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by | Sep 30, 2006 | Archives

International Investments fight inflation and can enhance wealth but require a broader view. This message shows how to improve international investments by seeing a bigger picture and details as well.

We have a lot of excitement at the farm and over the weekend as our help who were preparing for the upcoming October Writer’s Camp (which began today) came running up to the house. Their was a screech owl in the barn and they wanted us to rush down and see it.

We did.

I took my camera along and these shots perfectly depict in pictures what our last two messages about bird’s eye view investing have tried to explain in words.

See Bird’s Eye View Investing in the Big Picture

This is a bird’s eye view. Can you see the owl?

Perhaps and you see the whole picture, the rafters the steps, the walls.

But a bird’s eye view requires a complete picture, many dots we can connect.

See the owl better now?

Our fine feathered friend is easier to see. We know him better now.

Can we creep closer?

Yes. This was one brave owl and now we feel like we really know him.

However I decided to take my chances and walk up the steps. This and a zoom lens let us really see “Mr. Wise One”.

We see the color of his eyes and can literally count his feathers. This is what we wise owl investors try to do…get all the details…and this is often our downfall. Can we now see the wall? Remember those rafters and the steps? Where are they now?

A bird’s eye view is a complete view seeing both the broad horizons as well as the narrow perspective.

Don’t get too caught up trying to see the trees and miss the forest. Otherwise some of your investments may end up nasty surprises.

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Until next message, good views and good investing.


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