International Investments From a Bird’s Eye Vue – Investments in Environmental Concerns Make Sense

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International investments make sense because they help resolve the deepest concerns of humanity. The more fundamental the concerns, the greater the opportunity. Few concerns currently strike deeper than pollution.

Centuries ago mankind began a new approach to growth that combined technology with specialization and immigration from rural to urban living so that more people could live longer and consume more per capita than ever before. The essence of this massive productive wave is based on altering the utility of natural resources.

This method of productivity has brought us almost unimaginable material enhancements. Consumption has grown incredibly but so too has the size of our garbage cans. This process has not slowed nor has the build up of accumulated wastes. Garbage has grown to such an extent that it reduces the quality of our air, water and resources on land and in sea.

Merri and I have been in Ecuador conducting our International Business and Investing Course.

During the course we introduced our new Borrow Low-Deposit High portfolios.

We also reviewed and are sharing some incredible property like this land that will host a number of healthy homes, for the environment and residents at almost unbelievably low prices.

One house and 2/3 acre we viewed is just above this cliff peninsula (located in the middle right hand corner of the photo) near Cotacachi for the price of $15,000! We’ll learn more about the land in a moment.

First, let’s look more at one of the new MultiCurrency portfolios that we call the “Birds Eye VUE Portfolio”. V-U-E stands for “Very Understanding Environmentally.”

This portfolio is invested in six shares and is leveraged two to one ($100,000 invested with a $200,000 loan). The loan is totally in Swiss francs. (We’ll see why in future messages).

The equities are:

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. A Japanese firm that manufactures sells and maintains water treatment, water waste purification and soil remediation systems, chemicals and equipment.

Hyflux Water, a Singapore company with patented water purification membranes specializing in China and the Middle East

Seche, a French firm involved in environment waste management.

Vestas Wind Systems, a Danish Company that builds windmills for energy.

Q Cells AG, a German company that manufactures solar cells.

Yesterday’s message looked at Q Cells AG. See

Today looks at Séché Environnement, a French company involved in waste disposal. The issue of environment and waste disposal and storage is no longer just a question of fashion, but a genuine concern for everyone.

Séché Environnement, acquired Alcor, the environment arm of C3D, in August 2001 and is currently the only group in France specializing in the disposal and storage of end waste. It owns a site at Changé, in the Mayenne department, which is the only such site in Europe to have been awarded the environmental quality standard, ISO 14001, the highest standard at the present time. Downstream from the waste collection business, the group is involved in four areas relating to the environment. The company processes industrial and special waste. This may be, for example, sludge from surface treatment, sewage treatment, residue (paint, battery cells, treating polluted soils) and contaminated materials. This waste is processed then stored in class 1 cells, with a consistent level of thoroughness in terms of safety, leak proofness, selective sorting, and effluent treatment.

The group also processes household waste and ordinary industrial waste at its site.

In addition, it is involved in the rehabilitation of polluted sites, respecting the ecological context by developing its Bioterre procedure which is used to activate the natural bio-degrading process.

Finally, Séché has a fleet of trucks providing the transport of waste. In 2002 the company announced its merger with Tredi Environnement to unite the different lines of business in the waste sector in France and thus become the reference on its home market for a cleaner world. You can read more at

The six shares were selected by Jyske via its VAMOS system. To learn more about VAMOS see

This is an early review of these shares and we’ll look in more depth in messages in future messages.

We’ll be doing an annual summary of the five portfolios we began with plus introduce the new portfolio models we’ll study over the next year. You can receive all this. Details are at

Back to Ecuador. The global population explosion and expansion in the USA is creating inflation in the cost of housing. Prices may be momentarily depressed but even at the lower prices many middle class Americans (and Canadians) cannot afford to live well in the areas where they especially live, especially on the east and west coasts where populations are concentrated.

My bet is this will push many buyers into the heart lands and to lower cost living destinations such as Ecuador .

Ecuador has the benefit of low cost living, plus friendly people, wonderful facilities and is still not too far from the US .

After a decade of traveling everywhere in this country, Merri and I have focused on Imbabura Province and are finding more and more good value property. With this in mind we have been conducting Andean property extensions after our courses in Cotacachi.

Yesterday morning a bus load of delegates joined us to look at properties for sale in the area. Here is our group departing yesterday morning.

The first house we saw is this home (a fixer upper) is just above the land that is being developed. Mostly Europeans are building here. It sits in a nice area above the rest of the homes with stunning views. The asking price is $15,000.

This has stunning views and as other houses come into the area is most likely to rise in value. Then we visited property rising from this $15,000 to $1,000,000 (35 acres on a lake). We looked at a brand new golf course home development (2 bedrooms houses for $60,000), plus much more. We’ll look at more of the properties viewed in tomorrow’s message.

We are here in the sun having fun! We hope you come south and spend time with us.


Join us for our next International Business and Investment course here March, 2007 and inspect real estate like this as well. See