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* International Investments – International investments can help fight inflation especially when we embrace change, but let’s don’t overreact. For example, international investments in yen right now are shifting and forex investments can bring profit from the change if we have a belief in the international investments we have.

* Ecuador Real Estate – Ecuador Real Estate Offers Opportunity Through Political Change Golf Greens. This message looks at some wonderful old haciendas. Plus what does the new Ecuadorian President mean to real estate values? Here is our last group visiting a wonderful hacienda. We’ll see this and more hacienda pictures below.

* Natural Awakenings to Health through Natural Awakenings in Ayurved. Our study of how to gain ancient wisdom about change from the deepest aspect of Ayurved continue below.

International Investments

Life is change and change is life. The one thing we cannot avoid seems to be what most people wish to avoid the most. We really are changlings whether we like it or not. How we think about and react to change means the difference between success and failure.

The key is to adapt but not overreact.

Take the Japanese yen as an example. Yesterday’s message said: The euro hit a record high versus the yen as it rose to a 20-month peak versus the dollar.

The message then pointed out that our Green MultiCurrency Portfolio was leveraged entirely with a yen loan.

Today the yen is acting in a different way. Jyske Bank wrote in its daily forex analysis:

“Yen jumps on strong data. The yen jumped against the dollar and the euro on Wednesday on strong Japanese industrial output data that bolstered expectations for the Bank of Japan to bump up interest rates in the next few months.”

Many investors will have jumped at this sudden change in analysis. Unless they are traders who are making profits or losses on extremely small fluctuations, they should not. Such little shifts are little more than static.

Most of us will want to take longer views.

For example, though the greenback held its value far longer than expected, I still believe in the fundamentals of a weakening dollar. Right now the market is supporting this belief. Jyske wrote today:

The dollar extended a weeklong drop against the euro on Tuesday as U.S. economic data confirmed expectations the Federal Reserve would cut interest rates early next year. Durable goods orders in October fell 8.3 %, their biggest decline since July 2000. The drop was much steeper than expected. And a report showed that existing U.S. home sales rose in October for the first time since February.

The dollar was already under pressure as the New York session opened, with European policy-makers appearing to play down the euro's rapid ascent in recent days.

For nearly 40 years I have maintained a steady bet for inflation and against the US dollar. This at times has proven costly but overall has served my portfolio well. The key is to have well supported beliefs about big change and stick with this through the small fluctuations. Continue to test the beliefs, but do not abandon them just because there are what appear to be short term reversals.

Natural Awakenings to Ayurved

How can we look for change and adapt to it, yet not change at the wrong time?

One answer is to look for and understand the deeper laws of nature. This is why we are promoting Vaidya R.K. Mishra’s course this January. His teachings and approach are based on one of the most ancient Vedic texts, the Charak Samhita. This text is made up from the teachings of a numbers of ancient Rishis (wise men) and Vaidyas (healers).

This is an Ancient text but still applies to the fast-paced modern world because it addresses components of life and the universe which remain unchanged. The deepest laws of nature do not change. When we violate these laws, the consequences remain the same. The ways that humanity uses the resources of nature (or overuses) create different imbalances than in the past. These imbalances lead to different names of disease, but the fundamental governing principles remain the same. Healthy food, healthy lifestyle and role of spiritual practice are the basic recommendation in this text.

This is just another way of looking at the pure basic principles that govern life and the universe. Such knowledge is applicable for all times.

However, I remain a skeptic. My view of all religions and philosophies is that they have been debased by hidden agendas and private interests. I work on the idea that all are riddled with dogma. However if we look at them all, we can see truths in the common ideas that get past the dogma.

We can see how different philosophies tell us the same things. I have been looking at how thoughts ultimately dictate our success and failure and how our natural being may shift our thoughts every seven years.

A theory has grown out of many religions and philosophies.

One part of this theory is that humans should live to be 120. This is what Vedic astrology suggests.

A reader has informed me that this tread also flows through the weave of Judaism. He shared:

Gary, Perhaps chakra number 5 or 6 has something to do with how to pay the mortgage and college tuition. Seriously, I would add that in Jewish tradition we often at a birthday or anniversary say “until 120” years, which coincides with your mention of 120 years. I did not know the origin but contacted my first cousin who is a Rabbi and professor at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. Here's the biblical reference from my Rabbi cousin for Moses' 120 years. Read Deuteronomy chapter 34 verses 1-8.

I looked at Chapter 34 Verse 7 and was finally glad for my two years of Latin study. It reads: Moses centum et viginti annorum erat quando mortuus est non caligavit oculus eius nec dentes illius moti sunt.

Or 34:7. Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, neither were his teeth moved.

This leads to an important point about change. Many readers stressed the importance that spirituality comes from action not sitting around and talking or doing nothing. I could not agree more and perhaps this versus is telling us this. Moses was obviously a pretty busy guy. He worked hard adapting to some incredible change and at 120 his health was certainly good, no glasses, no false teeth!

My studies of longevity suggest that long lived people remain active, do not see a doctor often and when they leave they go easily and quickly. Perhaps the key is action without attachment. In the first 49 or 63 years of our lives, we are pretty darned attached because nature wants mankind to survive. We are meant to be attached to make sure we have children and they get a healthy start, good education and become prepared to accept their obligation to carry on humanity.

Once this is done we can think more about ourselves. This does not mean golf every day or never ending fishing trips nor just sitting in an easy chair. This does not mean any of the dream society tries to set up for us (so we’ll keep producing and consuming).

This means fruitful action, following what seems right but, without so much attachment to the end results. Perhaps at 49 nor 63 we have enough experience to know that there is always something we cannot see, so the best we can do is what seems right, knowing that the outcome will be different than we expect because of change.

Join us January 8-9-10, 2007 along with Vaidya R.K. Mishra to learn more about Ayurved and how to attain good health for and through the skin. Vaidya Mishra is the direct descendant of the ancient Shaka Dwipi Brahmin Vaidyas and carries on a legacy of his family tradition handed from father to son for thousands of years. He also has a degree in Ayurved. His specialty is healing through dermatology and his health system offers a root form of Ayurved based on the Carak Samhita, the most comprehensive treatise on Ayurved. For details see

Ecuador Real Estate

Take, for example, Ecuador real estate. Ecuador has a new President. As with the U.S. The people have spoken and vented their frustration with the status quo and “booted the bums out”. The new President promises great change (as do the Democrats in the US). However this President will not be the first to have a changed tone when he faces reality.

Because this new President (Correra) has talked like he is close to the left leaning Hugo Chavez in Venezuela there is some fear about the change he will bring. So, let’s keep a watch.

Here is what our friend and attorney, Dr. Andres Cordova has to say. Andres is the grandson of one of Ecuador’s respected Presidents and his law firm represents numerous Ecuadorian government agencies so his thinking is worth reading.

He shares: Dear Gary, The recent election in Ecuador pitted right-wing ultimillionaire Alvaro Noboa against center-left Rafael Correa. Correa won with about 800.000 votes or approximately 13% of registered voters. So he triumphed beyond the shadow of a doubt. Correa supported his campaign on the platform of a Constituent Assembly that is to reform the structure of the State, especially by lowering political influence in certain government powers such as the Electoral Tribunal.

Rafael Correa campaigned with a left-wing rhetoric and a nationalistic posture. However, since his victory, his tone has been rather concilliatory and he has softened his rethoric. It is worth pointing out that during the days leading to the run-off, he visited the US Ambassador and press reports indicate that the US Embassy and Correa have been in telephone contact since the election's unofficial results have been published. There are high hopes that his presidency can further consolidate Ecuador’s economic growth that spans several years while allowing better times to the impoverished people of Ecuador, and while remaining in favor of US influence in the region.

Rafael Correa is a US educated Economist, the first economist to access to the country's presidency. It may be too early to tell whether or not his government will lean towards Chavez's Venezuela or if he will assume a more balanced position in the context of Latin American integration. Best regards, Andrés

This is a change I will certainly keep my eye on but for me my plan in Ecuador remains “full steam ahead”. Changes like this are what create great opportunity and a chance to do something fulfilling.

Here are two shots of Merri and me and a group inspecting Ecuadorian Hacienda San Francisco for sale at an asking price of under $200,000!

Until next message, may all of the change that comes to you help you be fulfilled!


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