Ecuador Real Estate Value Maybe Better Now

by | Dec 6, 2006 | Archives

Ecuador real estate has always offered extremely good value. International investments in Ecuador may have suddenly gotten better because many investors are unfamiliar with Ecuador and real estate there. Part of the potential in international investments and Ecuador real estate comes from being able to spot distortions between one country and the next. Differences in spending power in nations can affect the potential of Ecuador real estate. Perceptions can affect Ecuador real estate and fashion for sure affects Ecuador real estate.

Yet in the end, Ecuador real estate will be dictated by economic fundamentals! See what that means for your portfolio’s potential.

This lake front Ecuador real estate for sale has everything, view, lake, incredible lush gardens and excellent business opportunity. Plus a golf course is near by. Now this Ecuador real estate may offer an even better value. See why below.

Merri and I have made investments in Ecuador real estate for many years, first because we like the people. They are sweet and friendly. This gives us great confidence in the country plus makes investing there a joy.

Second, we think the long term fundamentals create good opportunity for Ecuador real estate. Ecuador has a long history of democratic capitalism, has never ending sun, rich resources and is just a three hours and 45 minutes flight to the US. Plus the cost of living is ridiculously low.

Now a third benefit for Ecuador real estate has popped up in the form of a new President….who has been branded a populist (gasp) by the press. Many people are unfamiliar with this man so they are afraid. For smart investors this is good!

The best time to invest anywhere is when there is lots of fear based on rumor and nothing that is real.

A big part of the challenge of making international investments is recognizing the difference between familiarity and reality.

Many readers have asked me what I think about Ecuador’s new President Elect and what he will do.

I doubt seriously that the man knows what he will do himself. If he doesn’t know, how could I? But let’s take a crack at guessing.

Some of his election rhetoric did appear very leftist and populist. A lot of Western society has been taught to fear these words “leftist” and “populist”. So the press scares people…because they are not familiar with Ecuador or really what the words mean.

For a moment let’s put this in perspective. If Ecuador’s President had been elected by the minority (with the help of a State where his brother was Governor) and he had started a war based on a totally false set of facts (such as the search for weapons of mass destruction), we might have a reason to be scared out of our wits about the man.

If we read that Ecuadorian police were crashing into homes with “no knock” search warrants and shooting innocent 88 year old women to death we might want to say. “I’m not going there”!

If we read that Ecuadorian school children were being shot in their school rooms, we could tremble at the idea of the place.

Yet none of these things happen in Ecuador! They have all happened in the U.S. and we do not worry so much because we are familiar with America.

Yet, we think of the U.S. as developed and Ecuador developing. I wonder.

I don’t have a clue what the new President will do but here is what I do know.

In the past decade, eight Ecuadorian presidents have made unrealistic promises they could not keep. The people are fed up with election lies and bad leaders so they booted most of these bums out! We have had slightly less success at this in America though the people did speak out during the last US elections.

This new Ecuadorian President seems the most likely of the past presidents to actually understand economic problems. He, despite his election rhetoric, also seems the closest ever to the U.S. being educated in economics here.

One of my very politically connected Ecuadorian friends wrote this:

I quite agree with you that Correa is not by any means the worst possible thing that can happen to Ecuador.

He is an American graduate. He has a Ph.d in Economics. All very bright graduates from American universities are very critical of America. This one has this trait. They all come out of university wanting to conquer the world, this one also has this trait, he wants to conquer Ecuador.

There is one other point, he does not criticize America. He criticizes Bush.

There is a negative side to Correa. He is too young and has no experience in politics. He will survive notwithstanding. He is married to a Belgian girl, not that it means anything. His mother lives in California. Hmm. His sister flies to the U.S. “ten” times a year. He knows a little quechua, (language of the Andean Indigenous) which helps.

He is not a crook, at least not yet. I have in my agenda that your conference in Ecuador begins on Friday 10th and will see you there.

So what we can see is that Correa appears to be a young, energetic, well educated, bright man. He holds the potential for bad or good.

What we also know is that left leaning, socialistic, centralized national planning does not work. That’s a growing problem in the US. What we also know is that democratic capitalism has faults but works better. What we do know is that emerging countries do need the economic help of democratic capitalistic countries if they wish to help bring enhanced materialistic benefits to their population.

Eight Ecuadorian presidents have tried other ways. They have made unrealistic promises and have failed. If the new President elect tries to follow policies that do not work he will probably be the ninth president in eleven years.

Can he take the nation on a step backwards? Yes. Or forward. Yes. The potential for either is there.

My bet is the people of Ecuador are the sweetest, friendliest people I have ever lived with, so good or bad, I expect this Andean nation to remain an excellent place to be. As you will see in the weeks ahead I am making a few more investments there…now.

What I also know is that there are many problems in the US, especially inflation that will drive people to live in places like Ecuador. About 60 million baby boomers will retire over the next ten years. Many of them will not be able to live the life they were promised if they remain in the US. In Ecuador they can still have it all, nice homes like the one shown below, maids, gardeners, eternal sunshine, golf at $40 a week green fees, really low cost meals. If even 1% of these boomers moved to Ecuador the impact would be unbelievably huge.

International investors who get in the way of this huge distortion are likely to see their investments moved…up.

Take a step at a time. Don’t fret too much about what the press says. Look at fundamentals and be realistic about where you are as well as where you might go.

This is a recipe for international investing success. It looks like to me that Ecuador has all the ingredients and we hope you’ll join us there.

Until next message, good international investing!


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Here is what others are saying about their visits to our hotel in Ecuador.

Hi Gary and Merri:

Thank you for making available the R & R program at El Meson.

Carol thinks the more appropriate name is R & A (rejuvenation and adventure.) It was certainly both of these. We had many great adventures and many great massages.

We were taken by the beauty of the Ecuadorian land and her people. The power of the land and the culture is palpable.

We had the fortune to get to know all of the staff. Without exception, they were friendly, hard-working and a joy to be around.

Steve was particularly helpful throughout our stay. He uniquely combined the traits of being laid-back and non-invasive with the qualities of professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail which made our stay better than we had hoped for.

He patiently addressed the many needs and questions (and there did appear to be many) of all the guests.

Our stay was customized to our needs by your staff. We are very grateful for all that we were offered.

For feedback, the areas that could use improvement were meals for vegetarians and building noise. As vegetarians, the suppers, on occasion, were limited. As a whole, the meals were excellent. We were certainly more than satisfied.

New guests that arrive after midnight could be educated at the front desk not to bombard staff with questions in the hallways. The noise carries. Best regards,