International Investments in Safe European ETFs – Sweden Keeps Millionaires, Ecuador Real Estate – Beauty and Potential

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* International Investments in Safe European ETFs – Sweden Keeps Millionaires

* Ecuador Real Estate – Beauty and Potential

International investments in distortions and trends can make millionaires, especially when you spot hot global economic trends. Yet there are times when no distortions can be seen. This is when one wants investments that are safe.

For example, a recent message looked at how the Swedish kroner is one of the best valued currencies. The review suggested that the best major market currencies to invest in now are Swiss francs, Swedish kroner, Japan yen, Danish kroner and Canadian dollars.

Sweden has a solid trade balance but not much investment inflow. This is a sign of potential future currency strength. If investors catch on to the fundamental strength of the kroner, it could rise.

You can see this five part review at

#1: Dollar Dives
#2: Dollar Dives II
#3: Dollar Dives III
#4: Dollar Dives IV
#5: Dollar Dives V

Let’s say you would like to park some money in a safe currency like the kroner. One way to do so is through a new Swedish kroner ETF.

We saw in yesterday’s message that ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds that invest in a basket of very specific individual shares to represent and idea. For more details see

Learn how to borrow Swiss francs and Czech Koruna to invest in Euro and other European currencies for quadruple profit potential. See

There are hundreds of ETFs. Here are just a few of the many that offer sage parking shelters for investors who would like some of their wealth placed in Europe.

EFT Registration
EasyETF DJ EURO STOXX France, Italy
EasyETF EURO STOXX 50 France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
EasyETF STOXX 50 EUROPE France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
EasyETF GLOBAL TITANS 50 France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
EasyETF CAC40® France
EasyETF EURO BANK France, Germany
EasyETF EURO ENERGY France, Netherlands
EasyETF EURO HEALTH France, Netherlands
EasyETF EURO INSURANCE France, Netherlands, Germany
EasyETF EURO MEDIA France, Netherlands, Germany
EasyETF EURO TECHNO France, Netherlands
EasyETF EURO TELECOM France, Netherlands, Germany
EasyETF EURO UTILITIES France, Netherlands, Germany
EasyETF EPRA EUROZONE France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium
EasyETF FTSE EPRA EUROP France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg
EasyETF GSCI® France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium
EasyETF GSNE® Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium
EasyETF GS ULTRA-LITE Energy Luxembourg
EasyETF iBoxx® Liquid Sovereigns Extra Short France
EasyETF iBoxx® Liquid Sovereigns Long France
EasyETF iBoxx® Liquid Sovereigns Global France

If Sweden was the place you wished to invest, you first could choose a Swedish Equity ETF.

A September 13, 2006 article about Swedish equity ETFs by Tom Lydon looks at the role politics can play on an economy and explains that the ETF “iShares MSCI Sweden (EWD)” is performing well this year, up over 16%. See

If instead you wanted safer bond investments in Swedish kroner, then the New York Stock Exchange traded “Currency Shares Swedish Krona Trust” Symbol FXS can accomplish this goal. See

These links will help you see that there are hundreds of ETFs that can help you invest in safe Europe (or other high growth markets as well. Most ETFs can be purchased through US stock brokers or Jyske Bank.

You can get more details from Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank at

ETFS can help you become a millionaire by spotting trends and seeing distortions. They can also be a great way to store value once you have made a profit.

Learn more about spotting good value and international investment trends at our next International Investment & Business course in Ecuador this November. Join Merri, me and Jyske Bank this November Learn upcoming economic conditions that could create distortions and trends.

Ecuador Real Estate – Beauty and Potential

On the subject of storing value, we have been looking at a Barro Viejo home being built in our village for about $75,000.

Here is the view from the breakfast room!

Come to our November IBEZ course and stay on for our Mystical Andes tour. Meet the architects from Barro Viejo and see their homes.

Until next message, may your trends always bring good value to you.


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