International Investments that are Green Investments in Wind and Water

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International investments that are green investments in wind and water make long range sense. Yet these international investments can reap quick profits too. Green investments are thought of as dull and boring international investments. This messages shows that this does not have to be. International investments that are green investments in wind and water can provide dramatic, quick profits as you will see below.

Views and VUES (Very Universal Expectations) are important in life and investing.

Here is a view that our last Super Thinking + Spanish class enjoyed. Each day they learned two or three of 17 lessons that lead them towards knowing 4005 Spanish words and fluency. Then in the afternoon they experience an event related to the lesson. This day they hiked the Crater Lake Cuicocha that is about 20 minutes away.

The cycle of learning exemplifies an important aspect of the universe. All things start within, (the silence of education) and are then brought into the world with action or experience, (the action of this trip). Turning theory into action is an important part of learning.

I want to show how this reality just caused a seemingly slow moving green investment portfolio to skyrocket in value this week.

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Now let’s look at how that green investment did so well last week.

The green profit began with the inward stroke, (a thought) that one of humanity’s greatest challenges is restoring the environment. This is not an easy job with a growing population that wants to consume more and more.

To put the population growth in perspective, read what our son (who works from Britain’s environmental agency) just wrote:

Dad, Re population growth statistic … amazing in the US. But also consider that it took 10,000 generations for the human population to reach two billion people on the planet (by the birth of the baby-boomers). Now a person who anticipates making it from his or her birth to demographic life expectancy in the US of about 80ish years, will see the population rise from 2 billion to 9 billion in just one human life-time. Change is certain but there are times when change speeds up! We live in such a time. Jake

Wow. What a challenge. But the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.

To expand on the thought that there is opportunity in international investments that help the environment, Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank and I grappled with ways to add a GREEN portfolio to my MultiCurrency Sandwich Educational Service for 2007. Many investment advisors feel that Green investments are not profitable international investments. So many portfolio managers shun them.

However at our urging, Jyske applied its VAMOS system to green investments and came up with a portfolio created from loans in Japanese yen that invested in six global businesses we believe can help meet some of the challenges of population growth. Learn more above VAMOS at and

The six firms we chose to track are:

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. A Japanese firm that manufactures sells and maintains water treatment, water waste purification and soil remediation systems, chemicals and equipment. Learn more at

Hyflux Water, a Singapore company with patented water purification membranes specializing in China and the Middle East. Learn more at

Seche, a French firm involved in environmental waste management.
Learn more at

Vestas Wind Systems, a Danish company that builds windmills for energy.

Q Cells AG, a German company that manufactures solar cells.

Novozymes, a Danish biotechnology company that develops, produces and sells enzymes for industrial use.

We looked at Qcells. See

We looked at Seche. See

We reviewed Novozyems. See

Today we’ll look at the Danish windmill manufacturing company, Vestas, because this company has brought us this sudden and amazing return.

First, here is the green portfolio that started November 1, 2006 and its value November 23, 2006.

Invested AmountUSD100,000.00
Loaned AmountUSD200,000.00
CCYName PriceInvested AmountValue 
EURSeche Environnement48,000.0048,274.77 
DKKNovozymes B48,000.0048,256.00 
DKKVestas Wind Systems51,000.0051,272.00 
JPYKurita Water Industry51,000.0050,600.70 
EURQ-Cells Ag51,000.0051,291.94 
SGDHyflux Ltd51,000.0051,055.74 
Investments Total Value300,751.14
JPYLoan @ 1.880%200,000.00198,434.12 
 Total Liabilities  198,662.10
 Net Amount  102,089.05

So the portfolio was up 2.08% in its first 23 days. This is pretty good but suddenly look at what happens.

Thomas Fischer wrote:

Hi Gary, I mentioned yesterday that Vestas saw a whopping 22% intraday increase. The share is up another 4% today as it was published that Vestas has won an order for 76 windmills to the US! Tuesday the share price was 170 today it is 223!! (good news for our green fund) Thomas Fischer, Manager, International Client Relations, Private Banking Copenhagen

This one share pushes the portfolio up 3.95% in less than a week or 6.03% in less than a month, proof that green investments can be dynamic international investments. This is the way the Asia Emerging Market Portfolio (which rose 114% last year) we tracked last year began, straight up from the start.

You can reach Thomas for more details about Vestas at

You can learn more about our MultiCurrency Sandwich Educational Service at

There you have it, a green portfolio that most investment managers would have shunned. Now they may be green with envy! Merri and I are thankful that we can help examine ways to profit personally and help improve the world.

Until next message, good investing.


PS. This also shows how Merri and I use astrology in our investing to invest beyond logic. Our charts show that we do well with investments in Scandinavia. We also do well with investments in liquids and gas. So we would do our normal due diligence looking at investments globally that fit our BIRD’S EYE VUE concern…i.e. that the environment needs help. However we would then favor any investments in Scandinavia, such as a Danish company that was involved in liquid or gas (such as air and hence windmills). This may seem unsupported by Western logic but empirically it has helped us gain an extra edge again and again.

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