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Ecuador real estate often makes it easy to spot value. Real estate for sale in small town USA does this too. For example here is a house for sale on a creek just down the road from us in North Carolina sitting on 2.75 acres at an asking price of $39,000. We can use our logic to easily see the value.

We’ll learn more about this house and great value in Ecuador real estate for sale in a moment.

First let’s look at how to spot trends with even greater value, hotter trends and safer ways to wealth without such total reliance on thinking. The theme at our recent seminar in Ecuador was, “There are always things we cannot know”.

No matter how much we think investment opportunities through, there will be some facts we miss, or errors in our logic because of hidden facts or unknown upcoming events

Friday’s message about frequency said: “Mobility is an equation every investor should consider because movement is frequency of time through space and frequency may be everything. Frequency certainly affects markets of all sorts…energy commodities, equities, metals, crops, currencies. Many traders study it minutely. Market momentum is almost everything to technical traders”.

Yet we cannot see all frequencies!

This struck a chord with many readers. For example one reader a manufacturer in Florida wrote:

My introduction to quantum physics was by reading “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” and “The Tao of Phyics.” Both are technical and slow reading but are written for the layman. Quantum physics is appealing because it combines actual science with the unknown. It potentially answers numerous questions regarding reality and spirituality and even hints at the answer of the question: “What or who is God?” Once a person understands the frequency theory, it is easy to accept the reality of astrology. Your intellectually curious subscribers may benefit by reading one or both of the books. Ted

Another said: Gary I just wanted to say that of all the things that you have written, this is one that I like best. All roads do eventually diverge, yet come together in the same direction. It is a fascinating and yet intriguing thought. I have heard that we as souls picked not only our parents but also that the people we meet are those souls that loved us the most in our previous existence. Somehow, we manage to come together in this existence as well. That is amazing and one of the most wonderful and reassuring thoughts I have ever read. Thanks for a lovely writing. With kind regards, Aracelia.

You can see that message on frequency at

Take for example this value. This five bedroom Colonial house is in one of Ecuador’s key cities, yet has an asking price well under $100,000.

Yet Merri and I immediately knew it was not for us. Why? Where do mystery, science, market movements and the ability to spot value meet? We’ll some more pictures of the house in a moment.

Those who can answer this intriguing question probably understand the quantum aspects of existence. Quantum mechanics is the part of science that tells us that our world is not anything like we expect or can even imagine. The quantum state is the world where our intention turns energy into matter. At the quantum level everything comes from nothing. The present, future and past are one. Atoms spin up and down at the same time but when observed, choose a direction to spin depending on the universe we are in.

Quantum thinking is impossible in logic. And also helps us understand astrology. If our intention can alter the movement of minute particles separated by billions of relative miles, so too can the movement of huge particles that swirl around us impact our lives.

This is why Merri and I have used Vedic astrologers for years. We have found them invaluable when it comes to making decisions about health, wealth and family that we cannot make with logic.

The inability to measure the results of astrology used to bother me enormously until years ago I read an article about Aristotle Onassis. He was asked about his use of astrology. His reply was that to be a millionaire, astrology wasn’t really needed, but to become a billionaire, it was essential!

This struck a chord as I lived in Hong Kong and saw the most successful businessmen there (often billionaires) look beyond logic. To make billions one has to take enormous risks. Taking such risks require us to see in ways that go beyond our logic, reason and understanding.

I started using Vedic astrology years ago. I do not use it to make day-to-day business decisions. Most things get worked out with logic and thought. But astrology provides an overlay in my business and life, gives me a sense of when to push, when to pull back, when times are ripe and when they not.

Merri and I review our charts once a year with our friend and advisor, Blaine Watson. Blaine has been studying astrology since age nine and practicing Vedic Astrology for 25 years and professionally for 18 years. He received certification from Benares Hindu University in Varanasi, India and has over 7,000 clients in 41 countries.

He has been amazingly correct with my and Merri’s charts.

Vedic astrology helps me in several ways. First, its overall readings point out the areas that will bring greatest success. For me it’s writing, publishing and communication (surprise-surprise), plus real estate and liquids and gas.

So the first house you saw above is of interest to us. Why? Because it sits on a stream. See a shot of the yard below.

The colonial house in Ecuador is a real beauty, but not near water. So it’s not for us.

We know that any property we buy should be near water! This may not seem logical but sure has worked well for us.

Further my annual updates show which of the areas will work best each year and when to push and when to rest.

So I am especially alert to opportunities in these fields. For example though I generally avoid investing in shares, I bought shares in a Singapore company Hyflux which is in the business of purifying water in China. I did my logical due diligence before investing in those shares but it was the liquid aspect that first attracted my attention. I am currently also heavily researching investment opportunities in biodiesel (liquid and gas).

Vedic astrology gives me very exact investing and business knowledge, but deeper still, confidence, clarity and a calm that come from knowing that all things are in order even when they do not seem to be. This along with prayer, faith and conviction are guides at times when there is no other way to know.

This has been a very deep personal experience for me, Merri and my family so we were pleased last year when we finally convinced our closest Vedic astrologer, Blaine Watson, to give a course (which included a personal reading for each person in attendance).

We filled up immediately when we announced this course and the delegates loved what they learned,

Now this year Blaine will conduct another course and this year he is focusing the course more on how to use Astrology for investing. He recently wrote:

Gary, I have completely changed the course to make it more accessible and practically applicable for investors. It will be almost 100% different from the first one. I think you and Merri will be pleasantly surprised so if you know of any of the people who attended the first course please do let them know.

You can get full details at

Malcolm Gladwell’s (Blaine went to school with Malcolm) book “Blink” also touches on our ability to think beyond logic. He explains how humans have the ability to spot patterns and behavior based on very narrow slices of experience. He calls this process “Thin Slicing”, a way to make fast, accurate decisions.

The President of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., an Internet marketing firm in Texas that is one of the top marketers in the world is Dr. Joe Vitale. He uses astrology (and another of our astrologers) in business.

He has written so many books on how to succeed I can’t list them all here. He is the author of the international best-seller, “The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History!”, the best-selling e-book “Hypnotic Writing”, and the best-selling Nightingale-Conant audioprogram, “The Power of Outrageous Marketing”, along with numerous other works. He has written books for the American Marketing Association and the American Management Association, including The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising and his clients include small presses to large publishing houses, such as Doubleday Books in New York. He has also helped large companies, from The American Red Cross to Hermann Children’s Hospital in Houston.

He shares two heart-warming stories about astrology, one of a life saved and the second about a new business paradigm. Here is how Astrology affected Dr. Joe Vitale.

Joe is a fiery and inspiring speaker. He has spoken before hundreds of business groups, including the Sales and Marketing Executives, and the first Houston Publishers and Authors Association conference. You read earlier about his publishing and consulting successes. The point is Joe is very much a man of the modern, Western business world. He is well into the ideals of Western wealth, money and success in materialism.

Yet Joe was going through a transformation and was writing new books about the spiritual aspects of wealth. He needed help in marketing these new books. Since we do not know Joe, we’ll use his exact words from his best selling book (it outsold Harry Potter at about how he used astrology.

Success Guidelines Tale

“Karmic Surgery” by Dr. Joe Vitale

“Dr. Marcus Gitterle is an emergency room physician and anti-aging specialist. We met after he read one of my books, love it and emailed me, saying he lived in the same small town I do. We had lunch and became quick friends.

“One day, he told me about a way to do “karmic surgery”. This was new to me and made me aware of a new tool that was almost magical. It could help you release any troubling problem, or heal any condition, or achieve any intention, and do it without your doing anything. In fact, others did it for you.

“Marc explained it like this: “Just as you have a problem and go into the surgery, the problem is taken out while you are asleep. When you awaken, the problem is no longer there. You might be told to rest more, to drink more fluids, but in essence you are now free of the problem. All you did was agree to let others remove it for you.”

What that Doctor was talking about was astrology.

Joe gave a testimonial on how astrology influenced his best friend. He wrote:

“Saved from Death”

“My best friend of two decades was on her death bed a year ago. After being in a near-fatal car accident, having both knees replaced, her back broken, suffering from depression, then becoming suicidal and anorexic due to medication she never should have accepted, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she lay unconscious and dying.

“We had already tried everything. She had gone to healers, doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists. I hired home health care for her. She prayed, meditated, listened to tapes. I asked 500 friends of mine to pray for her and send her healing energy. Nothing was breaking her free. I feared I would lose my best friend of 25 years.

Joe then tells how in desperation, he used astrology to find ways to help her. He writes:

“Within two days she woke up in the hospital, sat up, and stood up. The day before, she could not move or even turn over in bed! Now she was ready to go home. The hospital was stunned. The doctors couldn’t explain it. They kept her for further testing and observations.

“She just got better and better. A week later, this same woman who was near dead, was released from the hospital. She is now walking, talking, smiling, driving, and very glad to be alive. I saw her yesterday. I thought I might never see her again. This is a genuine miracle.

Joe says that this is the power of astrology

Then Joe tells how he used astrology to help create a publishing miracle as well. He wrote:

“As you know by now, this book you are holding is based on a popular little work I released a few years ago called, Spiritual Marketing. I knew the book contained a powerful five-step process for manifesting your heart’s desires, and I knew it from all the people who emailed me every day, telling me their miraculous stories.

“What frustrated me was the fact that the book was basically available only online. I knew that it needed to reach a wider audience. So I set the intention to find a strong publisher, with distribution abilities, and the power to get my book out there into the world.

Joe tells how he used astrology and says: I didn’t know how this would work, or if it would. But I trusted. I took action. “Within a few weeks, I received an email from the senior editor at Wiley who is now the publisher of this very book! “Now stop and think about this. My original book, titled Spiritual Marketing, had been a number one best-seller at Amazon twice. Its success had been written about in the New York Times. The e-book version of the book had been down-loaded an estimated one million times. The e-book had been translated into seven languages. Thousands of people wrote me about it. The best agent in the country shipped the book to major publishers for two years. “Yet” nothing!

Joe explains that nothing ever happened to bring the book to a global audience until he used astrology to help his intention and to clear any inner blocks preventing his goal from manifesting. He explains that astrology is a way to clear current blocks “whether those blocks are from this lifetime or another” so you can go on to attract whatever you want.

These are the wild, weird and wonderful ways that sharing our global contacts and experience to help our readers and we hope you’ll join us in Ecuador with Blaine.

Until then may your investing go beyond logic.


While in Ecuador we’ll look at real estate as well. Here is another picture of the inside of that Colonial house, five bedrooms, over 4,000 square feet and the inside was charming! Asking price $90,000.

This house is not for Merri and me but may be good for you. There are dozens of other properties you can see as well. Why not join Merri and me for Blaine Watson’s course on investing through astrology. Stay an extra day or two and look at real estate in our area.

Get details about Blaine’s course at