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International investments help fight inflation and are supported by the deepest aspects of our existence. The theme of our course which ended last Wednesday was “There is Always Something we will not Know”. This is why we need international investments for diversification.

Fading pastels scratched orange rinds across an inky dawn. Desert horizons became canvas and our narrow roadway splashed gold makeup on a sunrise bursting with colors that make artists cry.

Recent messages outlined how 40 years ago Merri and I began adventures that have led us to live, work in and visit over 70 countries. The most recent leg of this adventure was a 6,514 miles drive around the United States. On the seventh day we were heading home. In the earliest seconds of dawn we raced over I-40 dashing towards a head on collision with the sunrise, the Painted Desert, Amarillo and home.

There in the darkness, Merri and Ma slumbered and my thoughts rode on the silence and the word “Home”.

Where is home? Is it in Ecuador with views like this (See the house with this view at the end of this message).

Where is home? This is a good question asked often in this modern international time. A recent Time Magazine article showed that nearly half the American population lives away from what they originally called home. I sure fit in this category.

My travels began when leaving “home” in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain in Rockwood, Oregon …never to return except for brief visits. Always moving west to the East, Asia first… Hong Kong mainly, then Europe and England. Decades passed before making it back to Florida and finally further north here to North Carolina.

Where is home with so much mobility?

Mobility is an equation every investor should consider because movement is frequency of time through space and frequency may be everything.

Frequency certainly affects markets of all sorts…energy commodities, equities, metals, crops, currencies. Many traders study it minutely. Market momentum is almost everything to technical traders.

Longer term thinking fundamentalists don’t ignore momentum either. They just look at longer, slower vibrations.

Maybe it was the desert quiet and aloneness or perhaps the colored glory that started the day. Maybe the 6,000 + mile drive so numbed the body that the mind slipped away.

Whatever, as we ate the miles one at a time, a strange sense of union grew over me, like some long journey, more than these current distances, was being fulfilled.

Gazing at the map in Oklahoma intensified this feel…like long, strange journeys were being completed. Crossroads and pathways from Merri’s and my life came racing back together.

In some ways, the journey really started here. My uncle, John, was electrocuted in a freak accident working at a bakery in Miami, Oklahoma. My grandmother (a half native American) could not leave the grave so Grandpa Judd took her to Oregon for a visit. Work came up. Should they stay or return? A flip of the coin. Heads meant they stayed. That was the planning that resulted in my life. Oklahoma to Portland.

My Grandfather Scott, a British naval officer dispirited when his identical twin was the last soldier killed in WWI, left the UK. As we rambled through Oklahoma I noticed the Scotish/native American connection… that these counties bind. Okfuskee, Muskogee, Shawnee, Seminole, Pawnee mixed with counties McIntosh, Adair, Logan, McCurtain and McClain. Okmulgee County was there to. Merri grew up on the Okmulgee River in Georgia, her grandmother a full native American. And they all reached Oklahoma over the Trail of Tears led by….General Scott.

So many connections which made me wonder where really is home? Rockwood? Oregon? Ecuador? The Blue Ridge of North Carolina? How and why did we arrive here? Perhaps this was just the result of a quiet morning drifting in alpha or the easy musings of a traveler. Whatever, yet not much further on, not far from Bucksnort, Tennessee this feeling grew as I came upon Rockwood, Tennessee.

Some say that each of us choose our parents before we are born to fill a sacred contract. “Had I”, my thoughts rambled, “made an error at birth and chosen the wrong parents because they were in Rockwood…but got the state wrong? Had I eerily rambled a lifetime, wondering why I was working my way round the world to end up where I belonged? Was Merri also driven from home by this inexplicable compulsion to travel?

Well, that’s a theory. Thoughts do drift on a long ride and if you have been reading my messages, you have probably guessed that sometimes my thoughts do stray outside the box. My sister (who also writes a lot and some things strange) recently put it more succinctly when she said: “They kept telling me to think outside the box until I realized I had never been in it!”

I know our friend Tate Dwinnel, an astute technical and day trader was surprised when I convinced him in a recent conversation that I really do use a pendulum and refer to my Vedic astrologer as parts of my investment decision process.

All these ramblings may have been dismissed and not recorded had not that same day Merri and I turned on a birthday present from our daughter Francesca (who is now living in Swaziland in Africa), a CD recording of the book, “A Briefer History of Time – Quantum World”. This book (the first edition a brief history in time is a best seller. One copy sold for every person in the world!

This book is all about frequency and the deeper realities of our existence. Talk about being outside the box! See

This book explains that we really are frequency and says things like:

Fig. 1: The wavefunctions of an electron in a hydrogen atom possessing definite energy (increasing downward: n=1,2,3,…) and angular momentum (increasing across: s, p, d,…). Brighter areas correspond to higher probability density for a position measurement. Wave functions like these are directly comparable to Chladni’s figures of acoustic modes of vibration in classical physics and are indeed modes of oscillation as well: they possess a sharp energy and thus a sharp frequency. The angular momentum and energy are quantized, and only take on discrete values like those shown (as is the case for resonant frequencies in acoustics).

The book really confirmed that there is lot of stuff out there we do not know!

Nearly at the same time our friend and Vedic Astrologer, Blaine Watson, sent me this quote about frequency.

There is silence between two noises. There is silence between two thoughts. There is silence after noise. There is silence when thought says, “I must be silent,” and creates an artificial silence thinking it is the real silence. There is silence when you sit quietly and force your mind to be silent. All those are artificial silences; they are not real, deep, uncultivated, unpremeditated silence. Silence can only come psychologically when there is no registration whatsoever, the brain itself is utterly without movement. In that great depth of silence that is not induced, not cultivated, not practiced, there may come that sense of something immeasurable, nameless. J. Krishnamurti “This Light in Oneself – True Meditation”.

From the silence came these thoughts and thoughts create our reality and there are infinite realities…maybe these drifting ideas that sprang from the silence of our drive made more sense than they seemed.

The moral of all this? When things seems strange to you, in any aspect of life, work, play, investing business, love or family, may not be strange at all…just reality seeming a bit too real.

On the drive I also remembered something else really important. We are all citizens of the world. Our families are mankind and the bonding force that unites us all is love.

Welcome to the world. Please join us sometime at one of our homes such as Ecuador.


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In short, our quantum existence is impossible in logic. Yet it is a proven fact.

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