Ecuador Real Estate Offers Many Wonders

by | Dec 3, 2006 | Archives

Ecuador real estate provides adventures around every corner. Since Sundays are great days to take it easy and perhaps have a picnic, let’s share a jungle picnic and Ecuador real estate hike taken by Steve, our man in Ecuador . Two of the R & R guests at hotel El Meson de las Flores wanted to look at jungle real estate. They enjoyed this Ecuador real estate and we hope you will enjoy it as well. Here is what Steve shared:

Here are the guests overlooking Ibarra.

Gary, as many of our readers know, Ecuador is a country diverse in fauna and flora, yet what many may not know is that this diversity is within touching distance of Cotacachi.

I have spent a very enjoyable week taking a lovely Canadian couple though our R & R program. We enjoyed some of the beauty and wonder that Ecuador offers to those who seek.

First, we visited a famous viewpoint overlooking the city of Ibarra , named the ' White City ' by the Spanish conquistadores who settled here in large numbers due to the favorable climate.

Continuing 20 minutes on from Sierra Ibarra we passed though a semi arid zone on a cacti-lined decent, paved highway, decent that is if you make allowance for the remnants of recent landslides scattered on the tarmac after heavy rains the previous night. We saw spectacular impromptu waterfalls jumping off mountain sides and an abandoned ghost town set below the road that was served by the now defunct railroad from Ibarra to the coast.

One of the many waterfalls we viewed.

A half hour later we descended into the cloud forest zone. The landscapes became much greener and our guide, Washington, steered our truck down a 10 mile side turning. We headed for a small settlement known locally as “the end of the world.” Along the way we saw schoolchildren walking home along this dirt track and burros nibbling in fertile pastures. The swollen Rio Blanco River roared and crashed down this narrow valley that we ascended. The river is perfect for tubing when waters are lower.

Finally we stopped at a small wooden home perched on a small rise overlooking the river below. It belongs to Washington 's older brother who has purchased 100 hectares to protect the environment. Dozens of chickens clucked fearlessly at our feet and a hound named, Chocolate, licked us as if we were chocolate.

Along the side of the house, potted immune-system-enhancing Dulcamara plants were thriving. Washington told us “They do very well here”.

On the other side of the house another smaller river crashed through the secondary forest (so-called because it is just regrowth of primary forest that was cut down in the past). The flow is now twice its norm, fast enough to push you off your feet, a fact confirmed when Washington told me that 2 small wooden bridges on the eco trails they had cut had been washed away the previous night.

Washington brought us to this lush spot in the cloud forest to show us some primary forest close to Cotacachi. He also showed us two hidden waterfalls where it's possible to bathe. We hacked a new path with a machete through the undergrowth, bypassing the lost bridges and climbed a steep slope. Then we hiked along a gushing stream surrounded by bromeliads, orchids and other unknown tropical plants.

Finally we reached the first waterfall.

A similar journey took us to the second waterfall further upstream and what a beauty it was. Here I am with our guests.

Washington had no hesitation to wade fully clothed into the pool at the waterfall base and receive a very natural power shower.

Our half hour hike back found a picnic lunch waiting that included fresh pineapple and papaya. Three pineapples for one dollar! After lunch we strolled 20 minutes to the local settlement where the dusty square's silence was breached only by a young toddler delight in his play. Then we headed back and 90 minutes later were back at El Meson drinking a warming hot chocolate, from Ecuadorian grown cocoa beans. This was a lovely trip enjoyed by all.


Until next message, may every day be a picnic for you!


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