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by | Oct 12, 2006 | Archives

This email came from a reader yesterday. Reading the note was a nice way to start the day because it reminded me of the importance of change and having a Bird’s Eye View.

I am a long time subscriber in various media, and while cleaning out my files today I found some old “Gary A. Scotts World Reports”. In particular the April 1988 issue provided the info that made me over a million dollars. Just wanted to say a belated “thank you” and please continue the excellent work. Warm regards,”

Our reports have been helping readers International Business in Environmental Concerns

Since my 60th birthday is this weekend the note was especially meaningful because it reminded me how though some things change. Others stay the same.

Remembering shifts here is pretty easy because my birthday always falls on the leaf change and nature reminds of the coming fall. Recently I took this shot from my front porch.

Now it looks like this!

Each is wonderful and beautiful. This is the point we should share today. Change is beautiful. However many folks worry so much about summer’s end that they miss the glory of fall!

Another reason change becomes so apparent to me this time of year is that our daughter Cheri Louise and her husband Shawn come to celebrate both my and Shawn’s birthday. With them comes Garren. What a joy it is to see the farm through the eyes of a four year old…feel his wonder at my worm farm, the fish in the pond, our horse and even things we so often ignore like grasshoppers sunning in their waning days. Here is Garren and me enjoying the colors.

International Business in Environmental Concerns

One wonderful thing about being with the little one is that it helps refocus our business with a Bird’s Eye View.

Yesterday’s message paraphrased a quote about the mills of God. A kind reader filled us in when he sent me this note. See International Investments in Turkey.

Gary the quote is “The mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small…”
Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

This reminds us to remember our children and grandkids and theirs when we invest. Environmentally sound investments make sense from an economic point of view. Plus if we don’t we’ll grind our environment into small bits…not enough for the kids.

So here are two birthday favors I have to ask.

#1: Think really long term when you invest and do business. We need to leave a better footprint.

#2: If these messages help you or have helped. Please let me know. This is Merri’s and my greatest reward!

In return here is a gift I am going to send you tomorrow.

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Don’t miss it in tomorrow’s message. Tell others to read it and please pass it on.


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