenings means that the future is here now and will slowly grow. We can see it if we look. Natural awakenings gently rise like the dawn or the unfolding of a rose. First, a few a few people begin to use or do something new, then more and finally a chain reaction explodes the idea into the realm of common place.

However the majority’s familiarity and acceptance of an idea does not mean the impulse has not been around and in use.

Awakenings are important because they help us progress in a natural way. If we are aware that the future is here with us in the present and if we keep our eyes open, we can spot (and use) change before it becomes common place.

Natural awakenings comes from having a Bird’s Eye Vue that sees details up close as well as fundamentals afar.

Take organic food as an example. This word has been around for quite some time. First, there were a few shriveled fruits and vegetables in the super market. Then health food stores began to offer more. The arrival of “Whole Foods” and “Wild Oats” said a lot about the unfolding of organic.

Originally this word “organic” related to ideals including natural, honest, integrated and whole….and by nature created on a small scale. The desires for these ideals grew though. The awareness of society became so aware of nutritional problems to such an extent that organic has become a big business.

This process has destroyed many of the original ideals behind the word.

Large groups will normally bring everything down to its lowest common denominator. Society as a whole wants convenience and outer beauty foremost.

Originally organic had neither convenience nor the best of outer beauty.

As big business catered organic to the masses, it became better preserved. How is preservation achieved? Normally preservation comes by killing anything alive in the food. To give organic better appeal, the price was brought down. How? Through mass production and central long distance distribution. This became possible because big business and the government got together and redefined organic. A written legal system was created (rather than a real honor code) so, as with all such systems, it could be manipulated, degraded and misused.

Today we read such things as how the Cornucopia Institute, the nation's most aggressive organic farming watchdog, has filed a formal legal complaint with the USDA asking them to investigate allegations of illegal organic food distribution by Wal-Mart Stores.

According to a website article sent to me, Cornucopia has documented cases of non organic food products being sold as organic in Wal-Mart’s grocery departments.

Cornucopia staff were quoted as saying” “We first noticed that Wal-Mart was using in-store signage to misidentify conventional, non organic food as organic in their upscale-market test store in Plano , Texas ”.

The article goes on to say that Cornucopia staff then visited Wal-Mart stores in the Midwest and documented similar improprieties in both produce and dairy sections. Cornucopia notified Wal-Mart’s CEO, September 13, 2006 alerting the company to the problem and asking that it address and correct the situation on an immediate basis. But the same product misrepresentations were again observed weeks later, throughout October, at separate Wal-Mart stores in multiple states.

Why has this happened? Earlier this year, Wal-Mart announced a sweeping organic foods initiative and declared that they would greatly increase the number of organic offerings for sale in their stores at dramatically lower prices than the competition.

Low prices are convenient and Wal-Mart is catering to the lowest common denominator where consumers want good health but do not want to pay for it. Needless to say….this is not good for the word “organic”.

This is not the only case. A November 6 New York Times article entitled “The Package May Say Healthy, but This Grocer Begs to Differ” by Alan Zale says:

“Hannaford Brothers, a supermarket chain, has developed a system to guide customers to healthier foods. Some manufacturers are not pleased. Products promoted as nutritious get a second opinion. But at one New England grocery chain, choosing some of those products may induce guilt instead. The chain, Hannaford Brothers, developed a system called Guiding Stars that rated the nutritional value of nearly all the food and drinks at its stores from zero to three stars. Of the 27,000 products that were plugged into Hannaford’s formula, 77 percent received no stars, including many, if not most, of the processed foods that advertise themselves as good for you.

These included V8 vegetable juice (too much sodium), Campbell’s Healthy Request Tom ato soup (ditto), most Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice frozen dinners (ditto) and nearly all yogurt with fruit (too much sugar). Whole milk? Too much fat — no stars. Predictably, most fruits and vegetables did earn three stars, as did things like salmon and Post Grape-Nuts cereal.

At a time when more and more products are being marketed as healthy, the fact that so many items seemed to flunk Hannaford’s inspection raises questions about the integrity of the nutrition claims, which are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration — or possibly about whether Hannaford made its standards too prissy or draconian. Either way, the results do seem to confirm the nagging feeling that the benefits promoted by many products have a lot more to do with marketing than nutrition.

Therein lies the problem and the opportunity. In the busy, no time to look in depth, Western lifestyle, the story matters more than the actuality of the product. Consumer and manufacturer are separated by such distance that there is no way to actually know what goes on. We have to rely on brand reputation, regulation and central inspection.

Mass marketing, spin, branding, centralized manufacturing and global distribution rule! These approaches to production reduce immediate price but not the overall cost. The price we pay in poorer health (higher medical costs-loss of joy productivity, happiness, fulfillment) far exceeds the savings in the long run.

Such imbalances usually see a correction when the pendulum reverses its swing. These swings create opportunity. In this case the opportunity comes by investing in farmland near large communities that will support Community Supported Agriculture. Opportunity will also come from investing in retailers such as Hannaford Brothers that cut through the spin. Opportunity will come as consumers shift their confidence from government to private enterprise.

This is why we have added a green portfolio to the Multi-Currency Portfolios we track in our educational service. We are pleased that this fund is the best performer we are currently tracking. The fund is up 15.97% since it began five weeks ago November 1, 2006.

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EUR Seche Environnement 48,000.00 47,666.96
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DKK Vestas Wind Systems 51,000.00 66,863.00
JPY Kurita Water Industries 51,000.00 53,322.33
EUR Q-Cells Ag 51,000.00 51,524.75
SGD Hyflux Ltd 51,000.00 49,671.95
    300,000.00 $318,677.56
JPY 1.880% 200,000.00 $202,348.17
Original Portfolio Value 11/1/06
Portfolio Value Now $115,970.11

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So look for honesty, authenticity and the longer Bird’s Eye Vue. These old standards may be obscured from time to time but they never go away because they work! Look for opportunities to improve your health and enhance your wealth in the new natural awakenings of what has always been there.

Until next message, may all your awakenings be natural.


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