Multi Currency Portfolios we will Track for 2007

by | Nov 26, 2006 | Multi Currency Investing

Multi currency portfolios we will track were sent to you in the introduction to the 2007. They began November 1, 2007. Here is the first update of these multi currency portfolios.

Thomas Fischer wrote a note along with this first update.

“Hi Gary ,

Attached our first up-date as you can see the Green fund is up almost 5% within the first 2 weeks. Please note that that the Samba is only leveraged 1.5 times and the emerging market 1x as we have to adhere to credit department rules (just in case some of your readers wants an exact replica of the sandwich).

Also note that I have changed the assets in the USD short as the original suggestion had 30% valued in USD yielding about 5%. We normally keep investors own capital in the base currency to limit currency fluctuations but in our case it doesn’t make sense as the loan interest rate is 6.875%. I have changed to non usd investments yielding almost the same a I look forward to some exciting updates.

I personally believe that green investments will make a lot of sense in the years to come especially since the Stern Rapport came out. Also perhaps the Democrats will be more open to environmental issues so all in all this could be a good investment theme. Thomas”

He could not have been more correct because even before I could compile this and send it to you, Thomas wrote again:

“Hi Gary ,

I mentioned yesterday that Vestas saw a whopping 22% intraday increase. The share is up another 4% today as it was published that Vestas has won an order for 76 windmills to the US !

Tuesday the share price was 170 today it is 223!! (good news for our green fund)”

Here we are, charging right out of the gates with hot performance just as we did in 2006. I am of course delighted, especially seeing a portfolio with worthy social goals do so well.

However let’s not get too excited and remember how the Emerging Asian portfolio rose to over 80% in a few months last year, then dropped to 30% in the same short period.

Our goal here is not to just call hot shots but learn, grow and mature as investors and I look forward to doing that here with you.


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