International Investments in Turkey

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International investments in Turkey have been one of the most profitable over the past fifteen years. Here we look at why most investors miss international investments of this type.

Then we’ll review international investments for diversification in Ashe real estate.

Finally we look at how to have international business profits by starting small.

From dust to dust and ash to ash. Yesterday’s message looked at the importance of a Bird’s Eye View of dust. See Investments in Japan.

We need to take a higher view of ash as well. From the ash rose the Phoenix. Yet when we see change, we imagine wrongly as I did when Gorbachev became leader of Russia. This misconception caused me to miss investments in Eastern Europe that rose over 1,000% in seven years! See what I mean at International Investments.

Now we perceive new risks to our international investments (and our entire lifestyles) in North Korea and Iran. One reader just sent me this note:

Gary, The Debka file below, the Israeli website, is quite interesting. For years China and Russia have sucked the U.S. into a fruitless war(s) in order to build up puppet states with nuclear capability. The eventual goal is to destroy Israel , as well as to destroy the world dominance of the U.S. I expected the U.S. and Israel to take action against Iran before now, which is one reason why I buy long term oil options. There, however, seems to be a lack of both resolve and intelligence at the highest levels. First, North Korea tests an ICBM, now they explode a nuclear warhead. They are testing our resolve, much as Hitler tested the resolve of France and England. In the end, these events will lead to an infinitely more dangerous world. Cordially,

You can read that file at Will Israel Wake up One Morning to a Nuclear-Armed Iran?

Perhaps this reader is correct. However, let’s look at other possibilities. The new risk could turn the US and China into closer allies. Imagine the potential of that! The US owes China trillions of dollars and is its biggest customer. What lengths will they go to protect that? Would you want some backwards competitor blowing up your best customer and loan account?

Iran on the other hand is the one country that could probably cause the rest of the Middle East to come to love the West. After all if the US, Japan and Europe ’s economies are ruined, global business will virtually stop and lifestyles everywhere will become a huge mess. If the other Arab nations suddenly realize that the nuclear bombs can threaten them as well as Israel, they may do an immediate and enormous shift of allies.

Just think about the anger in these places and then remember the wise quote by Euripides.

“Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

I certainly cannot predict this or any of the future. Nor should we ignore the risks. We should replace our anger. Replace it with cool, rational thought grounded in history and observation of nature. With a bit of thought we can see the silver linings in change and should invest in this as well.

International Investments in Turkey

For example, I did not miss Turkey! The friction in the Middle East has a focus in Turkey yet our newsletters and sites have been recommending investment there for almost 15 years. This is based on a Bird’s Eye View. Turkey is at the crux between the East and West between Islam and Christianity. This creates unbounded opportunity. Now bonds denominated in Turkish Lira offer 21%!

Jyske Bank writes that there are now attractive yields on TRY (Turkish Lira) denominated bonds. The real 3-month interest rate is currently 9.79% – one of the world’s highest. There are good entry values after the recent turbulence. The TRY could fall 13% versus the Danish kroner (one of the world’s strong currencies) before investors lose money.

The bank recommends a 1-year TRY-denominated bond with a AAA rating that offers a premium of about 17.50% p.a. over the yield on a Danish one-year bond. The bond is the new issue from Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, the 20.00% Depfa 19.11.2007. The yield to maturity is 21.02% P.A. This is rated Moody’s S&P Aaa/AAA Aa3/AACurrency. See the full details at EM RECOMMENDATIONS.

For more information contact Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank at

Learn how to borrow Czech Koruna to invest in a Turkish Lira MultiCurrency Sandwich. Leverage investments in top value markets like Turkey, China, India and more. See how our Asian model portfolio returned 98% in the last 11 months. See more about the Multicurrency Sandwich Service.

Thomas just wrote: We are developing new websites for all our units and unfortunately we have to change our webpage and email addresses. Please note that my new email address is

We will also at a later stage change our phone numbers to IP-telephones and I will inform you as soon as this happens. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. My old email will still be active for a few months but please change my details in your publications as soon as possible.

One more interesting note about Jyske Bank whom I have recommended for years because I like the safety (Denmark is rated by S & P as the safest country in the world to bank), their low fees and excellent variety of services. Jyske is the second largest bank in Denmark . Recently Denmark had a big banking survey and Jyske Bank came out with the most satisfied clients – quite unusual for a big bank.

All in all Denmark is the most secure country in the world for banking. In another survey the Danes turned out to be the happiest people in the world. Now Jyske has the highest satisfaction rate in Denmark. That’s quite a nice combination!

International Investment from Ash to Ashe

Because we cannot see the future, we should also diversify. This is one reason why Merri and I have landed in Ashe County (a dry conservative county filled with good value and old time traditions). This is one of the safest geological formations on earth.

Plus the value outstanding. Delegates at our last seminar looked at this quarter acre lake view property offered at $4,000!

This listing came from our friend, Trey Morrison. Trey also has a new listing of land next to our farm and writes:

Good Day All!

I broke my shoulder skateboarding so I am in pain and I am typing one handed, and this will be very short.

I have two large parcels listed totaling over 160 acres. This land is priced at only $5,500 per acre. This is some of the cheapest land available in Ashe County. It is also right across the road from Gary and Merri at Merrily Farms. This could be a great investment as well as a great place to get away from it all. You can see it at LISTING DETAIL

Trey can be reached at
Office (828) 262-5655 – Cell (828) 773-6769

Join Merri, Jyske Bank and me at our upcoming November International Business and Investing Course in Ecuador. Learn how to diversify globally.

International Business Profits by Starting Small

The best way to diversify is through your own global business. Yesterday we looked at how to build a business through good rankings using the MSN search engine.

Gary, I was interesting to see what your MSN rankings were……..but they are a sort of poor stepchild……..I’d be much more interested in seeing your Google rankings. Regards

My reply may help you start your business.

I specifically did not mention Google too much because people like to think big and act small. Google is the big guy so they go there first, like trying to join the major leagues before working though the minors.

The internet is so huge that even a small slice brings a nice business and my biggest job is to get people to be realistic and start in smart practical ways instead of thinking of jumping right up to the plate with a home run in their first week. They set unrealistic goals and then quit because they have no patience and a flaw perception of reality to begin.

We do pretty well at Google. For example, take the two most important phrases for us. #1 is “international investments in Ecuador .” We are on Google’s first page three times today at #3 #4 #9.

The second key phrase for us is “international currency trends”. We are #1 and #2 today.

I guess you can’t do too much better than that.

But these rankings came because we thought small and acted with one small idea and grew through the evolutionary business cycle. . First, we built commanding leads at some of the easier engines that led us to do well at Google and Yahoo, etc.

We are going to see more and more change. My bet it that shifts will also come faster. The shift will create more and more opportunity for those who take a Bird’s Eye View and see it. Invest globally in places that used to seem risky but now offer good value. Look at both sides of every picture. Change is not all bad…except to those who refuse to adapt with a global Bird’s Eye View.

Until next message, good health and wealth to you!


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