Galapagos Ecuador Real Estate for Sale

by | Nov 26, 2006 | Archives

Galapagos real estate offers a lot for owners and yet most people do not know that real estate in Galapagos can be owned by private individuals. Just 3% of Galapagos real estate is available for private ownership.

Many people awaken at the end of Thanksgiving weekend feeling rougher than normal. Overindulgence perhaps? Plus thoughts of the Christmas rush. They don’t even want to look in the mirror.

However when living in the land of the sun it’s easier to rise, feeling good.

This is one reason why Merri and I are hooked on Ecuador . This may be why so many of our readers are now living there full or part time. The Ecuadorian people are truly caring, innocent and sweet. Prices are low and the beauty, as you can see in these pictures sent by Dr. Andres Cordova, is unparalleled.

This is also the reason we keep letting readers know about Ecuador real estate. We are not brokers or developers. We do not sell real estate. We do love seeing happy people and having good neighbors.

Here is a note from our friend Dr. Andres Cordova who shares an update on Galapagos real estate and these pictures that may brighten the end of your holiday.

Gary, I hope you and Merri are doing well. I’d like to share with you that approximately 45% of our Santa Fe subdivision in the Galapagos is now sold. We have now uploaded to the Santa Fe website the site layout of Santa Fe . This will allow those interested to have a perspective of how Santa Fe will look like and just perhaps choose a lot of their liking among the available lots.

The website for Santa Fe is:

The Galapagos are such a fabled and beautiful place and private property there being beyond the comprehension of most that I deem this to be a truly remarkable opportunity.

This paradise, Santa Cruz Island, where Santa Fe is located is the tourist hub of the Galapagos and an excellent showcase of the best of what the Galapagos have to offer. It has beautiful beaches, lush highlands, cozy Puerto Ayora, excellent snorkel sites and much, much more.

You can rest assured Gary of my commitment to deliver the very best to those who place their trust in us. This is more than anything else a heartfelt challenge that we place upon ourselves. Santa Cruz Gardens, our earliest Galapagos project, is an example of this. Its coming out quite nice, is breaking new ground in many ways and has endeared the local community towards it.

I’m including a few pictures as a brief reminder of just how beautiful Santa Cruz Island is.

Thanks again,


Merri and I could not agree with Andres more. Ecuador real estate offers enormous opportunity. Ecuador ’s lifestyle offers comfort, great weather and a totally first style. We are heading down the day after Christmas.

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