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Ayurved natural health comes from eating better nutrition. Natural health Ayurved offers numerous health secrets.

Vaidya Mishra who will conduct his Ayurvedic Cleanse course January 11-13, 2007 at El Meson de Las Flores sent this note.

Hello all,

In my earlier e-mails I presented a strong case against Garlic. I consistently restrict people from Onion, Garlic, Soy and Nightshades. Many of you have argued (especially those new to Shudh Ayurved) what else can one eat if we stop eating all of the aforementioned foods? No worries, there are foods that are Pranic, less toxic and certainly more medicinal. But I want to highlight another bad food – “The Awful Nightshades”.

What are the Nightshades?
Chili Peppers
Green Bell Peppers
Egg Plant
And a whole genetical family of Nightshades.

While there are groups of people who absolutely cannot stand nightshades, Ayurvedically it is good to generally avoid them.

People with Arthritis, Eczema, Acid Reflux Disease, Cystitis, Lupus, and Psoriasis are always at risk with Nightshades.

Quick facts: All Nightshades contain some form of Nicotine

– Solanine in Potatoes
– Tom atine in Tom atoes
– Aubergine or Alpha-Solanine in Chili peppers and Bell peppers.

Historically Tom atoes were known as ‘Wolf Peach’ referring to werewolves and witchcraft (Tamasik anyone?)

In early America , all nightshades were considered poisonous, however once known not to kill immediately, it slowly became part of the regular diet. Livestock Poisoning is done through Nightshades leaves.

YES, THEY ARE ADDICTIVE (All nightshades have some form of Nicotine in them). Nicotine is a Great Insecticide.

What does Nicotine Do? Nicotine is a Major Nerve impulse Inhibitor (Acetylcholinestrase Inhibitor). The chemical Acetylcholinestrase transmits nerve impulse from one nerve ending to the next – Brain Function. Nicotine slows the production of this chemical which eventually gangs up due to the slowed breaking down process (Think of a broken Gramophone Pin). So while I prescribe cutting down on Nightshades all of us have craving for More.

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Fear Not…Ayurvedic Solution

It can be a slow recovery from the addiction, but there are simple steps for Health, Wealth and Spirituality:

Home-cooked Pranic Meals
Good Spiritual Practice
Do good Karma

This is bad news for many who consider garlic, onions and tomatoes the holy trinity of cooking!

Merri and I do eat Nightshades and garlic (rarely) but knowing the downside reminds us to use moderation. This reminds us to substitute quinoa for potatoes for example and use spices and other tasty herbs such as bay, cilantro, pine nuts and turmeric instead of chili and tomatoes.

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Delegates who come to our courses in Ecuador and stay with us and eat at El Meson rave about the food, say they eat more than ever and lose weight! We call our restaurant here the Quinoa Café.

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Ecuadorians are noted as the longest lived people on earth. This in part is from Andean foods and nutritional habits that began long ago.

Since ancient times Andean Yatchaks, Shamans and Curanderos have taught healthy living supported by good nutrition. They based these healthy lifestyles on three ideals; clean food, good food combinations and a correct fat, carbohydrate and protein balance.

The Quinoa Cafe celebrates the wisdom of the past and combines it with the unity of mankind. Special Andean meals are composed of high protein Quinoa flavored by famous foods of the world.

Quinoa Cafe’s core bill of fare is Quinoa, often referred to as the Andean grain, a wonderful food, native to the Andes. Quinoa sustained the ancient Incas and has been grown continuously for over 5,000 years. The plant thrives in the high mountain terrain of South America’s Andes.

Quinoa has been described as the super grain. Actually it is the SEED of a leafy plant that’s related to spinach. What makes quinoa special is that it has a very high protein content, more than any single grain. Plus unlike grain, Quinoa has the amino acid lysine, so the protein is complete. The World Health Organization ranks quinoa protein equivalent to milk. Quinoa offers more iron than grains and contains magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, riboflavin, thiamin, B vitamins: B6, niacin, magnesium, zinc, copper. It is also a good source of folate (folic acid).

Quinoa is delicious and can be substituted for almost any other grain.

Our Menu delicious meals, each naturally filled with protein, vitamins and high energy from the Andes but each inspired by different flavors of the world such as Quinoa Amazonia: Quinoa, Coco, Tropical fruit & Macadamian Nuts; Quinoa Paella Espanol: Shrimp, Corvina, Saffron, chives; and Quinoa Tabuli Middle Eastern: Feta Cheese, Olives and Mint Drizzled in Olive Oil.

We also have wonderful soups created in the Andean traditions such as Cream of Cabbage Soup, Cream of Carrot, Soup, Avocado Soup.

We also use Quinoa in cakes, cookies, crumbles (blackberry, strawberry, peach, apple and pear with cheese and fair trade tea, aromatic teas, organic coffee or organic hot chocolate.

Ecuador is full of wonderful old hosterias with marvelous restaurants.

Two days ago on the first day of our Andean real estate tour we saw two reasons why eating in this country is good.

After viewing several properties we stopped at Hosteria Natabuela (about 20 minutes from El Meson). This is the first reason eating in Ecuador is good! This is just one of the dozens of wonderful old inns in the area. Lunch included rich soup, fresh trout and blackberry sorbet made from real fruit.

Then we saw the second reason health is great here. Organic food! We visited a hacienda for sale that grows organic vegetables that are used in restaurants.

Here I am in the gardens with the Swiss chard. The cabbage behind are gigantic. This is a beautiful site, flat, well groomed with wonderful views. Crops bring in around $500 a month. Property tax (yes this is true) is $15 a year!

Here are some of the delegates taking a look.

The hacienda has a wonderful tree lined drive, over 5,000 square feet of living space plus 1,900 square feet of outbuildings and a (unfinished) wedding center. Here is the main house.

The asking price is $220,000 and the owner appeared quite anxious to sell.

When you visit us you can also see Ecuador real estate for sale like this, plus eat for pure enjoyment and for better health. Join us soon.


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