International Investments in Japan

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International Investments in Japan and International Business can help you have greater wealth and freedom.

International investments offer the greatest opportunity if you take a Bird’s Eye view because a Bird’s Eye View of dust differs from that seen by the masses.

Birds see that change brings opportunity as well as ruin. Sometimes the worst news bears bring resolutions and unseen profits. Take for example the news that North Korea has now joined the nuke club. What a deal. Last generation we worried about the Russians. Now we have Iran and North Korea to fret over instead. They seem far less predictable. This could be scary and is…but there is money to be made as well…I think…in Japan.

A reader recently wrote: Gary There is a well known quote I will have to paraphrase as I did not memorize it, but it goes something like this – “the mills of the Gods grind slowly, but in the end all is ground to dust”.

There you have it. Change will come. The old orders will dissolve and new orders will emerge.

International Investments in Japan

In this case North Korea ’s new capabilities create many worries for investors in Japan . This has caused the yen to drop and may cause it to drop further.

Jyske Bank reports: The dollar rose to a seven-month high against the yen on Monday after reports that North Korea has conducted a nuclear test. North Korea has carried out an underground nuclear test “safely and successfully”, North Korea’s Central News Agency said. The dollar rose as high as 119.16 yen from levels around 118.92 just before the reports. The euro also strengthened against the yen, rising briefly above 150 yen.

This means that those who have borrowed yen to invest in India, China or just about anywhere just made a nuclear powered profit! Their yen loans will be cheaper to repay.

Japanese equities may suffer a bit as well.

Yet is North Korea a real military threat to Japan just now? North Koreans must also know that they cannot use the bomb. As erratic as they appear to be, I suspect they won’t go beyond rattling sabers even more. If they, the leaders, try perhaps North Koreans will make a change.

Who knows? We can bury our heads between our knees and cry in woe or we can see that this change creates an opportunity to take profits on existing yen loans plus creates the potential for bargains in Japan ’s equity market.

International investors who look for international investments in bad times can beat fight inflation and get ahead.

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International Business Ranks for Wealth and Freedom

Still the best defense is a global business.

This was the focus at the self publishing course we completed last week. Delegates had a great time. We learned a lot.

Here is the group during dinner. Excuse the smoke. We were dining outside in the autumn glory and enjoying the warmth from several chiminarias.

One delegate wrote:

Hi Gary and Merri – What an exciting week we had!! Thank you two so much for everything. I am processing, processing, processing! I got home at 2:00 this morning and fell asleep immediately! I really enjoyed the entire experience. I am now too spoiled for words. Having such wonderful food prepared every day and that luscious coffee you made for me was just fabulous. We look forward to more learning and sharing with you two. My love and hugs to MA!

One session we shared looked at ways that really small publishing businesses can compete on a global basis with the big guys via the internet. We looked at how to have a huge impact with search engines.

Delegates learned how to literally own words on the web without paying a cent in advertising.

For example we looked at how two areas of great focus in Merri’s and my publishing business are “Ecuador Investments” with a special interest in Cotacachi and Galapagos plus “International Currency Investments”.

We reviewed how the key is to start small and use long phrase! Then as we learn we take these longer phrases and use them as stepping stones to rank well with shorter, more searched for phrases. We also saw how to blend areas of harmonious focus for better ranking results.

Imagine this. Merri and I have a tiny publishing business. Just two of us run this operation from a remote farm in the Blue Ridge and a small village in Ecuador. Yet look at how right now…though we have never spent a penny in ads.. by starting small and building with stepping stones and harmonious foci we now own several words at the MSN search engine.

The plan of our business is to sell reports about Ecuador and our international currency educational service, plus our seminars about these subjects.

If anyone searches for the phrases below here is how our sites rank:

Our Rankings at MSN on Sunday October 8, 2006
Cotacachi Real Estate
#7 & #13
International Investments in Cotacachi
#1 #2 #3 #8
Investments in Cotacachi
#3 #4 #7
International Investments in Galapagos
#1 #2
International Investments in Ecuador
#1 #2 #5 #6
Investments in Ecuador
#3 #4

Chances are if someone anywhere in the world is interested in investments in Ecuador, if they search much on the web, they’ll see one of our sites!

In addition the impact of doing well with those words helps our currency publications and vice versa. Look at these phrases and their rankings.

Our Rankings at MSN on Sunday October 8, 2006

International Currency Trends
#1 & #2

We also write a lot about green and socially responsible investments and rank well there.

Our Rankings at MSN on Sunday October 8, 2006
International Investments in Environmental Concerns
#1 & #2

This all helps us rank well with general more looked at phrases.

Our Rankings at MSN on Sunday October 8, 2006
International Investment Trends
#1 #2 #15
International InvestmentsTrends
#1 & #2

Which leads us to do well with the key phrase we seek at all the main search engines

Our Key Phrase
Search Engine
Our Rankings on Sunday October 8, 2006
International Currency Investments
#1 & #2
International Currency Investments
#1 & #2
International Currency Investments
Ask Jeeves
#2 & #3
International Currency Investments
#2 & #3

Some days our tiny business even ranks #1 at MSN with the search phrase “International Investments.” This is how well the big phrases that support one another can lead toward higher rankings.

The internet is the Colt 45 of business, the great equalizer. If you choose to have your own business you too can let the internet help your business grow for wealth and freedom.

Until next message, I hope you join the ranks of those who gain freedom and wealth in their own business that ranks well.


Here is what another delegate wrote about last week’s Writers and Self-Publishers Course:

I am very happy and excited about the week in North Carolina and really the wonderful time at your place. I cannot stop talking about you guys, about the seminar and about the whole positive experience.

Thank you both so much for your support and care and for the wonderful attention you gave. I don’t think I could have made it without your help. This is the first time in years that I am full of optimism.

Thanks again for being so understanding and helpful. I just don’t know how to express my thanks other than to send you both a big warm hug!

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