International Investments in Emerging Currencies – Making Millionaires for Twenty Years

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We have been helping our readers make millions for over twenty years.  One reader confirmed this when he wrote last week:

“Gary, I am a long time subscriber in various media, and while cleaning out my files today I found some old “Gary A. Scotts World Reports”.  In particular the April 1988 issue provided the info that made me over a million dollars.   Just wanted to say a belated  “thank you”  and please continue the excellent work.  Warm regards,”

One of our most powerful ways of helping readers is spotting currency and interest rate distortions so we can borrow low and deposit high.  What amazes me is that the grass roots, US financial community has still not caught on to this tactic!  We have been helping readers for over two decades or more…yet I do not know of any other publications covering this.

Times are not about to change either.

Until social-economic evolution changes the way government debase currencies, great opportunity will exist for the alert investor.

Governments everywhere control currencies and most use fractional reserve banking and/or debt financing or the printing machine that debase their currencies. This is not done equally between and this in equality in currency erosion creates parity and interest rate distortions. 

Spotting trends in international currency investments and change is a money making part of the art of spotting change and adapting…hopefully before everyone else.  Few aspects of our lives have changed as much in the past two decades as currencies.  Currency parities and interest rates are continually moving. Those who see these shifts with a Bird’s Eye View become rich.  

High-interest currencies often follow certain cycles and as promised in yesterday’s message, here is an incredible valuable way to spot and profit from this currency change.

Jyske Bank has identified a currency cycle that can be a powerful tool for profiting from active investing in high-interest currencies

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We continue here:

There are three phases and the length of the individual phases vary from economy to economy. Small, open economies as the Icelandic (ISK), for instance, can move rather fast through the phases of the cycle.  This means the currency can rise or fall versus other currencies and interest rates can fluctuate rapidly.

The way to enhance profits from international currency trends created by these phases takes three steps.

Step #1:  Spot countries and currencies which are ending phase 3 and returning to or starting phase 1.

Step #2:  Invest in the countries/currencies and keep the investment until the end of phase 2.

Step $3:  Be out of a currency when phase 3 begins.

Here is a really neat trick when watching the phases. When a country is in phase 3 the situation in a country is at its gloomiest. This is the time when everyone is saying get out stay away.  However, this is probably the time to get ready to invest!

When the situation is at its gloomiest, it may be the start of a new upturn so look for the following signals. These are signs that a good opportunity may be near.

* A local shock or interest rate hikes

* Carry positions are closed

* The currency depreciates

* Local central bank raises interest rates when inflation rises

Here is the total cycle of high interest currencies again:

* High interest rates attract capital

* The currency begins to appreciate

* Inflationary pressure diminishes

* Local interest rates are cut

* Inflation declines

* Capital inflow continues

* Domestic demand rises

* Current account deteriorates

* The strength of the currency declines

Be sure to send me your questions about this. I want every reader to understand the power and importance of the Borrow Low-Deposit High strategy so feel free to ask questions that I can answer to all.

Look for currency phases, spot trends and distortions so you can borrow low and deposit high or more. This process can make millions for you.

Until next message, may every phase of your investing be good.


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Here is what one reader who just returned from our courses shared:

Thank you. I have downloaded all 15 chapters + the glossary of terms so that with study and understanding I will be prepared to invest on a global basis in 2007. I purchased the book “Perfect Health” by Deepak Chopra upon arrival home and we have all intention to be in total harmony with universal law as soon as possible. You two are both such wondrous creatures-so wise and nurturing. You have inspired us. We are rejuvenated. Merri is a magician. Her wizardry removed six pounds of avoirdupois from Olga and three pounds from me. Your course has made us “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.” We love you for it.