International Investments in Green Investments and Ecuador Real Estate That Take Really Long VUES

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International investments can help build wealth from the same global population growth that creates inflation, pollution and great challenges. Challenges create international investment opportunity. The question is how do we tap into this international investment opportunity and enhance our lives without ruining our children’s future.

We walk a delicate tightrope, wanting to remain financially stable (society demands this), enjoy life and broaden our horizons without leaving damaging footprints in an increasingly complicated and faster moving world.

Humanity’s material growth is expanding in two directions, increased population and increased consumption (aka pollution) per capita. This accelerates the forces headed on a collision course.

Governments are trying to grapple with these inescapable tensions. For example our son Jake who works for the British equivalent of the EPA just wrote: Dad, New building codes in the UK, as of next year, will be that all developments of more than ten homes, whether newly built or conversions, will have to generate a minimum of ten per cent of their energy from renewable sources on site. In larger developments of 20 homes or more, the minimum proportion of power from renewables will rise to 20 per cent… wind, solar etc. Government grants will provide added voluntary incentives to increase this percentage to up to 50% on site (micro generation). Jake

This is good news except that governments are always far less efficient than private enterprise and often totally get it wrong. So ultimately a bright future depends on us and how we choose to live, produce and spend.

Good environmental decisions are not always easy either. The system does not like those of us who buck the trend.

For example Merri and I are installing hydro power here at the farm. Ideally the electric company should pay us for excess electricity we generate. Those in the know tell us “do not bother with a connection as the electric company does everything in its power to make this not worth the fuss”.

However we must persevere.

To expand our environmental VUE in other ways we have added a GREEN portfolio to our MultiCurrency Sandwich Educational Service for 2007. This portfolio created from loans in Swiss francs invests in five global businesses we believe can help meet some of the challenges of population growth.

These firms are:

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. A Japanese firm that manufactures sells and maintains water treatment, water waste purification and soil remediation systems, chemicals and equipment.

Hyflux Water, a Singapore company with patented water purification membranes specializing in China and the Middle East

Seche, a French firm involved in environment waste management.

Vestas Wind Systems, a Danish Company that builds windmills for energy.

Q Cells AG, a German company that manufactures solar cells.

We have looked at Qcells. See

We also took a brief look at Seche. See investments/international_investments_107.html

We have added a sixth company Novozymes, a biotechnology company that develops, produces and sells enzymes for industrial use. The company operates in three areas, the technical enzyme market, the food enzyme market and the animal feed enzyme market.

This company has exciting potential in every area. For example enzymes can help reduce the energy related costs of manufacturing ethanol. 20% of the cost of ethanol production is energy-related. Using enzymes can save energy and money in production Novozymes has insights into the fuel industry based on 20 years‘ experience in the USA.

A recent article in USA Today suggested that by 2040 90% of the oceans fish would be gone. Aquaculture must grow if humanity wants to safeguard the oceans and still eat seafood. Novozymes offers Microbial products for aquaculture that are natural and effective ways to maintain healthy conditions in shrimp, fish and eel farms to increase production to levels that are simply unattainable with currently available chemical technologies.

There are many ways that enzymes can help improve health and the environment. For example one simple idea is a new enzyme Novozymes has released that eliminates the need for chemical additives in commercial bread making.

This company seems to also walk its talk about helping make the world a better place. Denmark in a recent survey had the happiest people in the world and Novozymes just win a special award in the annual survey “Best workplaces in Denmark ” by Great Place to Work Institute. The company was awarded a special prize for making an extra effort to promote the employees’ work/life balance.

All five portfolios we tracked in 2006 made a nice return but Asia with 114% appreciation rose far more than expected.

 The Final PerformancesProjections Made in 2005
US Dollar Long9.04%18.35%
US Dollar Short10.43%15.02%
US Dollar Hedge11.46%17.34%
Emerging Market42.93%No Prediction Made
Asia Emerging Market114.16%No Prediction Made

Our hope is that these companies that could have a positive impact on the environment, and this portfolio will do well. The fastest way our environment will get cleaned is if the process is profitable.

Our MultiCurrency Portfolio Service is an educational program and we have urged our Borrow Low subscribers to look back at the original ideas behind these portfolios. One of the three most important lessons gained in studying these investments over the year is that belief in an idea is vital.

You can see our introductions (made last year) of the five portfolios at:

Dollar Long

Dollar Short

Dollar Hedge

Emerging Markets

Asia Emerging

Humanity’s population explosion makes cleaning the environment one of the world’s biggest issues. The system, however, is controlled by those who don’t care much about this and look mainly for short term profits. The fastest most practical to shift the actions of the majority, who are led astray by special interests, is through good value and profits. This message shows that Ecuador real estate and MultiCurrency Portfolios can help do this when blended with long range VUES.

I am writing an email annual report about the five new portfolios and where the US dollar and economy may shift in the year ahead. You’ll can receive this when you enroll in our Borrow Low Deposit High MultiCurrency Sandwich Educational Service. Details are at

This is why I am delighted that Merri and I and Steve had a small part in bringing Clayton and Elena Black together with Barro Viejo.

Yesterday’s message asked “Who R We Now”, introduced Clayton and Elena Black plus showed you how to have Ecuador real estate in the form of an incredible extraordinary 1,900 square foot home that you can have at prices so low it’s hard to believe.

Plus we introduced the concept of VUE Very Universal Expectations. If you have not read yesterday’s message go to

On our recent Andean extension to our “International Business and Investing Made EZ” course we looked at Ecuador real estate ranging in price from $15,000 to over a million. One development our delegates viewed is a healthy beautiful and very inexpensive project created by Clayton and Elena in cooperation with Barro Viejo.

May I say before raving about this project that Merri and I, nor anyone in our family nor any business or entity have any financial interest whatsoever. We are not selling this project nor will we receive any remuneration or financial gain if our readers buy land and build here or not. I am writing this because I believe this project can help readers.

With this in mind we visited Clayton’s sales office in Otavalo. I cannot stress the importance of this. Clayton and his wife have been in the development business for years. They have an attractive sales office for their first six million dollar development. Clayton is from Texas, Elena is Ecuadorian and they have lived in Ecuador since the 80s. The press calls their company “the flagship of developers in the state”. This means they are organized, understand the Western view, are easy to communicate with and are dependable. Believe me, this counts! Here is Clayton and Elena outlining the project to our delegates.

This will be a three phase program on land that overlooks our village of Cotacachi . Here is a long range shot. There is one house in the middle of the project (on the knoll) and Cotacachi is the white buildings on the left. There is a spectacular view of Imbabura which is hidden in the clouds in the upper left of this shot.

Here is Clayton and Elena’s house on the knoll and a better feel of the mountain view.

Phase one consists of 23 building sites. Phase two and three will each be about the same size.

The land has incredible views everywhere and is unique from a security point of view. The property is a peninsula that just out on a steep cliff several hundred feet high. This a gated community and just about the only way in is through the gate.

More important than the views and this physical security, this project has broader environmental and safety VUES within and without.

Within, for our safer health, the homes built by Barro Viejo (like the one below our delegates viewed) are healthier than the traditional boxy home. They eliminate squares and are built of breathing adobe, bamboo and other natural product. Plus there will be a nature, hiking path meandering through the property so you can get out and walk in the clean air and never ending sun. Plus there is plenty of space for organic gardens which you help (a helper costs about $200 a month) can plant and grow if you do not want to do yourself. Plus the drinking water in the project comes from deep wells on the land and is not mixed with irrigation or community water. Healthy homes, healthy walking, healthy water and healthy “real, watch it grow organic food” are good!

Without, the project will be loaded with green spaces and Clayton is creating a special sewage treatment system that leaves the waste cleaner than when it came in from the river to begin. The intense sun and position to the winds also adds practical use of solar and wind power.

However these homes are more than affordable!

This Barro Viejo home which delegates visited cost $35 per square foot to build. At 2,000 square feet this represents a construction cost of about $70,000. Add in the architect’s fee, water and electricity hook ups and a half acre lot at $30,000 and the finished product will cost about $104,000.

This is an area where I believe you’ll see a community of like minded VUERS grow.

Join us for our next International Business and Investment course here March, 2007 and inspect real estate like this as well. See

Until next message, we hope you profit from and enjoy high VUES as well!


P.S. To help expand our VUES outside the box we will kick off the New Year by conducting an “Investing Beyond Logic course January 5-7 with our astrologer Blaine Watson.

Immediately after Vaidya R.K. Mishra will join us to conduct an Ayurvedic health cleanse course on January 8-10. See

Why not join us in Ecuador December 31, 2006 for a New Year celebration at El Meson. Inspect Ecuador real estate for sale and then attend one or both of these two courses.